Originally broadcasted between 6th September 1998 - 28th february 1999

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Regular characters

PC Mike Bradley Claude Greengrass Oscar Blaketon
PC Alf Ventress PC Phil Bellamy Sgt Raymond Craddock
Gina Ward Maggie Bolton Dr Neil Bolton
David Stockwell Bernie Scripps Lord Ashfordly

New Characters

Mary Ward Sue Driscoll Jackie Lambert

1 Snake in the Grass By Jane Hollowood            06/09/98        11.68m
Gina arrives back in Aidensfield after attending her Uncle George's funeral.. Meanwhile two Neighbours are at war, and Blaketon volunteers to try sort it all out and keep the piece between the two parties. During a meeting to try and sort it out, two people collapse from food poisoning and the other neighbour is blamed. When Gina becomes ill as well Mike persuades Neil to help him find out what has caused it. They both discover it was due to a poisonous plant being mistaken for horse radish and put in the pub's sandwiches. Greengrass finds himself stuck with a snake and Phil's land lady throws him out, so he ends up staying with his Gran...Meanwhile Gina's Aunt Mary come to help her with the pub
'Wild Thing' The Troggs (1964)
'Are you Lonesome Tonight' Elvis Presley (1961)
'Go Now' The Moody Blues (1964)
'Three Steps to Heaven' Eddie Cochran (1960)
'In the Midnight Hour' Wilson Pickett (1965)

2 Fall Out By Brian Finch                      13/09/98     11.24m
Two joy riders steal a mini from outside the Aidensfield Arms pub which has a highly dangerous (if opened) radioactive isotope in the boot of it. They then have a crash and run for it. The owner of the car tells the police of the potential danger and a search is on for the car. Two young lads looking for stuff to sell Greengrass find the isotope in the car, now at a scrap yard and take it, thinking it to be worth something. Mike having learned that the two lads have the isotope, chases one of them to retrieve it. The boy then slips at the top of a cliff and needs rescuing. Mike goes down and gets him and the isotope is thankfully still sealed. Meanwhile Claude's brother turns up and gets him involved in dog racing, but then tricks him.
'The Look of Love' Dusty Springfield (1967)
'The Minute Your Gone' Cliff Richard (1965)
'F.B.I' The Shadows (1961)
'Born to be Wild' Steppenwolf (1969)
'Silence is Golden' The Tremeloes (1967)
'Play with Fire' The Rolling Stones (1965)

3 For Better or Worse By Peter Gibbs         20/09/98      12.41m
A young man buys his first car from a local car dealer, He then has a crash, which puts him in hospital. The mans mother is convinced that the car was faulty and wants the dealer, a Mr Marsden punished. Meanwhile, Mike arrests the dealers wife for shop lifting and discovers that she has been beaten by her husband. But she doesn't want it reported and this makes Mike more determined to convict her husband. Mike then discovers that her husband is having an affair, and she is then willing to make a statement about her husbands involvements in a dodgy insurance scheme which includes selling written off cars. Meanwhile Greengrass gets into pigeon racing and gets Bernie and Mary interested.
'Glad all Over' Dave Clark Five (1963)
'Stop, Stop, Stop' The Hollies (1966)
'Catch the Wind' Donovan (1965)

4 Past Crimes By James Stevenson                      27/09/98      13.52m
A couple are baffled when strange things start happening, and all their clocks have been put back 2 hours in the middle of the night. It turns out that this and other strange things is down to a man from the husbands childhood past. Apparently when they both were children they were partly responsible for another boys death in a mine and now the man wants to blackmail the Husband into helping him rob the bank at which he works. Meanwhile Bernie Scripps' nephew turns up and he turns out to be a good at golf, so Greengrass takes advantage of .this at a match at the local Golf course. And Phil is now lodging at the police house with Mike
'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' The Beatles (1968)
'Sunny Afternoon' The Kinks (1966)
'The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly' Hugo Montenegro (1968)

