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- Tinsley Towers - Sheffield -

Demolition 3.00am 24th August 2008

[click here for Traffic Camera Images before Demolition]


Me and Mum & Dad at Meadowhall, here are some before and after pics...

Demolition Time! 3.00am


the photo above is from Sheffield Traffic Cameras and the photo below is from Meadowhall Car Park 3.04am

Photo's from here


The view from

Meadowbank Road -The North Tower not quite demolished!

and the morning after the night before.....

More links on you Tube: (not ours but still good video)

and on Flickr: (not our pics but great photo's)

Is this their replacement?

Insite environmental consultancy suggested these lattice steel structures to replace the present cooling towers.

E.On have said there will be a landmark in place of the current towers

Photo & Text:


...updated November 2017...

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