Originally broadcasted between 31st August 1997 - 22nd february 1998

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Regular characters

PC Nick Rowan Jo Rowan (Weston) Claude Greengrass
Sgt Oscar Blaketon Maggie Bolton PC Phil Bellamy
Gina Ward PC Alf Ventress Eileen Reynolds
Bernie Scripps  Ruby Rowan Graham Weston
Fiona Weston David Stockwell Lord Ashfordly

New Characters

PC Mike Bradley Sgt Raymond Craddock Dr Neil Bolton
Steve Adams

1 Bad Apple By Peter Gibbs                                 31/08/97         14.08m
A local coach depot is broken into and Phil runs after the criminal - Keith Megson in a chase, but Nick eventually catches him. Megson tells his solicitor - Mr Sellars he wasn’t near the depot at the time and the police have nothing on him. Sellars tells Megson he's likely to remain in custody for a week to await trial, but Megson says he's getting married in that time and has to get out. So in order to get out on bale he has to have a fixed address, so he asks Claude if he'll take him in if he plays him, to which Claude agrees to Blaketon's annoyance. Claude however finds Megson has gone when another break in similar to the depot job is committed. Nick questions Megson who denies it, but Claude suspects Megson because he knows he was out at the time of the break in. Then there's yet another break in and Megson is arrested to Sellars anger and he manages to get him released. Yet another house is broken into and Megson is arrested yet again, but Nick discovers the stolen items are turning up at an antiques shop. Nick then begins to suspect Mr Rosser - Sellars assistant when one of the break in victim's says its mentioned in her will where her valuables are kept, Nick arrests Rosser when he tries to sell the shop more items, he did it to raise funds to start his own business. Meanwhile Nick buys Jo her engagement ring and they go to see her parents to tell them the good news, but it doesn’t go down well, especially with Jo's mother who shows her disapproval, which upsets Jo. And George due to ill health has left Gina in charge of the pub, while he stays with his sister Mary.
'Eight Miles High' The Byrds (1966)
'Nut Rocker' B. Bumble and the Stingers(1962)
'How Do You Do It?' Gerry and the Pacemakers (1963)
'Let it Be' The Beatles (1970)
'Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown' The Rolling Stones (1966)
'Last Train to Clarksville' The Monkees (1967) 
'Just One Look' The Hollies (1964)

2 Pig in the Middle By Brian Finch                      07/09/97        14.07m
Betty Sutch and her son - Simon (Father's Day) dump a truckload of manure in front of their annoying neighbour - Hector Cowley's (Vigilante) house, and so Hector then goes to see Sutch for an explanation. Hector then doesn’t turn up for traffic duties and Nick goes to his house where his wife - Anthea hasn’t seen him since he went to see Mrs. Sutch. Nick visits Sutch and notices Simon Sutch wearing Hector's tunic and Simon tells him he found it in with his pigs. Nick then becomes suspicious about the Sutch's and thinks they have done something with Hector. Blaketon tells Alf, Nick and Phil to investigate further and they discover more of Hector's uniform in with the pig and feel Betty has killed Hector and fed him to her pigs, but she denies it. She becomes angry by village rumours that her pigs ate Hector and tells Nick that her 'boyfriend' can prove she's innocent. Nick then feels his wife - Anthea knows something after he learns she's burnt Hector's cloths. It turns out Hector has in fact gone on his annual holiday with his sister, and Anthea who didn’t want to go was so furious he did that she disposed of all his cloths - including his uniform. Meanwhile an old girlfriend of Claude's - Ellen Birley arrives and stays. She then starts giving Alfred baths and cleaning the house up, which Claude doesn't like.  And so when her husband Archie turns up, and she then steals Claude's money to buy him a load of health food, she leaves to Claude (and Alfred's) delight due to his lack of appreciation. And Jo is still angry with her mother, and her father tells her that her mother has become ill recently, to which Jo shows little sympathy. He also says the owners of her cottage are putting her house up for sale and she'll have to leave within a month, so she decides to move in with Maggie.
'The Last Time' The Rolling Stones (1965)
'The Sound of Silence' Simon and Garfunkel (1969)
'I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door' Eddie Hodges (1961)
'Return to Sender' Evil Presley (1962)
'Who's Sorry Now' Connie Francis (1958)
'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' The Platters (1959) 

