Originally broadcasted between 26th September 1999 - 5th March 2000


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Regular characters

PC Mike Bradley Jackie Bradley (Lambert) Claude Greengrass
Oscar Blaketon Sgt Raymond Craddock PC Phil Bellamy
PC Alf Ventress Gina Ward Bernie Scripps
David Stockwell Mary Ward Lord Ashfordly
Sue Driscoll

New Characters

Andy Ryan Sgt Nokes

1 Manoeuvres in the Dark By Peter Gibbs        26/09/99        12.87m
A soldier and ex-boyfriend of Gina's called Terry Noble has gone AWOL from the army after having a fight with a fellow soldier. He arrives in Aidensfield asking for Gina's help. Gina secretly helps him and provides him with food, drink and money. Meanwhile Ashfordly station has been informed of Noble going AWOL and is on the look out for him. The police then hear that the other soldier involved in the fight has since died - and Gina then tells Mike that she has been helping Noble and tells him where he is - But Noble's vanished. Meanwhile an ex-war veteran, a General Clifford is ordered by court to retake his driving test after knocking a cyclist off his bike, Jackie becomes his Solicitor, but also his driving adviser. He is suffering from the eye disease - Cataract, which stops him from being able to drive at night due to his poor vision. Noble brakes into Clifford’s house and takes him hostage, and then Phil to when he visits the General's home during the search for Noble. Noble eventually gets caught by Mike however when he steals Clifford's car and is seen driving it at night! Greengrass meanwhile organizes a gourmet dinner, but David ruins the main course! Blaketon has inherited some money and buys the Aidensfield Arms from Lord Ashfordly, and Maggie's new baby boy is called Sam.
'Baby Love' The Supremes (1964)
'Drive My Car' The Beatles (1965)
'Stranger on the Shore' Acker Bilk (1961)
'My Generation' The Who (1965)

2 Tricks of the Trade By Johnny Byrne               03/10/99        12.95m
There have been a number of burglaries of homes belonging to people who have recently died, including a friend of Claude's. Mike starts to investigate the latest break in and his only lead is a leaflet advertising a company that do house clearances. A Mr. Fuller who Claude seems to know runs it. Claude meanwhile is determined to get back the stolen items from his friend’s house and he meets a man called Flowers and asks him to get the items. Flowers introduces Claude to a Mr. Kendal and for a price Kendal recovers some of the items that were stolen. The police meanwhile arrest Fuller for the crime, but Claude who’s a friend of Fuller's explains that he's innocent and they let Fuller go without charge. Kendal then becomes prime suspect and Claude works with them in a plan to set Kendal up by offering him £100 for some of the stolen items. Claude arranges to meet Kendal in a pub and Mike and Phil wait outside. Kendal takes Claude to a warehouse in Whitby docks where all the stolen items are kept - but Kendal is eventually caught and arrested. Meanwhile Maggie who is on maternity leave is forced back to work when a flu outbreak turns into an epidemic and her stand in - Jan Hollis comes down with it. Maggie then worries when Sam has a temperature, but local GP, a Dr Halliday says he's fine. And Gina and Mary become increasingly annoyed by Blaketon and his plans on how to run the pub!
'Space Oddity' David Bowie (1969)
'I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door' Eddie Hodges (1961)
'I Heard it Through The Grapevine' Marvin Gaye (1969)
'With a Little Help From My Friends' Joe Cocker (1968)
'Won't Get Fooled Again' The Who (1971)