5 Spellbound By Phil Ford                                   04/10/98        14.36m
The daughter of a local magistrate is involved with a lad who is heavily involved in witch craft. Recent crimes in the area all have a black magic connection, and a local old man feels his life is being run by witch craft. Mike then starts to investigate. Meanwhile the girls brother warns his sister of the dangers of witch craft and tells her boyfriend to leave her alone, but they both choose to ignore him. The girl then decides to attend a ritual. The ritual is then raided by the police.
'Make it Easy on Yourself' The Walker Brothers (1965)

6 Baby Love By Anthony Read                             11/10/98        14.33m
There is an intruder at a local mother and babies home. A local couple, the Mansfield's baby is abducted. Mr Mansfield who is a business man and complains of his child's crying becomes a suspect - he can't account for his whereabouts at the time of the abduction. It turns out he's not responsible and he was in fact with another woman. The police continue to investigate and then realise the cleaner at the boarding house must have the baby. Mike coaxes her into returning the baby. Greengrass gets himself literally in a mess when he asks a newcomer called Gary to lay a concrete drive for him. Gary it is discovered is also the intruder at the boarding house. But he is only trying to see his baby, and tells his girl friend that he wants them to keep it him.
'Scarborough Fair/Canticle' Simon and Garfunkel (1969)
'King of the Road' Roger Miller (1965)
'Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown' The Rolling Stones (1966)
'Cry Baby Cry' The Beatles (1968)

7 Give a Dog a Bad Name By Peter Gibbs       18/10/98        14.28m
A local vet, Joss Roberts likes his drink alot, and is often called out on calls, but has to drive. Craddock who has asked for breathalysers to be used more often tries to get Roberts bought in for drink driving. Roberts makes it hard for Mike when he tries to test him with the breathalyser. Roberts begins to take the police literally and refuses to go out on calls unless Craddock gives him permission to drive. Craddock himself ends up driving Roberts when Lord Ashfordly's horse is in danger. Meanwhile Phil like the stations new secretary Sue, and Greengrass starts to sells fur rugs which end up being infested with flees from Alfred!
'Daydream' The Lovin' Spoonful (1966)

8 Hello Goodbye By Michael Jenner                    25/10/98        14.22m
An Asian doctor, Deepak Rall comes to settle down and live in Aidensfield, but he and his family aren't made very welcome by the locals. Neil whose impressed with him, tries to find out about his qualifications because he is considering offering Rall a job. But he can't find any record of Rall being a qualified doctor. Meanwhile two men are threatening Rall and his family and they are in danger, but the police arrive just in time. Mike finds out who has been responsible for the recent badger digging in the area. Greengrass and David set up a mobile shop and start selling tins of steak, that turn out to be tins of foreign dog food. And Phil tries to impress Sue with his cooking skills.
'Hello Goodbye' The Beatles (1967)
'Born to be Wild' Steppenwolf (1969)
'When Will I Be Loved' The Everly Brothers (1960)
'Oh Pretty Woman' Roy Orbison (1964)

9 Pat-a-Cake By Helen Slavin                                01/11/98        14.64m
A young couple are going to get married at Gretna Green, because the girl's father doesn't approve of her boyfriend. Meanwhile another local lad who went to school with the girl (Nell) is obsessed with her and Kidnaps her. He keeps her in a locked room in a house, but he doesn't want to hurt her and just wants her to be his wife instead, and he even has a house ready for them to live in. Nell's husband to be informs the police that she's missing and a huge search is carried out. Maggie realises where the lad may have taken Nell and she is eventually found at the house by Mike. Greengrass in the meantime starts pet sitting.
'Breaking Up is Hard to Do' Neil Sadaka (1962)
'She's Leaving Home' The Beatles (1967)
'Shout' Lulu and the Luvvers (1964)
'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' The Walker Brothers (1966)
'Wild Thing' The Troggs (1964)