3 Small Beer By Bill Lyons                                   14/09/97        14.91m
Sangers factory is broken into one night and some cash is stolen. Blaketon and Phil visit the factory to see the boss - Mr Sangers, while Nick questions the factory's night watchman, the elderly - Mr Potter who was assaulted whilst disturbing the intruders. Potter however tells Nick that he can't identify the intruders as it was too dark. Blaketon then suspects Tony Mowbray, who has a track record for braking and entering and now works at the factory. Apparently Mowbray's fingerprints (along with Sangers and Potters) are found at the scene of the crime and so Blaketon gets Mowbray in for questioning.  But Mowbray denies he was involved. Blaketon however is convinced of his guilt and believes he tried to make it look like another gangs work to cover his tracks. Nick however thinks Blaketon is wrong and they then go to see Potter again who confesses Mowbray used the factory van on the quiet, but reveals that he in fact staged the entire event, to show Sangers he was not past it. Potter then hands over the petty cash box he took. Meanwhile schoolboy Dennis Cross is absent from school again looking after his bed ridden mother who is very ill. Jo is concerned about him and goes to his home with Nick, but they get no answer. Concerned for his safety Nick manages to get in - only to discover his mother is dead. A search is then on to find Dennis who has vanished, to see if he knows what happened. Claude then finds Dennis at his house helping himself to food and drink and so he tells Nick and Maggie about him. Dennis it seems is terrified of being put in a home and runs off, but gets injured when Nick tries to catch him, and he ends up in hospital. However Claude tells Nick that Dennis has a long lost sister he can go and live with, but Dennis isn't aware he has a sister. Maggie then discovers his lost sister is in fact his real mother.
'You've Got Your Troubles' The Fortunes (1965)
'What a Wonderful World' Louis Armstrong (1968)
'Stranger in Paradise' Tony Bennett (1955)
'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' The Animals (1965)

4 Closing Ranks By Jane Hollowood                    21/09/97        15.20m
A Mrs. Jackson becomes the latest victim of the bag snatch robberies that have been taking place recently, and Blaketon is very anxious to catch the culprits, and quick. Phil discovers the only connection between all the cases is that the victims are all middle aged women who have just withdrawn money from the bank. The police begin to suspect a couple of men called Murray and Broadbent who were seen at a previous snatch and so they are questioned. Mrs. Jackson however is afraid of future attacks and declines to identify them in an ID parade and so Blaketon as a result is forced to let them go. But Phil is convinced of their guilt and when his grandmother becomes the next victim and the thieves make off with £600, he becomes emotionally involved in the case. At the scene of the crime Nick finds her purse and handbag on the ground, but when Murray and Broadbent are re-arrested and searched, Nick finds the purse in Murray's pocket. Nick realises Phil has planted the purse on Murray and he asks Nick to go along with it in the court. A nervous Nick however fluffs it up in court and Murray and Broadbent are allowed to go due to ill prepared police work. Blaketon realises what’s going on and is angry with Nick and Phil's conduct, but he persuades Mrs Jackson to identify Murray in an ID parade and they are arrested. Meanwhile Claude is stuck with a stuffed sheep and then too sisters - Norma and Joan Braithwaite claim its theirs. Bernie meanwhile is doing the funeral for the sister's father and the sheep ends up in the coffin and is buried instead. Then when the sisters tell Claude the reason they want the sheep is because it contains money left to them by their father and they offer him a portion of it, he quickly unearths the sheep. However the greedy sisters are furious when their father left them just a farthing between them! And Jo's mother's condition worsens and Jo goes to see her to patch things up, but it ends with another argument.
'With A Little Help From My Friends' Joe Cocker (1968)
'Hit the Road Jack' Ray Charles (1961)
'Road Runner' The Animals
'The End' The Beatles (1969)
'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' The Hollies (1969)
'Bury My Body' The Animals

5 Leaving Home By David Lane                          28/09/97         15.75m
A tobacco warehouse is broken into and the police are searching for the robbers seen in a grey van. However the robbers - Ned and Pete swap vans and set the grey one alight. Ned, a veteran thief who knows Claude decides to go to Claude's place to hide until things quiet down, but Claude's not keen on the idea. Pete then injures his foot in Claude's barn and he needs to go to hospital. Nick meanwhile hears that a blue van was recently stolen and suspects its the one the thieves stole, and when Maggie goes to Claude's and helps Ned get Pete to hospital, she tells Nick and Phil of Claude's new friends. In the meantime Claude takes the vanload of cigarettes and tries selling them on himself, but Blaketon catches him. To save his own neck Claude then agrees to help the police catch Ned and the intended buyer of the tobacco by setting them up. Meanwhile Mr Thompson and his teenage daughter Cathy are on holiday at Mr and Mrs. walker's B&B and Cathy has befriended the Walker's son - Stephen. When she's out with him late one night, a worried Thompson calls Nick out claiming she is missing. When they return Thompson is furious and he decides to leave early and go back home. Cathy then vanishes again however and ends up going back to Stephen's cottage and she stays over night. Thompson guesses where she's gone and returns to the Walker's house very angry. He then goes to find Stephen at his cottage, taking a shotgun with him. Mrs. Walker calls Nick who arrives to find Thompson has already shot Stephen in the shoulder, Mrs. Walker then reveals to Thompson that Stephen is in fact his own son. Apparently the Walker's adopted Stephen and Thompson Knew his real mother Ruth during the war, but didn't know Stephen existed. Meanwhile Jo persuades her mother to go to hospital for tests as her condition becomes more serious. However she takes a turn for the worst and she suddenly dies from a weakness in her lung wall and Jo's father is devastated.
'I Can See for Miles' The Who (1967)
'Dear Prudence' The Beatles (1968)
'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' The Beatles (1967)
'Man of the World' Fleetwood Mac (1969)

