Originally broadcasted between 1st September 1996 - 25th December 1996


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Regular characters

PC Nick Rowan Jo Weston Claude Greengrass
Sgt Oscar Blaketon Maggie Bolton PC Phil Bellamy
PC Alf Ventress Gina Ward George Ward
Eileen Reynolds Bernie Scripps Ruby Rowan
David Stockwell Joseph Lord Ashfordly


1 Kids By Brian Finch                                             01/09/96        12.14m
Derek Ramsey who is Dorothy McGowan's partner is drunk and drives to the pub and is abusive and starts a fight with Phil, Nick and Alf who are trying to have a quiet drink. Ramsey is arrested and Dorothy is concerned he'll be sent down. Derek is found guilty of assault and is sentence to 28 days imprisonment, but in court Ramsey makes a disturbance when he see a man in court talking to Dorothy. While on their way to prison with Ramsey, Phil and Alf fall for it when Ramsey says he needs the toilet but escapes instead. Dorothy meanwhile gets assaulted by a man and ends up in hospital. Nick suspects the man who arrived during the Ramsey case at the court, but Blaketon thinks its Ramsey whose responsible. The man then appears again in Hospital demanding Dorothy to tell him where some cash is. It turn out the man is responsible for the assault on Dorothy and he is in fact her husband - Arnold. Nick catches him and Ramsey fighting at Dorothy's home and arrests them. Arnold returned to get a large amount of money Dorothy took with her when she ran off with Ramsey. Meanwhile Nick does Jo a favour and teaches the children at the school road safety, George faces a dilemma when Lord Ashfordly raises the rent for the pub, and Claude becomes the lollypop man for the School!
'My Boy Lollipop' Millie (1964)
'Money' The Beatles (1963)
'Charmaine' Mantovani (1967)
'Let There Be Drums' Sandy Neilson (1961)
'Gimma Some Loving' Spencer Davis Group (1966)
'Little Red Rooster' The Rolling Stones (1964)
'Guaglione' Perez 'Prez' Prado and his Orchestra

2 Old Colonials By Ron Rose                              08/09/96        14.22m
Local stables owner - Bill Ruane is having financial difficulties and his business is going down hill fast. Walter Gillies who works for Lord Ashfordly offers to buy him out, but Bill refuses. Meanwhile Nick asks Jo out for a drink, but he has to go and investigate a robbery. One of Ruane's horses nearly collides with Blaketon's car and he gives Ruane who doesn't understand how it escaped a warning. Then Bill finds his horse feed has been poisoned with turps and he starts to think someone has got it in for him. Another robbery then takes place and Nick warns Gillies to be on the look out at Ashfordly Hall. But the Hall is then robbed and Gillies gets injured. He tells Nick he saw an old Bedford van near by and the police suspect Bill who has such a van, and the motive for the robberies - But he denies everything. Meanwhile Claude's nephew - Norman
(Domestic) returns with an American called Jeb who runs an import business selling jackets and American Beer. It turns out however Jeb is responsible for two of the robberies, but he denies the Ashfordly Hall job. Blaketon still feels Ruane is the man, but Nick suspects Walter Gillies. So he sets Gillies up and discovers he was responsible for the Ashfordly Hall robbery and Ruane's recent troubles. It seems he was trying to get Bill out of the way in order to buy his stables. And George considers closing the pub due to the rise in the rent.
'Applejack' Jet Harris/Tony Meehan (1963)
'Dick-A-Dum-Dum' Des O' Conner (1969)
'Johnny B. Goode' Chuck Berry (1958)
'I Only Want to Be With You' Dusty Springfield (1963)
'Night of Fear' The Move (1967)
'Lady Madonna' The Beatles (1968)
'As Tears Go By' MariAnne Faithful (1964)
'The Wanderer' Dion (1962)
'You Really Got Me' The Kinks (1964)