10 Easy Rider By Peter Barwood                          08/11/98        14.80m
A cyclist has an accident up on the moors and his body is found but without the bike. Reports come in of UFO sightings up on the moors, which seem occur at the same time each night. Blaketon then also witnesses it and reports his sighting to Ventress. Ventress then investigates and discovers the sightings were RAF pilots turning off their engines to see how far they could glide there planes. Meanwhile Sue's Auntie reveals she was having an affair with the dead cyclist, and Mike learns he did in fact die at her house when he hit his head on a fire place. Greengrass meanwhile gets stuck with loads of model Chairman Mao's, and a young librarian whose into communism, tries to help him sell them.
'Sunshine Superman' Donovan (1966)
'I'm the Urban Spaceman' Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (1968)
'Something in the Air' Thunderclap Newman (1969)

11 Hot Rocks By Susan Wilkins                          15/11/98         14.13m
Lord Ashfordly's sister Patricia Brewster returns to the area with her fiancťe, Ronnie Harper. They are engaged to be married and Ashfordly organises a party at Ashfordly hall to celebrate. However Patricia begins to suspect Ronnie of a recent robbery at the Hepworth's as he has a history in crime, but he insists he's changed now. Mike also suspects Ronnie when Claude sees him in an antiques shop run by a reformed criminal. Mike and Craddock then go to see Lord Ashfordly to talk about Ronnie and Ashfordly is also Suspicious about him. Meanwhile at the engagement party Patricia re-acquaints herself with Maggie and confides with her that she is suspicious about Ronnie. Then there's another robbery and Mike, after talking to Maggie questions Patricia who is annoyed that Maggie told him about her suspicions about Ronnie. Patricia and Ronnie then have a row, he drives off and she follows him to see where he goes. He ends up going to a party at the police house that Mike and Phil arranged where he meets up with Gina who heís been seeing. Patricia sees him there and hits him because he's been seeing Gina. She then confesses to Mike about Ronnie and says he was out the nights the robberies occurred. However the real culprits end up being Ronnie's aging chauffeur - Wilfred and his two grandsons who had been going round the area doing fireplace fittings with Claude's help. And so Patricia decides to give Ronnie a second chance as a result. Meanwhile Phil's plan to impress Sue at the party back fires when Craddock stops the party due to complaints about nose, and Sue also lets it slip about Phil staying at the police house, so Craddock tells him to move out. Later to Phil's distress, Sue tells him she's leaving and moving to Leeds to become a beautician.
'Jumpiní Jack Flash' The Rolling Stones (1971)
'You Really Got Me' The Kinks (1964)
'A Whiter Shade of Pale' Procol Harum (1967)
'You Don't Have to Say You Love Me' Dust Springfield (1966)
'Get Away' Georgie Fame (1966)

12 Shadows and Substances By Brian Finch  22/11/98        14.61m
Stuart Chivers
(Heroes and Villains) and his friend Billy are in detention at school, Billy then smashes a teachers car window and Mike goes to the Chivers house to talk to Stuart who is being blamed, but he runs off. Mike with Trevor Chivers goes in search for Stuart when he doesn't return home. Trevor then finds Stuart seriously ill in the woods and Maggie and Neil get him to hospital, it seems Stuart drank water from a contaminated stream and Mike starts to investigate how it happened. Meanwhile Phil's granny and her friends hold a demo outside a factory because the noise its lorries make driving past their homes, but Mike persuades them to move on. Mikeís enquiries return him to the factory, which is near to the stream Stuart drank out of. Mike sees the owner - a Mr. Horton who says its nothing to do with him, but Mike suspects the company is behind the contaminated stream. Mike goes undercover to the factory at night to look around, but Horton catches him and complains to Craddock. Horton then begins to panic and indeed starts moving a lorry load of inflammable and dangerous chemicals over night. Mike who is still suspicious then follows him. Horton however gets the lorry stuck under a low bridge and tells Mike its gonna blow any second. Mike manages to shift the lorry to a safe distance just in time for it to explode. Meanwhile Blaketon has been appointed WPO (Warning Point Officer) for the village and is responsible for the villagerís safety in the event of a nuclear attack. So when Claude hears Blaketon is looking for a suitable place for an underground nuclear shelter, he uses Bernie's unused cellar and starts charging villagers for a place in the shelter. Blaketon however finds 'The Shelter' full of rubbish and arranges a practice run and gathers the villagers who all go to Claude's shelter to discover the mess. Claude reluctantly returns their money!
'With a Little Help from My Friends' The Beatles (1967)
'Don't Let the Sun Catch you Crying' Gerry and the Pacemakers (1964)