6 Fool for Love By James Stevenson                   05/10/97        15.29m
Local woman - Jean Lightfoot feels someone is following her on her way home one night, but her husband Derek feels she's just imagining things. However then they start to get anomalous phone calls and someone seems to have entered the house and stole Jean's scarf’s, then someone is seen walking in the grounds of their house and Nick starts to investigate. Nick then questions a strange woman - Mrs. Williamson who had the scarf's in her procession, about the recent events at the Lightfoot's house. She admits to the phone calls and taking the scarf’s, saying she did it because she is an old flame of Derek Lightfoot's and just wanted to make contact with him again. Lightfoot is asked in to see if he can back up her story, but he claims he's never seen her before. The calls persist however at the Lightfoot's house and Nick goes to see Mrs. Williamson again who denies it, but still claims that she and Derek were lovers. Then when the Lightfoot's car is vandalised with acid, Williamson is arrested. She denies it was her, but during questioning reveals she has been in a psychiatric hospital. So Nick visits the hospital were a doctor there reveals she often spoke of a Mr Lightfoot. Suspicion for the vandalism then falls on Mr Lightfoot himself when Nick finds a pair of his trousers ruined by acid markings. Lightfoot then reveals he does know Williamson and when she went to the hospital he offered to look after her finances, but when his business started to fail, he helped himself to her cash. Meanwhile a couple of Australian visitors - Len and Julie Wilcox are trying to find their ancestors and are looking around the local graveyards. Claude helps them out and claims they are in fact related to one another and are descendants of rich ancestors. So when Claude starts selling them old family air looms, they play Claude at his own game and make of with an antique writing desk without paying him! And Jo and her father try to come to terms with their recent lost.
'Sun Arise' Rolf Harris (1962)
'Play with Fire' (1965)
'Walk on By' Dionne Warwick (1964)

7 The Family Way By Brian Finch                       12/10/97        16.33m
Cockney - Charlie Fenton whilst driving his car down a country lane after collecting his girlfriend, Lisa Cooper from the village railway station nearly runs down a young boy. His grandfather - Alec Oxley who was looking after him at the time blames Fenton for the incident, claiming he was driving to fast. The boy ends up in hospital to recover, but Oxley phones Nick to report the accident. Nick goes to see him and he insists Fenton's driving was at fault. Nick then goes to visit Fenton who denies he was at fault. Oxley then decides to take the law into his own hands after Nick tells him he can't do much about the accident, and purposely causes a car accident outside the pub between himself and Fenton. Oxley then accuses Fenton who had been in the pub with his girlfriend of drink driving. Fenton is arrested, but Blaketon is unusually disinterest in the matter, and tells Nick to let Fenton go. Fenton is then angered when he spots Oxley taking pictures of him in his garden, for a letter to the local newspaper. Fenton assaults Oxley, and Oxley then reports the assault to Nick. Blaketon then tells Nick that Fenton is an east end criminal who helped the police by grassing on his own gang members, but on the understanding that he would get freedom and be allowed to escape the gang by going abroad. But now the gang are after him and just as he departs from Aidensfield, the gang catch up with him on the train. Meanwhile Claude has a shock when his rich older brother - Cyril arrives in his Rolls Royce to visit him supposedly with the idea of getting a cottage in the area. Cyril then however introduces Claude to his "Financial Adviser" - Frankie who is in fact his girlfriend. Then Cyril's wife - Edith shows up to ruin his day! Jo meanwhile is worried about her father and how he's coping with his grief, and so he comes and stays with Maggie for a few days to try and get used to his new life without Fiona, but he is still very upset. 
'Under My Thumb' The Rolling Stones (1966)
'Drive My Car' The Beatles (1965)
'Go Now' The Moody Blues (1964)
'Strawberry Fields Forever' The Beatles (1967)
'Yesterday' The Beatles (1965)
'Play with Fire' The Rolling Stones (1965)

8 Friendly Fire By Peter Gibbs  19/10/97 16.08m

Story details coming soon!

9 Sons and Lovers By Susan Wilkins  26/10/97 16.00m

Story details coming soon!

10 Playing with Trains   02/11/97 16.53m

Story details coming soon!