3 Intuition By Eric Deacon                                     10/10/99        13.22m
Celia Gilmour goes to visit her sister - Irene Bayne but gets no answer and tells the police so they start making enquiries about Irene's husband - Tommy Bayne who according to Celia hates his wife. Celia then confronts Bayne asking him where Irene is, but he insists he doesn't know and she revisits the police. Mike and Phil begin to investigate and go to the Bayne's house. Phil discovers Irene's body through a window and they break in. Mr Bayne is then questioned about his wife's death and insists he was in Whitby with his sister at the time. Mike goes to see his sister and she confirms Tommy's story and tells him that Tommy's wife and Celia are unusual and keep all the doors in the house locked. Jackie is then asked to represent Bayne during questioning and Craddock feels he's guilty, but Mike isn't so sure because the room where his wife was found was locked from the inside. Bayne tells the police Celia moved in with him and Irene and that they both made his life a misery and he kept himself to himself. Mike then discovers Bayne has a fiancée in Whitby and he then confesses that when he told his wife about the woman, they had a struggle and he pushed her away and she accidentally hit her head and died. Tommy story is proven and he's allowed to go free. Meanwhile Craddock announces he's temporarily going away to teach police cadets, and to everyone's surprise Alf is appointed as acting sergeant in his absence. Claude and David try cleaning gutters in an attempt to gain business from a couple of conmen going around the area. A friend of Mary's from Sidmouth comes to see her and offers her a job as the manager of a guesthouse, which she accepts. And Alf bets with Phil that he can give up smoking!
'Flying' The Beatles (1967)

4 Puppet on a String By Colin Shindler              17/10/99         13.29m
                                         Story details coming soon!

5 Honor among Thieves By Peter Gibbs           24/10/99        13.77m
The famous romantic novelist - Honor Gayle comes to stay in Aidensfield to try and find inspiration to write her new novel. However while she's suffering from lack of inspiration for her book, she takes a shine to Mike and she tries to make fiction into fact using him, which angers Mike. She even sets up a photographer to photograph them together portraying Mike as some sort of hero. Meanwhile some Borstal lads have come to do some clearing work along a river under the eye of prison officer - Blenkiron. One of them, Colin Sloper escapes and ends up at Honor's home and she returns him after giving him a meal. Then another called Varley goes AWOL and Mike starts searching for him, he catches Varley just as he's attacking Jackie who he has chased into the woods. In the meantime the local by-elections are on with Blaketon and Tom Drabble the Aidensfield Candidates. Blaketon knows however that Drabble has a criminal past and wins the election with the help of his old friends at Ashfordly station, but Greengrass who was helping Drabble with his election campaign believes it to be a set up! Honor meanwhile leaves with enough ideas for her new book and lets Mike and Jackie stay in the house until the her rent runs out - and Mike asks Jackie to marry him.
'Everybody's Talkin' Nilsson (1969)
'I Got You' James Brown (1966)
'Unchained Melody' The righteous Brothers (1965)
'I Got you Babe' Sonny and Cher (1965)
'Do you Want to Know a Secret?' Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas (1963)
'Brown Eyed Girl' Van Morrison
'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' The Walker Brothers (1966)

6 Shotgun Wedding By Peter Barwood               31/10/99        13.71m
There is a train robbery committed and £200,000 is stolen, and a signalman and one of the three robbers gets injured in a struggle with a shotgun. The robbers retreat to a disused farmhouse. Eventually the two other robbers decide to run for it and abandon their injured colleague. There is a massive search on for the robbers and DCI Shiner is in charge of the operation. Meanwhile Jackie and Mike decide on a quick date for their wedding at the registry office and try to keep it secret and tell only there witnesses, Phil and Maggie - but it slips and everyone then knows. Meanwhile Greengrass' sister - Bella turns up and Claude's not too happy about her presence there and he decides to go and live on the moors in a caravan! Mike meanwhile checks out the disused farmhouse after David saw a light on in it, he is confronted by the injured robber who orders him to drive him home, but it's Mike's wedding in 2 hours! But he eventually convinces the robber that he is getting married and that he should get his injuries seen to and takes him to the station. Mike arrives just in time at the registry office. However to Jackie and Mike's surprise there is a big party on for their special day!
'Money' Bern Elliott and the Fenmen (1963)
'You Really Got Me' The Kinks (1964)
'Dizzy Miss Lizzie' The Beatles (1965)

