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Every city or town seems to have it?s own legion of ghost stories or legends, but Sheffield has more than it?s fair share, everything from spooky spectres to hellish hobgoblins, Sheffield seems to have them all...

Perhaps the famous and well known of all Sheffield ghosts has to be the apparition of Mary Queen of Scots that haunts Manor Castle. Now the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots has appeared all over the country, but seems to be a regular inhabitant of the old Turret House of Manor Castle.

In the 15th century the castle was the property of the Earl of Shrewsbury and on the orders of Queen Elizabeth, the young Scottish Queen was imprisoned there and so the Turret House became Mary?s prison for fourteen long years.

The strange happenings were first recorded by the caretakers of the building during the 1930?s and tales of a beautiful lady, dressed in black, gliding across the floor and through walls were also circulating. Although the people who lived in the house at the time refused to discuss the ghost, it was reported to have been seen by many people.

People who stayed at the house often left in the middle of the night and refused to go back again even in daylight. The dog that lived there would bark and whimper frantically if left outside on its own and cower in a corner if left inside.

Perhaps the strangest of all the occurrences that happened at the Castle was the story of an old extremely heavy incense burner kept on the top floor in the shape of an imp used to keep evil spirits away. One night everyone in the house was awakened by loud banging coming from upstairs. Upon checking the entire house it was found nothing was amiss. A while later the noises started again. Again nothing was found to be amiss, but to be sure they marked a chalk circle around the burner and again retired to bed. After a very sleepless night they awoke the next morning and went to check the burner, which although far too heavy to move by even four grown men was completely outside the circle.

Maybe the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots will haunt the Turret House for as long as it still stands and even when the Turret House is long gone. Maybe it's just the over active imagination of the people who have lived or stayed there that conjured up the spirit of a long dead Scottish Queen.

Maybe we will never know......

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