11 What The Butler Saw By Garry Lyons          09/11/97         16.59m
Gamekeeper, Sammy Maxton is shot on the moors and is left seriously injured. Nick goes to the hospital and Maxton's girlfriend accuses Barry Rooksby of shooting him because he feels Maxton took his job as gamekeeper. Nick goes to see Rooksby who denies it. However a van like Rooksbys was seen near the scene of the shooting and he's questioned again. He confesses he was on the moors, but says he saw Maxton shot by someone else. Nick then contacts the landowner of the estate who tells him his pool table and a rifle have been stolen and Nick begins to suspect this is somehow connected to the shooting. Meanwhile a local - Mrs. Jessop employs a butler called Lester to help her as she is not well person, but Eileen who's a friend notices objects disappearing from her home and tells Nick. Claude meanwhile has bought a pool table recently and has organised a match between Steve and a professional player, but the table turns out to be the stolen one and it’s collected. Nick by now suspects Mrs. Jessop's butler, Lester of being behind the robberies and the shooting and arrests him. Lester it seems is in fact a wanted criminal, he was caught by Maxton stealing the pool table and when Maxton wanted a slice of the profits to stop him telling, Lester shot him to keep him quiet. Meanwhile Claude's pool match still goes ahead, but he ends up using a snooker table instead, only to find that the pool balls are to large for the snooker table pockets! And as a result of the match Gina finishes with Steve. Maggie in the meantime has a shock when her husband - Neil, a Doctor working at Ashfordly hospital returns to the area. And to Phil's delight Nick asks him to be his best man at the wedding.
'Time Has Told Me' Nick Drake (1970)
'Hey Joe' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)
'Fruit Tree' Nick Drake (1970)
'I'm the Urban Spaceman' Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (1968)
'The Days of Pearly Spencer' David McWilliams (1967)
'You've Got Your Troubles' The Fortunes (1965)

12 Affairs of the Heart By Jane Hollowood         16/11/97         18.35m
Nick has his stag night at the Aidensfield Arms and everyone’s having great fun and enjoying themselves. Meanwhile arrangements are well underway for the reception and Jo's getting pre-wedding nerves. The big day then arrives and Phil’s worried about his responsibilities as he's the best man. Nick meanwhile goes out for a drive in the morning to get away from the police house, which is a mad house full of Rowan's! During his drive out a woman stops him claiming her lover's been hurt in an accident. But she in fact tried to run him over when he told her he was already married. The woman then steals Nick's MG and leaves him stranded with the injured man. Nick starts to run to find some help. Phil starts to panics when Nick doesn’t turn up on time and he; Alf and Blaketon go searching for him. Nick in the meantime gets the man to hospital, but he doesn’t wish to report the accident in case his wife finds out about his affair. Nick then hurries to get ready and to get to the church on time. He eventually arrives and the wedding goes to plan! But Claude and Nick's Grandad cause a disturbance over some eels Claude took of his hands and sells to people at the reception! And Nick and Jo then head off on their honeymoon to Spain. Meanwhile Blaketon gets a call from the superintendent who tells him his health is not good and he's got to leave the force and also informs him that Ashfordly's getting a new constable. And Maggie's upset that Neil's moved back into the area.
'In the Country' Cliff Richard and The Shadows (1966)
'Don't Throw Your Love Away' The Searchers (1964)
'Chapel of Love' The Dixie Cups (1964)
'Days' The Kinks (1968)
'Tequila' Champs (1958)
'Love Me Tender' Elvis Presley (1956)
'Happy Together' The Turtles (1967)

13 Peace and Quiet  By Peter Barwood              23/11/97        17.77m
A pipeline compound up on the moors is getting it's payroll money delivered direct to the site due to demand of its workers who threaten to strike if its otherwise. However a man is watching the compound from a hill overlooking the site. Meanwhile a longhaired biker is caught speeding by Blaketon on the moors, but to Blaketon's disbelieve it turns out to be Ashfordly's new Constable - PC Mike Bradley. Bradley who’s from the Met has been transferred to Ashfordly to learn about community policing. Alf and Phil don't exactly hit it off with Mike who seems unwilling to fit in. After a trip to the barber's, Mike's first job is to make regular checks at the compound to see the wages are safely away, however Mike interrupts a robbery taking place there. A young man and a woman who were in the pub disguised as hippies raided the compound demanding the £6,000 pounds just delivered at the site by a security firm. Claude and Gina have started a 'meals on wheels' business and sell sandwiches at the site to it workers, get involved in the raid when the thieves tell them to drive them to the compound. Mike who gets assaulted informs the station of the robbery. Blaketon whose worried about his health even more since his examination by Neil at the hospital, goes in pursuit of the escaping thieves but then suffers a heart attack after their car crashes and he attempt to pull them away from their car which is about to explode. The thieves are arrested and Blaketon is taken to hospital.
'Apache' The Shadows (1960)
'Born to be Wild' Steppenwolf (1969)