7 Always a Copper By Michael Jenner                07/11/99        14.59m
Jackie and Mike return from their honeymoon and Jackie moves into the police house. Meanwhile Blaketon, to Craddock's annoyance is asked by the Chief Constable to organize a Crime Prevention Committee in Aidensfield and he sets up a meeting between locals to arrange it. There is tension however amongst the locals because of the recently unsolved burglaries that have been happening. A local brewery is broken into and Mike hits a man called Gulliver who runs out in front of Mike who’s on his way to the Brewery on his bike. An Irishman called Andy Ryan who Gina takes a fancy to is suspected by Blaketon of being responsible for the burglaries; he searches Ryan's room in the pub to find money and a knife. Jackie finds out however that Ryan is in fact a deep-sea diver and completely innocent. It turns out the Brewery was an inside job by some of it's workers and the other burglaries where done by Gulliver on behalf of one of Blaketon's friends on the crime prevention committee. Claude meanwhile tries to convince some Norwegian students that Vikings once battled near Aidensfield by getting David to paint a Viking ship on a cave wall, But David gets carried away and also paints buses and space rockets!
'Daydream Believer' The Monkees (1967)
'Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)' The Beatles (1965)
'Matthew and Son' Cat Stevens (1966)
'Applejack' Jet Harris/Tony Meehan (1963)
'Dead End Street' The Kinks (1966)
'The Last Time' The Rolling Stones (1965)

8 Negative Vibes By John Flanagan & Andrew McCulloch 14/11/99       13.22m
A men's suit shop gets ram raided late at night, but nothing gets stolen and the owner of the shop - Mr Hodgson sees the red car responsible reverse out and drive off. The police start to investigate and are stopping passing cars to see if anyone has seen anything. Jackie passes and Phil asks if she has seen anything, but she's not her normal self, she says she saw nothing and quickly drives on. Later on a damaged red saloon car is spotted and Mike pulls it over. The owner - Sean Banks tells the police it couldn’t have been him responsible for the ram raid because he was with a lady at the time in a pub - the lady to Mike's anger turns out to be Jackie. A suspicious Mike is then unable to trace Jackie to ask her if she can back up Banks' story, but Jackie later confesses to Craddock that she was with Banks at the time. Mike meanwhile goes to the pub in question where the landlord also confirms she was with Banks.  Mike and Jackie then have an argument, and he demands an explanation from her, but Jackie insists it's nothing to worry about. Mike later finds an envelope full of nude photographs of what appears to be Jackie - but it is in fact her sister - Elizabeth. Banks apparently is a photographer and is threatening to publish the photos in a national newspaper unless Jackie and Elizabeth pay him £1000. Mike then helps them to set Banks up and get him arrested. Meanwhile the ram raid was in fact Claude and his friend Cylis Morecroft. Cylis it seems lost control of his car after becoming ill at the wheel, Claude without stopping took him to hospital, but he later died. Claude with Bernie's help then sets about helping Clyis' wife Agnes by organising the funeral for Cylis despite finding out that Cylis wanted to leave his body to medical science. So they decide to bury a sand filled coffin instead, but it starts to leak and Blaketon and Alf find out what Claude's up to!
'You Can't Always Get What you What' The Rolling Stones (1969)
'I Close my Eyes and Count to Ten' Dusty Springfield (1968)
'Heart of Stone' The Rolling Stones (1965)
'I'll Never Fall in Love Again' Bobbie Gentry (1969)
'The Fool on the Hill' The Beatles (1967)
'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' The Hollies (1969)
'Think for Yourself' The Beatles (1965)

9 Kindness of Strangers By James Stevenson   21/11/99       14.30m
A local elderly man called Ernest Dewhurst is obsessed about his dead son, Colin - who was killed during the war. Dewhurst really is not capable of looking after himself and his daughter - Jenny is concerned about her father's health and she visits him regularly to see if he's all right. One day Jenny suspects someone has been in her father's house and she calls the police - but Ernest says that only Colin has been there. It turns out that a young man called Mark came to visit Ernest once, and Ernest thinks it's his son, so Mark just played along with it. But Mark has stolen from Ernest to gain money for his wife who is expecting a child. Ernest is then assaulted and hit over the head with a decanter and Mark becomes the prime suspect for the assault. He does admit to stealing and asking Ernest for money - but denies that he assaulting him. It turns out that it was in fact Ernest's daughter - Jenny who assaulted him, she was so annoyed with her father's obsession about Colin and she just hit him. Her husband helped her cover it up to make it look like a robbery. Meanwhile their is a local car rally coming up and Claude gets a deal together with one of the contenders to help him win the rally, but it all goes wrong and the rally result is cancelled. And Andy Ryan (Always a Copper) returns to see Gina and buys her a new car - a white Beetle.
'Reflections of My Life' Marmalade (1969)
'The Magical Mystery Tour' The Beatles (1967)
'Don't Stop the Carnival' Alan Price (1968)
'No Milk Today' Herman's Hermits (1966)
'True Love Ways' Peter and Gordon (1965)