3 Forget me Not By Jane Hollowood                    15/09/96        12.45m
Mr. Shaw moves into the cottage next to the quiet Mr. Davies. But Davies calls Nick out when he hears strange noises from Shaw's house - but Shaw doesn't understand what the fuss is about. Soon after Shaw's arrival a bird watcher called Fenwick talks to Davies thinking he's a Mr. Prockter, but Davies corrects him. Davies then has strange phone calls and flowers delivered to him. Mr. Shaw meanwhile is acting in a distressed mAnner and is constantly drinking in the pub. Davies then has an intruder who leaves picture of a little girl behind. He doesn't know the girl and reports it to Nick. At first Mr. Davies' partner is suspected of it all because he and Davies aren't talking to one another. Then Davies has a picture of 'Dr Killdare' put on his wardrobe door and he's scared witless and to Phil's delight he has to stay with Davies overnight. Davies doesn't turn up at the police station to talk about the recent events and Claude who has been watching Fenwick acting strange around an old building, discovers that Davies is being held there. It seems Davies has been mistaken for Shaw, who is in fact a Dr Graham and accidentally killed a little girl while he was drunk, and he served only six months. Fenwick is a Private Detective hired by the girl’s father to find Graham. The police arrive to rescue Davies and arrest Fenwick and the girl’s father who wanted his revenge for his daughter's death. Shaw however is found dead in his home after taking an overdose, he was so distressed about the girl’s death. And Gina's latest boyfriend - Anton becomes the chief at the pub.
'I'm the Urban Spaceman' Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (1968)
'Bad Moon Rising' Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969)
'Help' The Beatles (1965)

4 A Long Shot By David Lane                              22/09/96        13.86m
A local boy called Len Scholfield is caught by Nick playing Truant from School and then stealing sweets from the village store. Nick tells him he will talk to his father - Harry Schofield, the local blacksmith. Harry is angry with Len and when Len arrives at school with Bruises on his arm, which he says he got playing Cricket, Jo feels Harry is assaulting him. Jo tells Nick, but he feels it's probably nothing to worry about. Then Len arrives with a black eye and Nick then has a word. Jo becomes even more concerned and talks to Maggie about it and she test Len's eyesight, which is not very good. Maggie and Jo then go to see Harry who admits he got the injuries during Cricket Practice. Harry it seems has visions of Len becoming professional when he's older, But Harry tells Maggie and Jo he failed a recent test to get into a Cricket school. Len who over hears this feels he's let his dad down and runs away. Harry informs Nick and a big police search is on for Len. Meanwhile Claude and stables owner Joss Harrop 'borrow' Lord Ashfordly's Stallion - Ashfordly Lad to mix with Harrop's Mare's, but find it hard to put him back when they've finished with him! They find Len lying on the side of the road and take him to hospital where he recovers. Nick however discovers what Claude and Harrop are up to, but as they rescued Len he forgets the matter, but only if they return the horse immediately. Ashfordly thinks they found the horse wants to reward them and agrees for him to mix with Harrop's Mare's, but tells them it won't do much good as Ashfordly Lad is Sterile! Meanwhile Alf is acting out of Character and it seems he's loosing at cards, and Eileen starts a job cooking for the pub.
'My Name is Jack' Manfred Mann (1968)
'For the Benefit of Mr. Kite' The Beatles (1967)
'The Long and Winding Road' The Beatles (1970)