13 Forbidden Fruit By Neil McKay                      29/11/98        14.40m
Rachel Palmer stops Mike and Phil in the patrol car saying her sister - Marion Fuller has been attacked. Marion is taken to hospital where she later dies and Alf and Phil question a suspected local - Lenny Wardal. He denies hurting Marion and insists Fuller asked him to the house to offer him some work. Mike supports Rachel who is very upset. D.I. Randall is then bought in to head the murder investigation and Mike goes to question Marion's Husband - David. He says he was at an auction at the time and denies involvement. Mike then visits Rachel to see how she is and they start to get close, but Mike backs off because he feels he can't get personally involved in the investigation. But Craddock begins to see Mike has got involved and takes him off the case, but then Rachel shows up at the police house to see Mike, saying a relationship could work - but Mike goes to Saltburn on leave for a few days to get away from it all. D.I. Randall and Craddock then go to see Rachel and she tells them that David Fuller is having an affair and blames him for Marionís death. Meanwhile Ginaís got upset because she thinks everyone has forgotten her birthday and goes out to Saltburn to find Mike. In the meantime David Fuller is found at his mistress - Kirsty Williams' house with suit cases packed with stolen antiques. It seems Fuller has been stealing antiques to sell them on. He tells the police that he had a brief relationship with Rachel and that she resented him marrying her sister. Rachel, who's now obsessed with Mike goes to Saltburn to find him and sees him with Gina and becomes upset and threatens to jump off Saltburn pier after confessing to her sister's murder. But Craddock and Randall arrive just in time and arrest her. And Phil takes Gina back home for a surprise French themed birthday party, but she is to late and everyone has gone apart from a drunk Blaketon!
'Summer Holiday' Cliff Richard (1963)
'You've Got to Hide Your Love Away' The Beatles (1965)
'It Might as Well Rain until September' Carole King (1964)
'Brown Eyed Girl' Van Morrison

14 Where There's a Will By Peter Gibbs            06/12/98         14.35m
An elderly woman is being forced to leave her cottage that she has lived in for many years because a relative of hers wants to sell it. She goes to great lengths to stay in her home. She goes to the estate agent where the property is up for sale and vandalises the place. Mike is called in to take charge of the situation. The women then starts firing a gun and threatens to set fire to the cottage if she can't stay there. The situation starts to get serious. Due to the situation, Mike and Jackie Lambert, a young Solicitor in Ashfordly don't hit it off at first ! Eventually, after looking into the matter Jackie realises that the house rightfully belongs to the woman and she is able to stay in her home.
'Yesterday' The Beatles (1965)
'Boom, Boom' The Animals
'Dedicated Follower of Fashion' The Kinks (1966)
'Will You Still Love me Tomorrow' The Shirelles (1960)

15 Taking Sides By Michael Jenner                     13/12/98        14.86m
Maggie becomes suspicious of Neil when a new to the area female patient called Eillain Albery keeps visiting him and then accuses him of indecently assaulting her. The police question Neil and he utterly denies the accusations. Neil is angry when Maggie even begins to believes the accusations. It turns out that it was a malicious accusation, motivated by an event that took place 9 years before in Neil past. Apparently Neil made evidence against Albery's husband when a child died and she wanted revenge. Meanwhile Greengrass meets an English civil war re-enactment society and sets up a civil war battle re-enactment. Greengrass however has to find an army for them to fight, so David tells a group of Mods about the 'fight' and it all gets out of hand.
'Not Fade Away' The Rolling Stones (1964)
'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' The Beatles (1967)