10 Hollywood or Bust By Brian Finch                28/11/99       13.91m
A film company called Arcourt films arrives in the village looking for locations in the area to shoot their latest film. They ask the police for permission to do so and Craddock is more than willing to help the company where possible. The film crew all stay at the Aidensfield Arms and they ask Blaketon if they can film in there as well. Everyone begins to get all excited about the possibility of meeting famous film stars and actually appearing in the film. Gina in the excitement then takes a picture of the famous director, Denzil Arcourt - who is furious about this to everyone’s surprise. Gina's camera is then stolen and Mike begins to suspect that Arcourt and his crew are not quite what they seem. They then start to film at Ashfordly hall, and while Lord Ashfordly is away they begin to load their lorry full of items. Mike arrives to find Lord Ashfordly tied up, and Arcourt trying to escape. Phil who blocks the road off eventually catches Arcourt. Meanwhile David buys a couple of old Hens from a local farmer called Clegghorn
(Local Knowledge), Claude then informs David that they are unable to lay and he and David then get into a spot of bother when they try to swap them for a couple of younger Hen's behind Clegghorn's back!
'Days' The Kinks (1968)
'Act Naturally' The Beatles (1965)
'Little Red Rooster' The Rolling Stones (1964)
'Hey Joe' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)

11 Flesh and Blood By Gillian Richmond             05/12/99       14.23m
A local woman dies and there's a family feud erupting between her Son and Husband - Tom and Don Lomax. The Situation worsens when one of the woman’s two daughters - Vera is left everything in the Will, but Vera is a patient in a mental hospital. The other daughter, Barbara turns out to be a childhood sweetheart of Phil's and they start to see each other again. Tom and Barbara later start clearing out their mother's things and discover the skeleton of a baby in the attic. Don tells the police he knows nothing about it and an investigation starts. Vera then escapes from the hospital and returns to her parent’s home and hides in the cellar, and later confronts her father. Barbara tells Phil that the baby was hers and she had it when she was just 14. Then the Lomax's house is set on fire and Barbara later confesses to it. It turns out that Don Lomax sexually assaulted Vera, his own daughter - and Barbara had just learnt this and it angered her. Mike then arrests Lomax just as he takes his Granddaughter away for a weekend. Meanwhile Claude and David sell wild rabbits to a pet shop owner, dying there coats black - as black rabbits are worth a lot - but the shop owner then gives the rabbits a wash!
'Ticket to Ride' The Beatles (1965)
'Catch Us if You Can' Dave Clark Five (1965)
'Run Rabbit Run' Bud Flanagan

12 No Surrender By Neil McKay                         12/12/99         13.37m
Two farmers - Clegghorn (Hollywood or Bust) and Colborne who are neighbours are feuding. At the annual village fate the farmers argue and start fighting. Clegghorn it seems knows something about Colborne's military past and is trying to drive him out of his farm so he can buy it. Clegghorn's milk tank then gets vandalised by someone shooting it and Colborne's son who is an army cadet is suspected. Then Colborne's farm, containing a new tracker is burnt down and Clegghorn is then suspected. During the investigation Mike begins to suspect the local farm supplier Bennett of being involved. It turns out that Colborne was part of a secret army during the war and he had Bennett down on his execution list as he feels Bennett was a traitor in the war. Bennett turns out to be responsible for the barn fire after Colborne's wife, whom he is having an affair with, gave him the list. Meanwhile David starts to believe what a fortune teller told him at the fate about a woman in his life when a woman called Gloria Evans takes quite a shine to him and asks him and Claude to clean and decorate her new cottage, but then her husband turns up. And Gina talks of marrying Andy and perhaps leaving Aidensfield.
'Set Me Free' The Kinks (1965)
'Can't Take My Eyes off You' Andy Williams (1968)
'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' The Righteous Brothers (1965)