5 Something of Value By Johnny Byrne             29/09/96        14.77m
Pollards & Son, a local Brewery is broken into one night and a load of rare wines are stolen. The police start to investigate and it’s thought that it could be an inside job. Nick talks to Charlie Wallace who owns a local haulage company which delivered to Pollards on the day of the robbery, and it would seem also delivered to five other warehouses recently, the days they were raided to and so Nick becomes suspicious. Meanwhile Alf is still acting strange and asks Nick for a chat, unable to tell him at first Alf eventually tells Nick he's short of cash - some £1200. Alf confesses to playing card games with Wallace and it seems Wallace has a load of. I.O.U's from Alf. Nick suspects Wallace of stealing the wines as he's a wine fanatic, so he goes to visit Wallace again pretending that he's there investigating Alf's card games, but in fact sets he up a meeting between Wallace and Alf. Alf meets up with Wallace and Wallace tells Alf the police are investigating him, Nick meanwhile noses around the haulage yard. Meanwhile Claude via two schoolboys finds a disused building on the Ashfordly estate, which is full of the Wines, and he starts to secretly sell it on at the pub. Jo discovers a bottle of wine from one of the boys and tells Nick. Alf visits Wallace and tells him the police are on to him about the stolen wines, and he'll help get him off if he returns his I.O.U's - which he does. Wallace then gets arrested when trying to move the wines one night.
'Apache' The Shadows (1960)
'Hang on Sloopy' The McCoy's (1965)

6 Frail Mortality By Keith Temple                          06/10/96        15.28m
Maggie is treating Michael Harvey who is suffering from an illness and he has just months to live. His son Ronnie and Susan Watkins who works as housekeeper for Michael hold a birthday dinner for him. Ronnie is having a relationship with Susan, but then his father asks Susan to marry him. Michael and Ronnie start to argue, while a distressed Susan leaves. It’s a foggy night and Susan is injured in a hit and run accident and goes into a coma. Maggie arrives on the scene shortly and calls for an ambulance. However Maggie becomes the suspect for the accident when Nick’s spots damage to her car, but she claims she was forced off the road by another vehicle. Nick feels Maggie is innocent but Blaketon feels otherwise and he goes to see Michael and Ronnie to inform them of the accident and discovers Susan left on her bicycle. Nick wonders where the bike is as it wasn't at the scene of the crime and he begins to suspect Ronnie when talks to him at the station. Michael meanwhile finds a damaged car in his barn and later goes to the station and confesses to the accident. Due to his talk with Ronnie, Nick finds Susan's bike also in the barn and Ronnie insists his father is innocent even though he's confessed. It turns out that Ronnie in fact hit Susan and left her in the road after thinking he'd killed her. Michael's confession was just to try and cover up Ronnie's guilt. Meanwhile Nick talks to Blaketon about promotion and taking his Sergeant's exams, Claude asks Bernie to stuff Ida's cat, 'Stuart Granger' - which for Claude has disastrous results! And Nick and Jo decide to go away together for a weekend.
'I'm Alive' The Hollies (1965)
'Eloise' Barry Ryan (1968)
'Jersey Thursday' Donovan (1965)

7 Snapped By Peter Gibbs                                   13/10/96         15.77m
A fire starts at a local hotel one night and Nick is called in by the owner - Ralph Webster. Webster thinks the fire wasn’t an accident like a number of happening at the hotel recently and feels his employee (originally employed by his late father) - Brian Rogers may be responsible. Nick talks to Rogers and feels he's incapable of being responsible. A guest then falls down the stairs and Webster blames Rogers and sacks him. Rogers runs off all upset, gets a taxi home, gets drunk and doesn't pay his fare. The driver calls the police when Rogers becomes violent with a smashed bottle and shuts himself in his house. Nick arrives to talk to Roger's who is by now very upset and threatens Nick with a gun. Blaketon then arrives to try and resolve the situation. Roger's mother then arrives to talk to him and goes in, but a gunshot is then heard. The police are about to break the door down when Mrs. Roger opens it unharmed, but Rogers is arrested. Meanwhile a London fashion photographer - Jansson, with his two models arrive in the area looking for appropriate locations for taking pictures. They choose Webster’s hotel and also the pub, where Gina gets involved. Claude thinks he can make a few bob by getting Jansson to use his house as well and gets his picture taken. After Jansson and the models finish their pictures, they leave suddenly. It turns out they've been stealing from the hotel, the pub and Claude's. Jansson and the girls however are caught and arrested for the robberies by Nick after trying to escape. And Jo falls out with Nick when he's late arriving for their trip away due to the Roger's case and she decides to ends it with Nick there and then.
'Applejack' Jet Harris/Tony Meehan (1963)
'Dead End Street' The Kinks (1966)
'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' The Animals (1965)
'Yeh Yeh' Georgie Fame (1964)
'Pretty Flamingo' Manfred Mann (1966)
'Girls' Johnny Burette (1961)
'Sunshine Girl' Herman's Hermits (1968)
'Oh Pretty Woman' Roy Orbison (1964)
'Get Away' Georgie Fame (1966)