                                             The Christmas Episode
16 Echoes of the Past
By Neil McKay               24/12/98        10.80m
Strange happenings make a wealthy woman believe that her unborn child is in danger. The police are informed when there is believed to be an intruder at the woman's home. The Police eventually discover that the recent happenings were caused by a young lad whom the woman had given up for adoption many years before. However an agreement is reached. Meanwhile the woman's husband is entertaining and holding a ballroom dance competition. Mary and Blaketon, to the surprise of Mr and Mrs Craddock win the ballroom dancing competition. Here, Mike and Jackie have their first kiss and Sue, to Phil's delight returns, but only for Christmas. Greengrass, Bernie and David provide the trophy for the winners!
'The Christmas Song' Nat 'King' Cole (1963)
'Sleigh Ride' The Ronettes (1963)
'Little Saint Nick' The Beach Boys.(1964)
'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' Brenda Lee (1962)
'Rudolf the Red Nose Raindear' The Crystals (1963)
'Frosty the Snowman' The Ronettes (1963)
'The Last Waltz' Engelbert Humperdinck (1967)

17 Twists of Fate By Eric Wendell                       10/01/99        15.74m
Maggie is treating a sick elderly lady. The lady then has a fit and dies from her illness, and the woman's son-in-law then accuses Maggie of medical negligence. Maggie then discovers that the elderly patient changed her will in her favour and made her a main beneficiary. Maggie is then suspended from her job. A valuable painting, also left to Maggie is then stolen. The police start to investigate and discover the son-in-law whose business is in financial trouble stole the painting. It is latter learned that the son-in-law didn't call an Ambulance when his mother-in-law was dieing because she wouldn't lend him money for his business, Maggie is then cleared. Meanwhile Greengrass lets a tramp stay at his home who has a talent for dreaming about winning race horses.
'Spirit in the Sky' Norman Greenbaum (1970)
'The Young Ones' Cliff Richard (1962)
'Light My Fire' The Doors (1967)
'Dedicated To The One I Love' The Mamas and the Papas (1966)
'I Say a Little Prayer' Aretha Franklin (1968)
'Venus' Shocking Blue (1970)

18 The Angry Brigade By Peter Gibbs               17/01/99       16.48m
Barry Dixon, a criminal Blaketon put away 10 years previous for robbery is released from prison, but a man called Ed Baxter is watching his every move. Baxter is working for the insurance company who Dixon stole the money from. The money was never found as Dixon hid it away, but now they want it back. Baxter watches wherever Dixon goes and Dixon gets a job with Bernie at the garage. Meanwhile Ramblers - Ron Tidy and his wife Doreen arrive for there annual holiday and stay at the pub. They go for there usual walk across the moors only to discover Lord Ashfordly has closed it as a public right of way and Ron gets bitten by gamekeeper - Cooper's dog when he attempt to walk along the path. A window in Cooper's house is then smashed and he accuses the Tidy's of it. Mike goes to see them only to find they have gone with Neil and Maggie for a walk along the same path to show itís "still" a public footpath. However Mike arrives just in time to stop another confrontation between them and Cooper. The Tidy's are then questioned about the Vandalism, but deny it and with Jackie's help are allowed to go, but Mike is suspicious about them and makes enquiries. Meanwhile Neil and the Tidy's organise a protest against Lord Ashfordly closing the footpath and conduct a protest at his stables. Mike notices the Tidy's have disappeared from the protest and discovers they are involved with Dixon. Baxter and Mike then follow Dixon whoís gone to retrieve the money. When they arrive Dixon throws it over a waterfall to Baxter's anger. Dixon is not arrest however as he's already served his time and the Tidy's disappear. And Claude decides to take over the late - Jim Fiddler's money making job as a chimney sweep, but it back fires when Alfred ruins a bride's wedding dress!
'I Fought the Law' Bobby Fuller Four (1966)
'Jolity Farm' Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
'All I See is You' Dusty Springfield (1966)
'C'mon Everybody' Eddie Cochran (1959)
'Roadrunner' The Animals