                                               Christmas Episode
13 Stag at Bay By Susan Wilkins                         19/12/99        14.66m
Its Christmas time and a number of Deer have been shot and killed by poachers on the Ashfordly estate and Lord Ashfordly informs the police and they start to investigate. Meanwhile Jackie is acting as Julia Kendell's solicitor in the divorce from her husband Frank, and it's all having a terrible effect on their young daughter Katie. Jackie asks for Craddock's help in the case as Julia Kendell accuses her husband of harassing her, but Craddock feels he's completely innocent. Preparations in the meantime are under way for the Christmas concert and Katie is asked to take part but she refuses and becomes friends with David. One of the poachers with Claude's help is found and it turns out the other is Frank Kendell who was killing the Deer to get back at Lord Ashfordly who he knew was having an affair with his wife - Julia. Kendell and the other man are then arrested when they attempt to kill Lord Ashfordly. Katie then decides to take part and sing at the concert now taking place at Ashfordly Hall. And Greengrass tries his hand at being a driving instructor when he starts his own driving school using an old hurse. But his first pupil causes an accident with Andy and Claude panics when Andy mentions insurance to him to play for the damage to his sports car!
'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' Brenda Lee (1962)
'Santa Claus is Back in Town' Elvis Presley (1980)
'Frosty the Snowman' The Ronettes (1963)

14 Full Circle By Johnny Byrne                             26/12/99        11.01m
                                         Story details coming soon!                                                
'Applejack' Jet Harris/Tony Meehan (1963)

15 The Seven Year Itch By Peter Gibbs             02/01/00        13.51m
Ray Nixon, recently released from prison comes to stays at the pub - to Blaketon's surprise. It seems Blaketon tried to get Nixon off as he was an informant in a crime seven years previous, but the judge at the trial felt Nixon should serve time as well and now Blaketon is worried that Nixon blames him for his unnecessary time inside and wants his revenge. Nixon then reports a missing watch and later accuses Blaketon of drinking and hitting his car when reversing out - which angers Blaketon as he feels Nixon is trying to fit him up. It turns out that Nixon when he was inside became a qualified electrician and returned to booby trap the electrics of the pub to hopefully cause Blaketon harm. Mike is able to save Blaketon just in time - but Nixon has long gone. Meanwhile a female sergeant, a Sgt Nokes temporarily replaces Craddock at Ashfordly station and she takes quite a shine to Phil! And Greengrass gets involved with local - Anthony Mottram in a mad scheme involving his late father's old valuable maps!
'Wild Horses' The Rolling Stones (1971)
'Nowhere Man' The Beatles (1965)
'I Close my Eyes and Count to Ten' Dusty Springfield (1968)
'Waterloo Sunset' The Kinks (1967)
'Good Vibrations' The Beach Boys (1966)

16 Weight of Evidence By Peter Barwood          09/01/00        13.11m
It's Ben Ealham 21st birthday party and Siam who is meant to be helping Gina and Andy behind the bar is flirting with Ben. Andy who it would seem likes Sian becomes jealous and causes a scene and drives off. Sian whilst driving home then gets rapped and tells Mike that it was Ben. Mike and Sgt Nokes both feel Ben is guilty, but Jackie who is representing him doesn't and she feels Ben has been forced to admit guilt in his statement after Nokes promised him a lighter sentence. The case is thrown out of court however due to insufficient evidence. Mike and Jackie then fall out when Ben is let off and Nokes, due to the case's result, is transferred. Andy then becomes a suspect, but confesses to Mike he was with another woman at the time. Then it's discovered the fuel tank of Sian's car was sabotaged and its found out Ben was in fact the rapist after all and Nokes then re-charges him for the crime. Claude and David meanwhile buy Lightning - a racing 'Sheep', which wins at a sheep race meeting, but then its real owner arrives demanding its return!
'Do Wah Diddy Diddy' Sung by a group from the original song by Manfred Mann (1964)
'I'm Into Something Good'
Sung by a group from the original song by Herman's Hermits (1964)
'From Me to You' The Beatles (1963)
'Lightnin' Strikes' Lou Christie (1966)
'Barbara Ann' The Beach Boys (1966)
'I'll Never Find Another You' The Seekers (1965)