14 Substitute By Ron Rose                                  30/11/97         17.62m
A family of Irish tinkers - the Deighton's return to Aidensfield, but they are unwelcome. According to Alf it seems a former officer at Ashfordly - John Clarke caught them stealing once and they beat him up leaving him seriously ill. Alf who's always felt responsible for it asks Mike to keep an eye on the Deighton's. It seems they are known horse thieves and have their eye on a winning horse and plan to substitute it for another. Alf is reunited with the Deighton's in a confrontation in the village and tells them to leave. Mike and Alf then see the Deighton's at a horse auction and see them biding for a horse called 'Stonebreaker' which Claude eventually buys. Meanwhile Blaketon is out of hospital, but is forced to retire straight away and comes to the station to empty his desk. 'Stonebreaker' is then stolen from Claude's barn and Alf who was keeping an eye on the Deighton's goes missing. Blaketon suspects the Deighton's are behind it all and Mike and Phil find his car abandoned. It turns out the Deighton's are holding him hostage and have him tied up in a horsebox. As the Deighton's go and swap the horses over, Alf manages to escape and drives off with the horsebox. The Deighton's are arrested when they come across a police roadblock. Meanwhile a group of girl guides and their Lieutenant arrive in the village and Claude lets them camp on his land, they go on a paper chase and one slips down a hill and gets injured. Their Lieutenant gets help to find them and Mike and Phil go to the rescue. And Neil and Maggie begin to talk which forces Maggie to remember their past. It seems they lost their baby boy four years previous which is why they parted company.
'Bad Moon Rising' Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969)
'Keep on Running' Spencer Davis Group (1965)
'Rescue Me' Fontella Bass (1965)
'Hi-Ho Silver Lining' Jeff Beck (1967)

15 In On The Act By Veronica Henry                    07/12/97        16.85m
Nick and Jo arrive back from their honeymoon and Nick is promoted to 'acting' Sergeant of Ashfordly.  Meanwhile Tracey Knight, a disturbed local teenager Jo knows is going out with Dirk who rides the 'Wall of Death' at the fair. Tracy hates her father, and intends to run off with Dirk as soon as she’s 16. Mr. Knight then threatens Dirk, who is later injured while practicing on the wall after someone poured oil down the wall. Nick begins to investigate and talks to Dirk's partner - Liam who accuses Mr Knight. Nick goes to see Mr Knight who denies involvement and tells Nick he was talking to Jo at the time about his other daughter -Belinda's lack of attendance at school. Belinda then tells Jo her father wasn’t at home at the time of accident and Nick then visits Knight again who then confesses he was at a quarry thinking of ending his life now his wife was dead. Dirk regains conciseness and Nick discovers that the intended victim was in fact Liam, and that Tracey was responsible for the accident mistaking Dirk for Liam. It seems she wanted Liam out of the way so she and Dirk could do the Wall of Death together. Meanwhile Claude gets into a row with annoying local - Trevor Lammas after Alfred ate his winning Mouse. Alfred later becomes ill and Claude takes him to the vets and it seems he's been poisoned, so he blames Lammas. Alfred ends up being all right but Lammas and Claude continue to row. Lammas then feels threatened when a gravestone with his name on appears in the church yard and Mike suspects Claude, but discovers a number of locals including Alf, Claude and Gina put in some cash to fund the stone in order to teach Lammas a lesson!  And Blaketon's has now become the new owner of the Aidensfield post office.
'La Bamba' Ritchie Valens
'Runaway' Del Shannon (1961)
'Leader of the Pack' Shangri-Las (1965)
'The Ride of the Valkyries' Wagner (Classical)
'Tracy' The Cufflinks (1969)
'The in Crowd' Dobie Grey (1965)
'Sweet Little Sixteen' Chuck Berry (1958)
'She's Not There' The Zombies (1964)

                                                       The Christmas Episode
16 The Queen's Message By Peter Gibbs         21/12/97        15.30m
Its Christmas time and local TV shop owner - Rex Hawkins is doing a roaring trade, as people want to see the Queen's speech on Christmas day. However a man called Lol Baxter is threatening Rex and demanding some money he owes after he bought some cheap TV’s off of Baxter, but Rex hasn't played him yet - because the sets are faulty. Meanwhile Alf is upset when the Christmas Choir organiser - Miriam sacks him from the choir. Alf feels Rex is behind the decision as he's lead vocalist for the choir and is also seeing Miriam. Miriam then discovers Rex is also seeing fellow choir member - Sylvia and in revenge tells her husband, Neville. Rex is then beaten up outside the pub and ends up in hospital, Rex's mother feels Alf did it and Nick begins to investigate. Alf of course denies it and Baxter then becomes the prime suspect, but he also denies it. However it turns out that Neville in fact did it after Miriam told him about Rex and his wife. Baxter however is still threatening Rex and demanding the money he owes, but Rex doesn’t have it and he confesses to the police that Baxter - as an alternative payment for the TV’s, has forced Rex to give him information about a delivery at a local spirits warehouse where he's installing a TV. Baxter is later arrested at the warehouse during a struggle with the police. Meanwhile Claude sells Gina some collectable china she wants to give George who wants to give it to his sister, Mary as a present, but he accidentally smashes it all and doesn't tell Gina. He then tries to blame the breakage on the postal system to get compensation, but Blaketon is suspicious and clues it all back together to find the china is from a number of different items to Claude's annoyance!
'Little Saint Nick' The Beach Boys (1964)
'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' Brenda Lee (1962)
'The Christmas Song' Nat 'King' Cole (1963)
'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' The Crystals (1963)