8 Catch Us if You Can By Brian Finch               20/10/96         15.41m
Juke Boxes are the in thing to have in your establishment at present and Reggie Rawlins who owns a small Juke Box firm is going around trying to earn a living by renting his boxes to the local clubs and pubs, and he persuades George to have one in the pub. Rawlins is an old friend of Claude's and he offers to help Reggie distribute the machines and store them at his house. But no sooner are the jukeboxes installed and too rockers go and vandalise them and the police begin to investigate. The jukebox in the pub then gets vandalised, and Rawlins starts to panic as the machines have not been paid for yet and he's getting into debt. Nick begins to become suspicious of a large rival juke box firm in Whitby called L.E.W and starts to suspect them of the vandalism and goes to visit them acting a customer. Nick then sets them up by telling the company that Rawlins business is booming and he's getting a new load of machines arriving at Claude's. Soon after the rockers arrive to do more damage but are arrested by the waiting police. Meanwhile Ventress gets ready for his daughter - Gail's wedding and has a good time at his son in law to be's stag night, but ends up sleeping at the station to Blaketon's discussed! But his problems worsen when the company dealing with the marquee for the wedding seem to have vanished with Alf's money, so Nick fixes up the company with Gina's help by arranging a meeting with them. Blaketon gets concerned when Inspector Hackett talks to him about retirement, but not Oscar's - but his own! And Nick and Jo have split up and Jo has a heart to heart with Maggie.
'Purple Haze' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)
'Itchycoo Park' The Small Faces (1967)
'Dedicated Follower of Fashion' The Kinks (1966)
'Hippy Hippy Shake' The Swinging Blue Jeans (1963)
'Crosstown Traffic’ Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)
'Lazy Sunday' The Small Faces (1968)
'You're No Good' Swinging Blue Jeans (1964)
'Bend Me, Shake Me' Amen Corner (1968)
'I'm Only Sleeping' The Beatles (1966)
'My Generation' The Who (1965)

9 Giving the Game Away By Guy Meredith        27/10/96        16.89m
Errol Jones, a reformed London criminal known to Nick arrives in the area, but is being followed by a man. Errol's arrival doesn't go down to well with the locals because he's black. Meanwhile Phil finds local farmer - Jed Hunter has been assaulted and has had £50 stolen. Blaketon suspects Errol after Hunter had earlier made a complaint about him trespassing on his farm. Nick goes to see Errol who has in the meantime got involved with the local cricket match. He denies the assault but admits he was on Hunter's land after he got lost. Hunter who is in hospital asks Maggie to feed his dog and when she does she finds his dog ill in the barn next to a leaking toxic barrel. Meanwhile Claude has bought a load of the toxic barrels from local B&B owner - Frank Beckshaw whose business is failing. It turns out Beckshaw provided Hunter with the pester side, but he didn't pay his bill, Beckshaw in fact assaulted Hunter who tried to put the blame on Errol. The barrels turn out to be illegal and Claude then tries to dispose of them. In the meantime the cricket match goes ahead and Errol becomes popular after Aidensfield win the game, but he then runs for it when the man (Stannard) chases him. Errol 'took' money from Stannard who wanted it back. Ruby also returns to see Nick and hopes to meet Jo, she meets her and arranges for Nick and Jo to meet and they start to talk to each other again.
'Keep on Running' Spencer Davis Group (1965)
'Hit the Road Jack' Ray Charles (1961)
'Here Comes the Sun' The Beatles (1969)
'I Feel Free' Cream (1966)