17 For Art's Sake By Andrew McCulloch              16/01/00        14.76m
Local artist - Joe Vaughan is the subject of a bad joke when someone puts fireworks though his letterbox. Meanwhile Vaughan is trying desperately to get his career back on track and his friend, Rod Dundas who is an art dealer is trying to help him. However Vaughan gets arrested when he starts a fight with a local man called Roache at the pub. After attending Court he opens a Gallery of his works at his home to try and raise some cash, but someone later sets his house alight and he ends up in hospital - Roache becomes the suspect. He denies the fire, but admits to the fireworks incident, insisting it was just a bad joke. Mike then suspects two Scousers who have been looking for Vaughan recently - especially after Vaughan vanishes from the hospital. But they end up just wanting him to do some paintings for them. It's actually found out to be all down to Vaughan's friend, Dundas - he was broke and needed the money. Claude gets into a spot of bother when he sets up a B&B, and also when he helps his old friend - Betty Kirk buy a 'winning' race horse! And Blaketon causes Andy to leave Gina suddenly when he discovers Andy is in fact married and has a child in Grimsby.
'Jumping Jack Flash' The Rolling Stones (1968)
'A Whiter Shade of Pale' Procol Harum (1967)
'Death Of A Clown' Dave Davies (1967)

18 A Shot in the Dark By Peter Gibbs                23/01/00        15.16m
Gary Tyler gets shot in the shoulder whilst leaving Ashfordly Hall after secretly visiting his girlfriend Lyn who works there. Lord Ashfordly informs the police of the incident and Reed (the estate manager, who fired the shot) insists he shot into the air. Tyler doesn’t report his injuries, as he's known to the police and fears for Lyn's job. Maggie however treats Gary and sends him to hospital and the police then get involved. Mike discovers a screwdriver in the grounds and thinks Gary dropped it when he escaped, but Jackie who is representing him feels it was put there. Gary - worried for Lyn insists he was not an intruder and eventually tells Jackie the whole story. Jackie insists on Lyn's involvement to help Gary's case and meets her, unknown to Gary. Lyn tells Jackie that Reed wasn’t the one who shot at Gary - it was in fact Ashfordly. Jackie then warns Ashfordly of his legal situation if the case goes to court and he later decides to forget the matter. Meanwhile Claude is offered the chance to write a column for the Ashfordly Gazette and takes this opportunity to express his inner thoughts about the police force, however Claude is surprised at the amount of his column that doesn’t end up in the paper!
'In The Midnight Hour' Wilson Pickett (1965)
'Paperback Writer' The Beatles (1966)
'Fire Brigade' The Move (1968)
'Hello Little Girl' The Fourmost (1963)

19 The Good Doctor By Jane Hollowood            30/01/00         14.78m
A new GP called Dr Ian Peters sets up a temporary surgery in the village with an interest in applying for a permanent practice there. Maggie befriends Peters after he treats Sam for an infection, they then become friends and they go out for dinner together. Meanwhile David witness' a car crash into another with Jackie and her friend Sue in it. The car then just drives off. Jackie is unhurt, but Sue sustains some head injuries and later complains of a bad headache. Mike starts to investigate the accident and later finds the car which turns out to belong to Lord Ashfordly , burnt out. Mike questions Lord Ashfordly's nephew Charles who says he suspects a worker on the estate called Eric. Mike then talks to Eric who doesn't talk, then David comes forward saying he saw the driver and describes him - which eliminates Eric. Sue then dies from a blood clot on the brain and Mike from David's description discovers the driver was in fact Ashfordly's nephew - Charles. Meanwhile to Gina's anger, Andy returns to try and patch things up with her, but after over hearing him talking, Andy suspects Dr Peters of being an impostor and informs Craddock who then makes enquires and discovers he's on no official GP lists. Peter's is questioned at the station but then escapes. He's eventually found and saved by Andy after jumping off Saltburn pier. It turns out he faked a CV to become a GP and in doing so killed a patient. And Claude sees the chance to make a few bob at a local cycle race by renting old bicycles out to the contenders (which include Ventress, Phil and Craddock), but then he starts to panic when everyone's brakes start failing!
'Get Back' The Beatles with Billy Preston (1969)
'Itchycoo Park' The Small Faces (1967)
'Think' Aretha Franklin (1968)
'Gimme Shelter' The Rolling Stones (1967)
'Behind Blue Eyes' The Who (1971)

