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Castle of spirits  - don't just visit at Halloween, as there is a ghost for every season.
Straight into the Castle of Spirits with an on-site questionnaire. 'Do you believe in ghosts?' Well, it's a pretty pointless site if you don't, for this is the castle, "where the spirits haunt, ghosts wander freely and many spooky stories are told" is your home page invitation to the Castle of Spirits. Suitably chilled, you can click to enter and enjoy a many and varied selection of tales of the - some of them entertaining fictions, but many of them purportedly true. The idea is that you share your own uncanny and unexplained psychic experiences with other victims online. Look at photographs of inexplicable psychic phenomena, read the unpleasant and unsettling horror stories of your fellow surfers, and read reviews of those popular "ghost tours" of haunted sites.

Consciousness Lab  - The CRI attempts a scientific approach to an area shrouded in suspicion and superstition.
The Consciousness Research Laboratory conducts scientific research on the commonly-reported but often poorly understood human experiences often called "psychic". CRL focuses on controlled, laboratory studies of such experiences as mind-matter interaction phenomena, distant healing, clairvoyance and precognition. They investigate reportedly haunted sites, persons who claim exceptional psychic abilities, and possible psi-related factors associated with the casino and lottery payouts. Click here for information about schools or programs on consciousness studies, or to read answers to frequently asked questions about the scientific study of psychic phenomena. Stories of psychic experience are welcomed by the webmasters, and you may even stimulate an investigation.

Phoenix Paranormal Investigations  - Refreshingly down to earth approach to investigating the paranormal.
Yes there really are dedicated ghost watchers out there. Phoenix Paranormal Investigations operates on a part-time, non-profit basis, and is always on the lookout for new cases. Spooky old houses, cinemas, theatres and private properties have all come under the inquiring eye of Phoenix, and they go about their business in rigorous fashion. On receiving an investigation request, two team members complete a questionnaire, with such enquiries as 'What was witnessed?' and 'Is the witness on medication?' Then the full weight of scientific paraphenalia comes in, including video cameras, electro-magnetic field detectors, infra-red motion detectors, thermometers and tape recorders.

Zak Martin  -
Irish born Zak Martin is one of the guys the police call in when crimes remain stubbornly insoluble. One of the world's foremost psychics he often pops up on TV, radio and in the press, and has built a reputation for his powers of psychic detection and criminal profiling on behalf of police forces throughout the world. Regular clients include Royalty, heads of state, world-famous pop stars and showbusiness personalities - wouldn't you love to know who! Zak is also big on predicting world events. Uncanny 'successes' include the Tenerife air crash, the Chernobyl disaster, the end of the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain, the advent of AIDS, the Challenger disaster and the Gulf War.

Mothership  - American enthusiast's site and an interesting mix of the sensible and the silly..
Resting on the solid assumption that they're here already, have been for some years and are living and working somewhere in your town. X-Files devotees will be interested in the features on Area 51 (surely this must be the best-known secret area on Earth by now). Ditto Roswell. And there's a host of proven reports - and we have to say that this depends on your definition of proof - on people, places, UFO and paranormal activity. There are interesting links to sites dealing with psychology and philosophy for those who want to dig behind the UFO hype.

Sci Fi  - a fantastic starting point for buffs and beginners alike.
A really beautifully done site, with the title page proclaiming simply that "The future is now". Meanwhile an attractively 1950s style blue planet spins on a plain white background. Excellent guide to all things sci fi. Should you wish to know which current science fiction shows are playing on terrestrial, or indeed extra-terrestrial, TV, then you will find the answer here. Ditto for the movies, books, magazines and comics. It's very good on the background to the shows and on the history of the whole genre, itself a weird adaptation of the occult for the 'Space Age' so popular in the mid-20th century. Great place to start for knowledge hungry sci-fi fans.

SETI - Scientists searching for alien life forms? Sounds very 1950s. But this is a serious project as they trawl through every inch of space.

SETI is taking a slightly more scientific approach to finding our alien cousins, figuring that if they are out there, earth science can find them. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is using radio in its quest. You may have heard about a project, called SETI@home, to use thousands of internet-connected PCs to help in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Computer owners will download free software. Then, when their computer is idle, this software will download a chunk of data for analysis by the SETI team to see if the aliens have been sending signals.

DIY Conspiracy Theory  - Beneath the humour, there's a serious point here - that rational explanation is being supplanted by bigotry and hysteria.
Oh those nasty spoilsports at DIY Conspiracy Theory. They debunk the whole conspiracy industry with a hefty dose of logic and sarcasm.
Confused about how the world works? Well don't bother applying logic and common sense to the problem, why not make sense of it all with a grand conspiracy theory! However, there are just too many of these floating around. Here, courtesy of Turn Left (the home of liberalism on the web) you can come up with a wacko right wing conspiracy theory of your very own. Simply enter your selections, click the button at the bottom of the page and print it out. A marvellously acerbic to rejoinder to the lunatic fringe that sometimes seems to have taken over the US.