17 Brainstorm By Peter Barwood                         04/01/98        15.20m
A fight starts in the pub between a Keith Hibbert and his cousin Russell Palmer who are both drunk and arguing. Nick arrives and takes them to the cells to sleep it off and Mike's on night duty. Mike has to make regular checks on the prisoners as part of persuader. Palmer tries to get out at one point shouting 'Quinn', but Mike pushes him back in the cell and Palmer hits his head. In the morning Mike and Nick discover Palmer is dead and Neil confirms it. Hibbert accuses Mike of beating Palmer up and Nick asks Mike what happened. Mike denies hurting him and tells him Palmer tried to get out and he just pushed him back in the cell. Nick then suspends Mike from duty and Mike has to surrender his Warrant card. Meanwhile Claude and Bernie buy an ex-police car at a car auction and start up a taxi business, but via its radio they tune into police frequencies and over hear about the death at the station and the press then get hold of the story. An investigation into Palmer's death begins and DI Shiner takes charge and finds out Palmer died from a blow to the head. Mike gets concerned when his picture is taken; as he was involved in a police operation recently back in the Met called operation 'Gun Smoke'. Neil however then discovers Palmer who had been in Africa recently must have contracted Malaria and that 'Quinn' is in fact a drug called Lappaquinn to treat the disease. The police then search for Palmer's medication and it seems Hibbert was in fact keeping the drugs away from Palmer, but it can't be proved and he's allowed to go. And Eileen in the meantime says her farewells to Nick, Katie and Jo and leaves for France.
'Drive My Car' The Beatles (1965)

18 Bad Penny By Peter Barwood                          11/01/98        14.95m
DI Shiner calls Nick asking to meet him up on the moors with Mike. The villains, Martin and Linden who Mike put away during operation 'Gun Smoke' have been released as their convictions were overturned on appeal. Shiner, due to Mike’s recent publicity
(Brainstorm) feels that they will now come looking for Mike to get their revenge. Meanwhile a woman called Penny arrives in the area looking for Mike and asks Gina if she knows him. An angry Gina tells Mike about Penny who's an old girlfriend he met during 'Gun Smoke'. Penny tells Mike her Baby - Tommy is his child to his surprise and Mike falls out with Gina. Claude meanwhile befriends a fellow poacher - Tessa Blundell who's in the area, they become friends and Claude becomes fond of her. Meanwhile Mike tells Nick about Penny and is sure the baby is his, but Maggie tells Gina the child isn’t old enough to be Mike's. Mike then asks Penny for the truth and she confesses he's not and demands him to give her £500 or she'll tell Martin and Linden were he is. Mike sells his bike to raise the cash and meets Penny at Tessa's camp to hand over the money, but she's set him up and Martin and Linden then arrive. They are literally on the verge of killing Mike when Nick and Phil arrive and arrest them along with Penny. Nick advises Mike to stay on after he considers leaving. Tessa meanwhile becomes prime suspect for poaching on the Ashfordly estate and to Claude's sadness she decides to move on. And Nick begins to think of emigrating.
'Come and Stay with Me' MariAnne Faithful (1965)
'Colours' Donovan (1965)
'Lady Madonna' The Beatles (1968)
'Something in the Air' Thunderclap Newman (1969)
'Gimme Shelter' The Rolling Stones (1967)

19 Appearances By Carolyn Sally Jones              18/01/98         15.38m
Another house is broken into while its residents - The Upton’s are on holiday. The Upton’s return and call the police. Nick and Mike go to investigate and Mr Upton accuses Harry Somers; a friend of his daughter Ruth's of responsible because he doesn’t approve of Ruth knowing Somers. Nick goes to see Somers, who denies any involvement. Ruth in the meantime is annoyed when she sees Harry who tells her that her father has accused him. Ruth and Harry later go out and when she returns to the pub where they are staying she has a row with her father and walks out. She returns to their empty house where the thieves who’ve returned assault her and she ends up in hospital. Meanwhile Mrs. Coutts has bought a sideboard which she suspects is stolen from the Upton's house and Blaketon who escorted her to the station feels the thieves are stealing items which they know people want. Mrs. Coutts also asked the suspected thieves to look for a matching dinning room table and chairs and Nick asks her to call if they contact her again. They do and Mike and Phil go to Mrs. Coutts and wait for them. They say that a Colin Gibbs (who Alf recently bought a hostess trolley from for Mrs. Ventress) is behind it all. Gibbs admits to the robberies but blames Somers for the Upton’s break in. Somers asked Gibbs to do it while the Upton’s were away in revenge for Mr Upton’s attitude towards him. Meanwhile Claude gets involved in the art world when artist Moira Hamilton is doing sculptors showing rural decay and asks for old car parts to use for them. Claude and Bernie try there hand at making sculptors and to Claude's disappointment Bernie's attempts come better off when a dealer buys his sculptor bird! And Nick has made enquiries about emigrating to Canada and is offered a job with the Canadian Mounted police at an interview and accepts it. 
'Tobacco Road' The Nashville Teens (1964) 
'In The Middle Of Nowhere' Dusty Springfield (1965)
'Hurdy Gurdy Man' Donovan (1968)
'Silence is Golden'  The Tremeloes (1967)