19 Fire and Ashes By Rob Heyland                     24/01/99       15.54m
Maggie has just discovered that she is pregnant and she isn't pleased about it because she is scared the baby will die as her first child did. She eventually tells Neil and they have a row. Maggie ends up going away with Gina for a couple of days to think things over by herself. While she is away Neil heroically tries to save a boy from a house fire and is tragically killed. Meanwhile Gina talks Maggie into wanting the baby and Maggie rushes back to Aidensfield to apologise to Neil. On her arrival at the railway station she is met my Mike who has come to tell her the bad news. It turns out that the owner of the burnt house committed arson to claim the insurance.
'Little Children' Billy J Krammer & the Dakotas (1964)
'Long Live Love' Sandie Shaw (1965)
'Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere' The Who (1971)
'Albatross' Fleetwood Mac (1969)
'I Remember You' Frank Ifield (1962)
'Time In A Bottle' Jim Croce (1972)
'Day is Done' Nick Drake (1970)

20 All in the Mind By Johnny Byrne                  31/01/99        16.02m
Mrs.Challis, a local elderly lady sees a woman screaming and being taken into the cottage opposite hers late one night whilst watching a horror film on television. She tells Maggie who's treating her all about it, but Maggie just thinks its one of Mrs.Challis' stories she's made up. But when she persists in the story - Maggie tends to believe it and tells Mike who isn't convinced. Then when Mike sees a woman forced into a car one night he begins to suspect it to be true. And when a hippy called Jimmy Weston then tells him his pregnant girlfriend is missing and is apparently being held against her will, Mike suspects Mrs.Challis' neighbour - Mr.Arlott. So with Maggie and Jackie, Mike goes to Mr. Arlott's house to find he's holding his daughter - Julie there against her will as he disapproves of her relationship with Jimmy and is just trying to protect her. Julie then has her baby, and her father is allowed to go after Craddock questions him. In the meantime, seeing Julie's baby makes Maggie break down, and she confesses to Mike and Jackie that she's pregnant herself. Meanwhile Alf is determined to catch a police impostor who's been going around insulting the public under the name Ventress. It turns out to be Gina's latest boyfriend - Brian Taplow (alias Doug Bullin) who's father was a policeman who worked with Alf years before, Alf fell out with him and his son, Brian just wanted to get his own back on Alf. And a mild criminal - George Seago returns to see Claude, to Blaketon's interest. Blaketon discovers from David that Seago wants Claude to enter his race winning Ferret - Bonnie on his behalf in a forthcoming race which its guaranteed to win, so Blaketon anonymously phones the organiser who in turn sorts Seago and Claude out by doping Bonnie!
'Bend me, Shape me' Amen Corner (1968)
'This Wheel's on Fire' Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity (1967)
'Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde' Georgie Fame (1967)
'I am the Walrus' The Beatles (1967)
'Keep on Running' Spencer Davis Group (1968)
'Green Onions' Booker T. & the MG's (1962)