20 Against the Odds By Johnny Byrne                06/02/00        15.16m
A man called Charlie Weller is found dead in his farmhouse by Lottie Turner, he suffered a heart attack. Lottie and her mother Peggy lived with Charlie when Peggy's husband died. At the reading of Charlie's will, his only relative - his nephew - a Mr. Martin Weller is angry to hear that everything is being left to Peggy. Martin accuses Peggy of getting him to change his Will. Mike starts to investigate the accusations and Peggy denies it, but Jackie finds out she had a relationship with Charlie, and Lottie is his daughter. Someone then sets fire to Charlie's barn and Martin becomes the suspect, but Claude whose an old friend of Charlie's and whose helping Peggy with Charlie's winning race horse - Red Rover feels the culprit is local business man - Ray Walker who wants to buy the horse, but Walker denies he is responsible as he was in hospital at the time. Meanwhile council worker Samantha Neilson talks to Blaketon about a proposed new industrial estate to be built in Aidensfield, to which he as village councillor agrees. But then he discovers a complex scheme involving Neilson and Martin Weller to get Peggy out of Charlie’s house in order to build the industrial estate there and make millions of pounds and it turns out that Martin killed his uncle. And Claude starts a business selling 'Red Rover' Manure and goes to the races looking like you've never seen him before!
'Shout' Lulu and The Luvvers (1964)
'Samantha' Kenny and his Jazzmen (1961)
'Love Letters' Ketty Lester (1962)
'Walk Don't Run' The Ventures (1960)
'Dedicated Follower of Fashion' The Kinks (1966)

21 Desperate Measures By Neil Mckay            13/02/00        13.77m
With Jackie’s help, local man - Roy Brooks is let of in court for Horse theft, and his son and daughter - Ian and Christine are delighted.  Meanwhile a horse is stolen from Lord Ashfordly’s stables and Reed (A Shot in the Dark) is hit over the head in a struggle with the intruder and ends up in hospital. Reed describes the blue van he saw, and Mike starts to investigate. Maggie also reports a blue van that forced her off the road the same night, which helps the police suspect Roy Brooks who owns such a van. Brooks is arrested and questioned, but is released on bale after the lack of evidence against him. Brooks then leaves his children because he feels he’s let them down. Meanwhile Lord Ashfordly catches the intruder - John Lynch who returned to retrieve the weapon he hit Reed with. Lynch tells the police a man called Steve Lawton is behind it all and he forced Brook’s son - Ian to drive his fathers van and help him. Meanwhile Maggie becomes worried when Sam is kidnapped and she suspects an old lady called Brenda who she’s recently befriended of taking him, but it turns out to be Brook’s daughter Christine who took him. She did so because Maggie told the police about the van that forced her of the road, which helped the police's case to arrest her father. And Claude and Bernie get involved in the Spirit world and hold a séance for an elderly widow who needs to talk to her late husband, but they have more success than they wished for!
‘Spirit in the Sky’ Norman Greenbaum (1970)
‘Why do Fools Fall in Love’ Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers (1956)
‘Let it Be’ The Beatles (1970)

22 With this Ring By Gillian Richmond                 20/02/00        11.69m
Lord Ashfordly hosts a party at Ashfordly Hall, but while everyone is enjoying themselves downstairs, an intruder is upstairs stealing money his Lordship keeps in an unlocked draw to pay his employees wages. Lord Ashfordly reports the robbery and Mike and Phil start to investigate by interviewing all the employees on the estate, including gamekeeper - Frank McCreedy. Franks wife - Mary knowing her husband's got a reputation for gabbling, feels her husband is responsible and indeed he later confesses to her he did steal the cash. He asks her however to keep it quiet, but later he also steals money saved for their daughter's education and Mary becomes upset and distressed. Mike suspects Frank and visits Mary who denies she knows about it. After an argument with Frank, Mary goes to see Mike and tells him Frank's guilty, Mike then arrests him. Mike then returns to see Mary - only to witness her shoot herself. Frank blames Mike for his wife's death, which affects Mike badly. Mike who has already fallen out with Jackie over holiday plans argues with her and goes of on his bike. Blaketon talks to Mike that helps him get over it and he returns home and makes up with Jackie. Meanwhile Andy returns to the pub from another job, but collapses after hitting his head at work and ends up in hospital. Gina then finishes it with Andy when his wife and kids arrive to see him in hospital; Blaketon rang his wife to tell her about him. And Claude and David steal some coal from a broken down lorry and Craddock tells Alf who he should suspect first - Greengrass of course!
'The in Crowd' Dobie Grey (1965)
'Easy Going Me' Adam Faith (1961)
'The Wind Cries Mary' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)