10 The Championship By Jane Hollowood         03/11/96        13.73m
There's a Quoits match between Aidensfield and Holinsby. The Aidensfield team include Nick, Alf, Bernie and Greengrass. But the Holinsby team whose captain is Donald Smethwick win the match. Jack and Jean - friends of Eileen’s arrive for the match, but fall out when Jean sees Jack kissing Donald’s wife - Annie who he's having an affair with. Jean drives off all upset and crying. During the celebrations at the pub where Ruby and Gina have done the food the Holinsby team are disqualified due to a complication. The Holinsby team then leave on there coach.  But it crashes off the road after Donald who was driving it see Jack and Annie together in his rear view mirror. Phil who is also one of the passengers on the coach manages to gets out to finds help. Help soon arrives when the emergency services arrive. Meanwhile Nick and Jo are having dinner with her parents at her cottage and Jo's mother makes it obvious she doesn’t approve of Nick when she discovers he has been married before and has a daughter. Then Jo gets a phone call about the coach accident and Nick rushes off claiming that Eileen and Katie were on the coach. However on arriving at the scene of the accident Nick discovers Eileen and Katie in fact got off before to accompany Jean who was in a state and parked on the side of the road after seeing Jack earlier with Annie. Jack whose badly injured in the coach tells Nick to tell Jean that he's sorry and asks him to give Annie a message, but Jack then dies. Nick then tells Jean the news and takes her to the hospital to see him and tells Annie who doesn’t want to know.
'(If Paradise Is) Half as Nice' Amen Corner (1969)
'Have I the Right' The Honeycombs (1964)
'Nut Rocker' B. Bumble and the Stingers (1962)
'You Can't Always Get What You Want' The Rolling Stones 
'It Takes Two' Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston (1967)
'True Love Ways' Buddy Holly (1960)

11 Who Needs Enemies? By Brian Finch         10/11/96        13.63m
School boys -Billy Burke and Timmy Gower are at the golf course collecting golf balls when Timmy sees too men exchanging money in a grey car, Billy then finds Timmy laying in the grass injured and he gets help. Nick starts to investigate and goes to see Timmy in hospital; the nurse feels someone has hit him in the face. Timmy tells Nick that one of the men from the car (a grey Jaguar) hit him. Meanwhile An inspector Barry arrives at the station to see Blaketon about the possibility of a merger for the station and Barry is there to access how Ashfordly station is run.  Blaketon who is worried about his job sees his old friend Arnold Sampson who offers him a security job which he excepts. Nick meanwhile finds a grey Jaguar at the golf club and discovery’s the owner is a Les Langley. Langley insists he knows nothing about the incident and Nick borrows a picture from the club and Timmy identifies Simpson as the man who hit him.  Nick questions Sampson who denies hitting the boy, but Nick isn’t convinced. It turns out that Sampson who’s a builder was fixing a deal with Langley (who works in the local planning department) to get permission for his company to build a new shopping centre in the car, which is when Sampson hit Timmy. Faced with the truth about Sampson, Blaketon then turns down his job offer.  And Claude is about to put a bet on for his old mate - Jonty's own dog 'Green hornet'.  However Claude who's suffering from a rumbling appendix has to go to hospital before he's able to put the bet on, but 'Green Hornet' wins and so Claude isn’t to keen to leave the hospital early!
'Little Children' Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas (1964)
'Shakin' All Over' Johnny Kidd and the Pirates (1960)
'Here Comes That Feeling' Brenda Lee (1962)
'Three Steps to Heaven' Eddie Cochran (1960)
'The Green Door' Jim Lowe (1956)
'Chain Gang' Sam Cook (1960)