21 Friends Like You By Brian Finch                   07/02/99       16.34m
Gina has started singing at the Blue Parrot club in Whitby and her latest boyfriend - Terry Connelly is her manager. Gina is going down a treat until one evening the police burst in on a drugs raid. The police only find that Gina's handbag contains a bottle of drugs after searching the entire club, but she denies they are hers. She goes to Mike for help and Jackie helps by agreeing to represent her. Gina and Terry both think that a man called Rory Shaw must have plated the drugs and Mike goes to see a D.I. Thomason at Whitby, who says no one has even heard of Shaw, but then Mike sees Thomason with Shaw at the club. Jackie then sees Thomason's superior - D.I. Haggerty, telling him she's convinced Gina's been framed. Haggarty then tell Craddock that Shaw is a police informant who is suspected of dealing in drugs and that the raid was organised with Shaw being told about it in advance - no drugs apart from those in Gina's bag were found - proving Shaw to be guilty having told everyone except for Gina and Terry about the raid, but Mike is still convinced Gina isn't taking drugs. Gina then becomes annoyed and decides to goes to the club to find Shaw, Mike and Jackie go to stop her but arrive just as Thomason and Haggarty are waiting to arrest Shaw and the others who have started dealing at the club again now there's been a drugs raid. Mike then arrests Terry when he realises he actually planted the drugs in Gina's bag. Meanwhile Alf ends up miles away in Crewe after falling asleep on a train when he was on his beat one night, and with Phil's help ends up lying to his wife and Craddock to cover up his disappearance!! And David wins £100 on the premium bonds, but then gets fiddled by a local shopkeeper when he buys a new "trendy" jacket, and so he asks Blaketon and Claude to help him get his money back and they blackmail the shopkeeper into returning David's money!
'Rescue Me' Sung by Tricia Penrose from the original hit by Fontella Bass (1965)
'Stranger on the Shore' Acker Bilk (1961)
'Dedicated Follower of Fashion' The Kinks (1966)
'Day is Done' Nick Drake (1970)
'It Might as Well Rain until September' Sung by Tricia Penrose from the original hit by Carole King (1964)
'You'll Never Walk Alone' Gerry and the Pacemakers (1963)
'It's Gonna Be Alright' Gerry and the Pacemakers (1964)
'Apache' The Shadows (1960)
'F.B.I' The Shadows (1961)

22 Old Ties By Chris Thompson                             14/02/99        12.32m
A new restaurant opens up in Ashfordly and the men who own it become the target of threats and sabotage. One of them is the ex husband of Gina's friend Debbie. He left her for the other man who also owns the restaurant, who are revealed to be a gay couple. Debbie is visiting Gina and can't except what's happened. After the sabotage and threats are investigated, it is revealed that part of it is down to her. Greengrass meanwhile has a go at archaeology and finds some ancient remains and hopes to get the financial credit for finding it.
'Meet Me on the Corner' Lindisfarne (1972) 
'I'm into Something Good' Herman's Hermits (1964)
'Let's Twist Again' Chubby Checker (1961)
'Hippy Hippy Shake' The Swinging Blue Jeans (1963)
'Winchester Cathedral' New Vaudeville Band (1966)

23 David Stockwell's Ghost By Jane Hollowood    21/02/99        16.53m
A well to do family who have moved into the area recently after living for some years in Africa are having serious problems. Their little boy is scared of the violent rows his parents keep having and he is suspected of being beaten by the father. It turns out that it is in fact mother who has been assaulting her son. After yet another row, she storms off in the car and ends up having a horrific crash, but luckily survives. Meanwhile Greengrass becomes the owner of several pigs that cause trouble when they escape and are running all around in the village. And Mrs Ventress is in hospital having an operation, and Alf is worried sick about her!

24 Testament By Susan Wilkins                           28/02/99        17.01m
Henry Tomkinson, an Ashfordly Solicitor and Jackie Lambert's uncle and partner is involved in a hit and run accident. David Stockwell witness' the accident and remembers half of the cars number plate, HAJ. Mike falls out with Jackie because he suspects her uncle of the accident. Tomkinson eventually admits it was him involved in the accident. He was afraid that his reputation would be severely damaged if he admitted to it. Mike also considers a job back in London after an old met friend of his turns up. However, Mike and Jackie make up after her Uncle's confession and Mike decides to stay in Aidensfield. Meanwhile Claude and Bernie have trouble finding a place in the church yard to burry the late local, Samuel Hawkins.
'The Crying Game' by Dave Berry (1964)
'Hole in My Shoe' Traffic (1967)

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