23 Wise Guys By Susan Wilkins                           27/02/00       13.51m
Franko Mazzetti has died and his fish and chip restaurant run by him and his family in Whitby carries on despite his absence. The Mazzetti's mobile chip van then gets vandalised and they put the blame on an Ashfordly chip shop owner known as Big Eddy. Mike starts to investigate and discovers Franko had been feuding with Big Eddy for years, but Eddy denies any involvement. Claude meanwhile buys one of the Mazzetti's old chip vans from Bernie and decides to go into the fish and chip business himself and goes to Ashfordly on market day, only to be threatened by Eddy. So Claude decides to set up in Aidensfield outside the pub instead to Blaketon's annoyance. Meanwhile Eddy has a window smashed and blames the Mazzetti's who deny it. A full-fledged war then erupts between Mazzetti's, Big Eddy and Claude. The Mazzetti's restaurant is set alight, Eddy's shop is flooded out and Claude's van has its wheels nicked. Claude is questioned and admits to immobilising Eddy's new mobile van, but denies the rest. Mike then becomes suspicious of one of the Mazzetti brothers - Marco and follows him one night and catches him about to firebomb Eddy's shop. Marco admits it was all down to him. His father had left the business solely to his older brother - Paolo and he wanted the family business to fail as a result, so he faked a feud between his family and Eddy. Meanwhile a widow called Mrs. Poole reports a break in at her house and Alf goes to investigate and they take quite a shine to one another. She then reports a further break in and later retreats to the pub after being confronted by some youths. Blaketon however becomes suspicious of Mrs. Poole's stories and to Alf's annoyance discovers she made it all up because she felt lonely and enjoyed Alf's company.

                                                           The 150th Episode
24 The Son-in-Law By Peter Barwood                05/03/00        14.52m
A car cashes into a river and the police go to investigate. Mike searches the car to find its empty, but strangely the car is missing its hubcaps. The car it turns out was stolen and its owners - a Mr and Mrs. Drew are informed. Meanwhile Claude and David befriend a hitchhiker called Micky Shannon who writes songs and Gina takes a shine to him, so she  organises a concert for Micky to do at in the pub. But Andy turns up again and apparently knows Micky. Meanwhile Jackie hears from her parents who live in South Africa and who are coming to visit her, but Jackie becomes worried as she hasn't told them the whole  truth about her marriage to Mike. When they arrive Mike is more than happy to meet them, but they are not so keen to meet him as they feel he's not good enough for Jackie. They even try to  persuade Jackie to move to Cape Town by offering her a job there. Mike and Jackie's relationship suffers as a result and they fall out. Meanwhile the pub is raided and Blaketon ends up in hospital and Shannon has suddenly left the pub also. Andy tells the police that Shannon is in fact a conman and he becomes prime suspect for the car accident, and the pub job. It turns out that the Drew's were in fact smuggling diamonds from Amsterdam and Shannon stole their car which had the diamonds hidden in the hubcaps. The Drew's are arrested and Shannon is to when he's caught at Claude's after he sold Claude some Orchid seeds which in fact turn out to be Marijuana. However Shannon is allowed to perform the concert at the pub before going to the station.
'Just Like Eddie' Heinz (1963)
'Colours' Donovan (1965)
'Poor Man's Son' Rockin Berries (1965)
'Hole in My Shoe' Traffic (1967)
'Anyone Who Had a Heart' Dionne Warwick (1964)
'All That I've Given Away' Gary Barlow (2000)

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