RIE  - Well of course it's all rubbish, isn't it?

We suspect that the guys and gals at RIE would not be sitting chuckling over the DIY Conspiracy Theory site. Because of course, these are not theories, and they are not made up. In fact "this is not a conspiracy theory site. This site contains only conspiracy facts, " RIE states baldly. Well at least the facts as they see them.The conspiracy "facts" are that an elite inner circle are conspiring to politically and economically dominate the entire world. A Who's Who of the Elite names all of the members of this shadow government. The conspiracy also, of course, includes key personnel in the broadcast and written media.

Closer To Truth

A website dedicated to "knowledge, affairs and the human condition", which we reckon covers just about everything. Closer to Truth sets itself the task of bringing together leading scientists, scholars and artists to debate the big issues of our times. Not for those who find themselves intellectually challenged by the debates on Kilroy, Closer To Truth is heavyweight stuff - a recent panel debating the question "What is consciousness", to take just one example. You can join in by clicking onto the HyperForum and entering discussion groups such as "Compare the internet to the car and the printing press; could Gutenberg have predicted the scientific revolution".

Environment News
The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that this site doesn't deal with the , visitors from space, and it isn't funny. It's still weird and scary for all that, being a weather eye on the attempts the politicians are making to save or destroy our one and only planet. A useful counterbalance to the scaremongers and the conspiracy theorists. Strip away the hype and find good solid information on how big business really is despoiling our planet, pouring its muck into our seas and generally riding roughshod in pursuit of the mighty dollar, yen and euro. And of course the internet can turn those thousands of concerned individuals the world over into cohesive and powerful lobbying groups.

Investigatory Powers
Now this really is scary stuff. Unless of course you're happy to cede your privacy to the plethora of governmental agencies who are after your information.
They have set themselves the enormous task of watching the watchers. Forget the professional conspiracy theorists, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Information Centre believes in good, solid journalism, and trawls the web, TV, radio and print looking for articles on the worrying issue of government control of the broadcast media. The new Bill of Rights is the most exciting challenge to government control for 300 years. Let's see how we deal with challenges to the unfettered flow of information on the web.

Leading Edge
The news behind the news, setting its beady sights on everything from aircraft crash anomalies, AIDS Syndrome, Allopathic and alternative medicine and alternative energy to underground tunnels, unified field research and unidentified life forms. The tremendous thing about Leading Edge, apart from its astonishing size (the index of subjects seems to scroll without end), is that it's all true. That is to say, all the pieces are collated from journals, newspapers, magazines and learned papers from around the world. Forget your theories, for those willing to look hard enough, there's enough provable weird and dangerous stuff going on in the world.
VERDICT: Veritable Agent Mulder stuff. Don't just read the papers, read the papers behind the papers.

Webcam Central
And talking about Freedom, the liberty to be able to walk down a British high street without being videoed is now becoming a hot topic. Some of the folks here won't complain at you spying on them. It's a pretty fair bet that Hua Mei, the new panda at the San Diego Zoo, hasn't really got his head round the issues. And it can be very useful for researchers and tourists - check out the archaeological digs at the Roman Imperial Forums, and view Shark Cam - very scary, though mercifully safe from those razored incisors. But what about the rights of the prisoners being denied their privacy as well as their liberty through the burgeoning broadcast of jailcams?

Phoenix Jail  - A valuable lesson or an unconscionable violation of freedom and privacy in the name of cheap titillation? You decide.
The things Americans do in the name of 'liberty'. Sheriff Arpaio of Phoenix believes the public has the right to know what's going on in his jails. And because "he has nothing to hide", he put the US's first-ever web cams in his jail, the fourth largest jail system in the States. Why? Well the good sheriff is convinced that using the worldwide web will deter crime. It is his hope that the ONLY visit you make to his jail is this one - a virtual visit. He also issues the rather warning that instances of violence or sexually inappropriate behavior by detainees during the booking process may occur. Viewer discretion is advised.

Strange But True

Most lipstick contains fish scales; skepticisms is the longest word that alternates hands (eh?); one ragweed plant can release as many as one billion grains of pollen. There. You didn't know that did you? And what's more, we'd bet that you didn't know you didn't know, and possibly you don't even care.
But wait. This is just a taster of the weird and wonderful arcania available on Strange But True. Find out what the fear of beds is called, and discover that the natural world is a stranger, far stranger, place than the and the world of the conspiracy theory.

Useless Knowledge

Trivia, Quotes, Quizzes, History, Useless Facts and More! is the proud boast of Useless Knowledge, and fans of facts arcane, trivial and surprising will love this site. Bone up on the fact of the day (doubly useless for us today as it was about baseball). But most of all, immerse yourself in the warm bottomless pool of trivia that fills this site. There are more than 25, 000 trivia questions here, so you'll never be short of practice for that up and coming pub quiz.

