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How did you get started with your site?
Our site started in July 2000  during school holidays, I did some web pages using Microsoft Home Publishing and Mum filled in some boxes to upload it to the internet but it didn’t work, that was the first attempt.


The second attempt was on MSN Communities, but you have to build your website online. You can click here for and click on the link for MSN communities and you can make your own website straight away!

My Mum has a friend called Keith (he does a website for grandparents - and so Mum looked at his website on how to do your own website and register the domain name (that’s the website address) the name was free but you need some software to upload any new web pages on to the website so that was the third attempt.

Is there a lot of work involved in updating the website?

Yes, but since this website started nearly eight years ago, the site has grown to around 200 pages.  My mum , who does all the “technical design stuff” for the website has done web design courses and now does all the work and updates on the site.


The site has become very popular over the last eight years and in August 2001 was mentioned in "Web User" (a national computer magazine) and in September 2001 was featured in "Look Local" (our local newspaper) and has also been mentioned on CBBC and the Halloween section has been featured on BBC Radio Lincolnshire's "website of the day" , since all this publicity the site now gets over 500 hits a week!

August 2001: Web User


September 2001:  Look Local

11th August 2002: CBBC, BBC 1

cbbc website

The website was mentioned on CBBC on BBC 2

at around 8.00am

November 2002: BBC Radio Lincolnshire

radio lincolnshire - website of the day

The Halloween section was mentioned on BBC Radio Lincolnshire as "website of the day"


   ...updated November 2017...

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