20 Local Knowledge By Brian Finch                  25/01/98        16.33m
A known villain called Jimmy Turpin is released and returns to the village to Blaketon's annoyance. Blaketon feels Turpin is back for a reason and is concerned about his sudden reappearance. Then the post office gets raided and Blaketon goes after the thieves, a man and a woman only to see them escape in a green car. Blaketon feels Turpin’s involved and Nick questions him, but Turpin denies it. Meanwhile a local farmer called Clegghorn feels he's got ghosts in his barn and gets paranormal experts in to investigate. So Claude sees a way of making some cash by faking ghosts at his barn, and doing Ghost tours at his house to Glegghorn's annoyance. Clegghorn then uncovers Claude's secret - Illuminist paint!  But Claude gets his revenge by frightening Clegghorn in his own barn! Then Clegghorn returns the favour by telling Blaketon that the thieves who did the post office were staying at Greengrass'. So Nick and Blaketon after talking to Claude realise the woman is Turpin's daughter -Mitzi Wyler who did the raid with her husband Johnny. It seems Turpin arranged the robbery and paid the postman delivering cash to the post office to help. Neil in the meantime becomes concerned about a local widow - Mrs. Thorpe's welfare and tells Maggie who goes to visit and offer her help, but Mrs. Thorpe refuses it. And Neil talks of reopening Kate's surgery and Maggie’s not so happy about it. Meanwhile Nick and Jo are packing their things and preparing for the move to Canada and they have a farewell party at the pub. The next day at the railway station Nick, Jo and Katie say their emotional goodbyes to everyone and Nick offers Mike the best of luck as he's been appointed as his replacement in Aidensfield. They board the train and start the one way journey to Canada. 
'Hound Dog' Elvis Presley (1956)
'Money' Bern Elliott and the Fenmen (1963)
'From Me To You' The Beatles (1963)
'My Generation'
The Who (1965)
'Leavin' On a Jet Plane' Peter, Paul and Mary (1970)

21 The Enemy Within By Susan Wilkins             01/02/98        16.32m
A former sergeant of Blaketon's from the war - Jim Ryan comes to visit him, as his wife has recently died. Blaketon however begins to become concerned about Jim when he starts to hear him crying and also when he doesn’t turn up when they've arranged to meet. Jim seems very distressed about his wife's death. Meanwhile Mike who's settling down in the police house, befriends a biology student called Kathy and takes her out for a drink at the pub. Kathy's pleased with the new camera she's just bought and Jim who's come for a drink with Blaketon then takes offence when Mike and Kathy start to talk about the fact the camera is Japanese and he becomes very violent and destroys the camera, Mike then has to arrests him. According to Blaketon Jim was a POW of the Japanese during the war and it still affects him. Jim's condition begins worsens and he becomes increasingly more paranoid and upset with people. Blaketon
then asks Neil for help in the matter and Neil suggests he get hospital treatment. Jim then vanishes and is mad on injuring Mike because of the business with the camera, he sees Mike as an enemy and he purposely causes an accident by knocking Mike of his bike. Later Jim who by now is completely mad, is on the verge of killing Mike when Maggie is able to talk him around and Jim is then taken to hospital. Meanwhile Claude buys some sheep off of a farmer called - Charlie Blunkett, which turn out to be part of a batch of recently stolen sheep and Claude gets the blame for it. Claude goes to see Blunkett who pretends he doesn't know what Clause's talking about.  So Claude sets Blunkett up by giving him the location of the other stolen sheep, and Mike and Alf then arrest Charlie and his son - Ted.
'Blackberry Way' The Move (1968)
'Hit and Miss'  John Barry (1960)
'Yesterday' The Beatles (1965)
'Hole in My Shoe' Traffic (1967)

