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Did a Tornado crash while intercepting a UFO?


There certainly has been some discussion going on whether or not the incident over Sheffield was UFO-related. But whatever the reason for the number of strange occurrences above the Sheffield area might've been.


Click here for the report that makes some interesting reading and make up your own mind....




Date of Incident: March 24 1997


Time of incident: 21.45 - 22.15(9.45pm 10.15pm)


Location of incident: The Peak District just outside of the city of Sheffield, England


On the 24th March 1997 in and around the Peak District just outside of Sheffield between the hours of 19.40 & 23.45 there occurred one of the biggest UFO incidents in recent years, involving a huge flying triangle, military jets, sonic booms or air explosions, A Bolide meteor, unmarked helicopters, glowing orange objects, and what I hope, when you have studied the evidence, you will agree is a conspiracy on behalf of the civilian & military authorities to hide the facts from the public about events that occurred one cold cloudless night.


Would the authorities really have involved Sea King helicopters, Tornado jets, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Air Intelligence Service, over two hundred rescue workers, three police forces, a body recovery specialist and the local coroner just for a crashed meteorite? Of course not. The authorities must have thought something much more serious had occurred in order to drag all these people out of bed in the middle of the night! Then of course there is the numerous witnesses to the UFO itself, they are all adamant that the object they saw was neither a plane or a meteorite. There are actually enough reports of sightings to track the flight path of the UFO to the explosion at Strines. So what really caused the explosion? A military jet shot down by a UFO? or the use of E.M.P weapons causing the jet to malfunction?

If no plane crashed why was the nearest hospital was put on full alert and why were staff briefed to receive plane crash victims? They were understandably mystified when they were told to stand down several hours later. Then when some of the nurses at the Hallamshire hospital asked what was going on they were fobbed off and told not to discuss the evenings events with anyone. Why?




The apparent lack of M.O.D interest in the UFO subject and flying triangles in particular could be taken as a rebuff to the many hundreds of sincere and concerned witnesses who have reported their sightings and encounters during recent years


Websites : For more information on The Sheffield Incident


Ghost Planes of The Peak District





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