Legend of Nessie  - Who cares if it's real, it's fun, and this is the best-done Nessie site on the web.

A beautifully constructed site, in a sombre mix of greys and blues. The 'Legend' such as it is, is rumoured to be a fairly modern invention, arising as recently as the 1920s. Needless to say, it's been a triumph for tourism, though successive scientific expeditions have uncovered ... nothing. Still it's a deep lake. Nessie seems to be a little out of fashion at the moment, but she'll be back. The Legend of Nessie bills itself as "her official website on the internet", which is questionable. But if it's information about the Monster you're after then this is the site to visit. With documented evidence, film, first-hand accounts and expeditions.

Tsunami  - Some marvellous, if absolutely terrifying facts, figures, pictures and statistics on the big brother of waves everywhere.

A web site that has been developed to provide general information about the sort of waves you won't be seeing on Brighton beach. Tsunamis are large water waves, typically generated by seismic activity, that have historically caused significant damage to coastal communities throughout the world. The site covers all audiences, with extensive background info for you and me, including information about the mechanisms of tsunami generation and propagation, the impact of tsunamis on humankind, and the Tsunami Warning System. This site also contains more detailed information about recent tsunami events that will be of interest to tsunami and interdisciplinary researchers.

Volcano World  - every item of lava and magma related trivia you could ever dream of knowing about...

Guaranteed to make you never want to go on holiday anywhere exotic ever again. This is a thorough piece of work, starting off with the ominously entitled 'What's New?' There are sections on Current eruptions; Mount St Helens; Ask a volcanologist (is that a job?; Interviews; Volcano of the week (honestly); Today in volcano history; and Email eruption alerts among others. You may also uncover interesting facts, such as the Castle Rock in Edinburgh being an extinct volcano - well Edinburgh could do with being warmed up a bit.

Dead Bodies  - Fascinating, if rather morbid, material on what saw off the famous and infamous, where they breathed their last, and where they now reside.

No, don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds. What you won't find here is distasteful images of the recently departed. Instead, you will be able to dig up information on the last whereabouts of such diverse luminaries as Edward I, George Washington, WG Grace and General Custer. Deaths violent, peaceful and just plain bizarre abound. And while we're on the subject of Custer, you may be interested to know that Geronimo, after dying of pneumonia, was peacefully interred on the Fort Sill Military Reservation in Oklahoma.

Missing Socks Bureau  - Yes it's silly and a waste of time but do you have a good answer to where they go?

From the paranormal to the mind-numbingly banal. But who can solve one of the greatest mysteries of modern times 'Just where does the missing sock go?' Theories abound, from spontaneous disintegration in the washing machine drum, to sock fairies stealing into your drawers in the middle of the night. Click online and share your theories and concerns with fellow sufferers.

Time Travel

No, not science fiction. This is all about the future of science fact. The Time Travel Research Association networks time travel information and interests from around the world. More than 9,000 members in 79 countries are working together in the Association's mission "to advance the study and development of time control and time travel capabilities". Getting technical for a second, The Time Travel Research Center resources are targeted specifically at the development of Time-warped Field technology and ongoing collection, correlation, communicaton and development of scientific information and theories on time control and time travel.
er morning.

Malleus Maleficarum  - A fascinating glimpse into what passed for scientific and legal inquiry in the horror that was Medieval Europe.

The Malleus Maleficarum, or the Witch Hammer, was first published in 1486, and is one of the most infamous books ever written. It was, in fact, the guidebook for the Inquisitors during the long-running terror of the Inquisition, giving them tips on the identification, prosecution and dispatching of 'witches'. This is the starting point of most of the modern fears and misconceptions about witches and the malevolent use of witchcraft.

Mystical Web  - A thousand links to everything you need to know about the occult and the fringes of science.

Whatever your taste in the mystical, arcane, uncanny or occult, you'll find it covered here on the Mystical World Wide Web. Everything is here from the sensible - Philosopy, Flowers and the Arts, to the downright dubious - UFOs, Numerology, Mystical Trees and Legends. You'll also find a useful glossary to guide you through the obscure and confusing lexicon of the weird and uncanny, and will find yourself leaping off in all kinds of strange and unexpected directions.

Salem Web  - Terrifying stuff. And as Arthur Miller shows us, scratch modern man and the superstitious witch hunter emerges.

Speaking of which, here's a page dedicated to that extraordinary outburst of hysteria, accusation and bloodletting that took place in Salem Massachussets in the 1600s. The Salem witch trials are certainly the most famous today, not least because Arthur Miller dramatised the whole horrible event in his seminal play The Crucible (written in the 1950s as a coded attack on the McCarthy anti-Communist trials of the time).


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