                                                       The 100th Episode
22 Unconsidered Trifles By Jonathan Critchley  08/02/98       13.?m
Blaketon wins back the golfing trophy for Ashfordly in a golfing tournament in Whitby and enjoys the celebrations afterwards. That night however his car is involved in a hit and run accident and Oscar becomes the suspect. Mike tries to contact Blaketon but doesn’t get hold of him until the following morning where he becomes suspicious about Blaketon's story in which he says the car was stolen in Aidensfield and he hadn’t had a chase to report the matter yet. An examination of the car finds some drugs - Mantrax, a sleeping pill once mixed with alcohol that can be lethal found inside it. According to Neil, Blaketon hasn’t been prescribed the pills, which leads the police to feel someone did steal the car, but Mike is still suspicious about Oscar's story about his movements that night. Oscar then confides in Alf and tells him the reason he wasn't too keen to talk was because he's having an affair with the C.I. wife - Jean Ashdale and stayed the night in question with her. And he also confesses the car was stolen in Whitby, not Aidensfield. Alf however then manages to keep their affair quiet and returns to Oscar his and Jean's statements. In the meantime the too men supplying the drugs and who stole Oscar's car are eventually found and arrested. And Claude tries his hand in the motorbike restoration game and persuades Bernie to restore a couple of vintage bikes. Claude then tries to sell them to a collector who claims that one of them is his bike anyway, stolen from him 15 years previous!
'A Well Respected Man' The kinks (1965)
'These Boots Are Made For Walking'  Sung by actors from the original song by Nancy Sinartra (1966)
'Voodoo Child' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1968)
'Rawhide' Frankie Lane (1959)
'Pinball Wizard' The Who (1969)
'Jumping Jack Flash' The Rolling Stones (1968)

23 Heroes and Villains By Peter Gibbs              15/02/98       15.39m
A local war hero - Gerald Sefton falls while decorating and the milkman spots him lying on the floor and he calls Mike who has to break in. While Mr Sefton's in hospital Trevor Chivers with his brother Stuart breaks into his house looking for cash, Stuart finds Sefton's war medals and takes his military cross, while Trevor takes some cash. Stuart however seems fascinated by Sefton's war past and goes to visit him in hospital and befriends him. Meanwhile their mother’s boyfriend - Mal Shanks finds the stolen medal under Stuart’s bed and tries to sell it to a specialist who informs the police. Maggie meanwhile calls the police when she finds Sefton's house has been broken into. Alf and Phil investigate and find out Sefton won the military cross and go to see Shanks about the one he was selling. Sefton himself begins to realise who’s responsible and asks to talk to Stuart. Stuart who's protecting Shanks and Trevor insists it was him who broke into the house, but Mike suspects it to be Trevor or Shanks. Mike tells Mr. Sefton, who sympathises with Stuart that he and the others should be charged, but Sefton decides not to press charges to Mike's annoyance. During the investigation Phil also discovers the Chivers boy's with the help of their dog are responsible for the recent golf balls vanishing at the local golf club, and were selling them to Claude. And Maggie tells Neil that their situation is unchanged after they kissed one another the evening before.
'Stranger on the Shore' Acker Bilk (1961)
'All Along the Watchtower' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1968)
'The Crying Game' Dave Berry (1964)

24 Love Me Do By Jane Hollowood                       22/02/98       16.45m
Local teenager - Maureen Dodds feels she’s being followed when she walks home at nights and at the preparations for the forthcoming Valentine's disco at the village hall she asks Mike who’s helping to organise it if he'll walk her home, as she likes him. Mike who's embarrassed by the teenagers attention tells her to walk home with one of the local lads, but she walks with her too girlfriends. David Stockwell however is hanging around watching her. Maureen arrives home late which annoys her father, who feels she flirts around too much. One night when Maureen and her friends are walking home and they see a man in the trees and Mike begins to investigate. At the Disco Mike allows David to help him and Maureen and her friends enjoy themselves, Maureen and her friend Ricky end up leaving the disco late and she takes Ricky's bike to get home quicker.  David sees her going home, but she  doesn’t arrive and the police start searching for her. David is thought to know her whereabouts as he has her bike in his shed. But it turns out David was just trying in his way to keep an eye on her because of the recent talk of a prowler in the woods.  A man in the woods then comes under suspicion that Claude saw. The police raid the man's camp and it turns out he has Maureen their after he found her lying in the woods after her own father had beaten her up to try and teach her a lesson after he saw her kissing with Ricky. Meanwhile the new sergeant arrives at the station - a Sgt Craddock, whose Welsh.  And Maggie confesses to Neil that she still loves him, to Mike's disappointment.
'(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' The Rolling Stones (1965)
'Baby Love' sung by girls in the show from the original song by The Supremes (1964)
'Somebody to Love' Jefferson Airplane (1967)
'Some Enchanted Evening' Mantovani (1966)
'Love Me Do' The Beatles (1963)
'Lets Dance' Chris Montez (1962)
'Unchained Melody' The Righteous Brothers (1965)
'Bits and Pieces' Dave Clark Five (1964)
'A Whiter Shade of Pale' Procol Harum (1967)

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