12 Thanks to Alfred By Rob Gittins                    17/11/96         14.37m
Sylvia Phillips has left her husband Jim and moved in with her lover, Mike Scott.  Nick is later then called up to the moors when her body is found by the side of the road.  A DSI Adams is called in to take charge of the case and Mike Scott tells him Sylvia went home to try a final attempt to repair her relationship with her family. Her husband - Jim is questioned and reveals he killed her. Nick however isn't sure what Phillips said is the truth. It turns out they had a row after Sylvia found Jim with his next door neighbour - Anne Fowles. Sylvia hit her head on the fire place in a struggle with Fowles and Jim dumped the body hoping it would look like a car accident. Meanwhile Claude is helping wrestle promoter Pat Starr promote the forthcoming appearance of the famous Wrestler - the Masked Marvel who is coming to Aidensfield. Whilst promoting the Marvel, Alfred who it seems doesn't like the Marvel because of his masked face bites him and the Marvel becomes ill.  Starr and Claude begin to worry what their gonna do. However Claude then decides that Ken Fairbrother (Blood Sports) could take the Marvel's place. The Marvel meanwhile is unhappy that he's not benefiting from the fight and with Alf and Gina's help he gets his revenge on Starr by setting up a fight between him and Fairbrother (who's 'acting' as the Marvel). In the meantime Blaketon learns that Ashfordly station will not in fact be closing down after all, to Alf's disappointment!  And Nick is being tested for his exams by Jo and Alf.
'Good Day Sunshine' The Beatles (1966)
'A Picture of You' Joe Brown and the Bruvvers (1962)
'The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly' Hugo Montenegro (1968)
'Silence is Golden' The Tremeloes (1967)
'A World Without Love' Peter and Gordon (1964)
'Where Did Our Love Go'
Sung by Tricia Penrose from the original song by The Supremes (1964)

13 Obsessions By Peter Gibbs                            01/12/96         16.57m
There's a house on fire in the village and Nick breaks in to rescue the occupant - a Miss Sandra Croft. Croft is taken to hospital to recover and Nick goes to visit her to see how she is. Sandra explains she was drunk after receiving a letter from her now ex-boyfriend, Clive Kenway, and that the fire must have started accidentally. Nick is then asked to visit Sandra when she's back home as she feels Kenway is following her. Nick goes to see Kenway who denies it completely. Sandra then accuses Kenway of stealing her bracelet and again he denies it. Croft who it seems is taking a shine to Nick then becomes angry and obsessed with him when she sees him with Jo. He begins to become concerned about her continually contacting him and tells Blaketon who tells Alf to keep an eye on her. Croft then starts to call Nick at Jo's and visiting the police house and  Nick tells her to stop pestering him. She then accuses Nick of stealing her bracelet, which she actually planted in Nick’s spare uniform. Blaketon has the bracelet after Nick handed it in and he tell her to leave him alone. Alf then arrests Croft after she tries to run Jo down with her car. Meanwhile Claude has gone into the tourist business by opening his house as a B&B, and providing his guests with walk routes to do around the area. However his first guests - Mr. and Mrs. Flintoff have a row and Mrs. Flintoff uses Claude's van in an attempt to run her husband down in the bird hide which puts an end to Claude's immediate business plans!
'Love Letters' Ketty Lester (1962)
'Rescue Me' Fontella Bass (1965)
'Black Magic Woman' Fleetwood Mac (1968)
'I'm into Something Good' Herman's Hermits (1964)
'Need Your Love So Bad' Fleetwood Mac (1968)
'I Love How You Love Me' Jimmy Crawford (1961)
'Hound Dog' Elvis Presley (1956)

14 The Best Laid Plans By Freda Kelsall           08/12/96        17.55m
There's a post office raid where the owner’s locket also gets stolen along with the cash. Nick and Alf go to investigate and find the escape car was a green Hillman Minx. The raid looks as if its connected to a series of recent jobs and the car is found abandoned. Meanwhile Susannah Temple-Richards
(Fair Game) is out of jail and has returned to the village trying to forget her past when her former cellmate - Maureen Bristow turns up asking for somewhere to stay, and insisting she's been released early. Susannah however is suspicious and tries to tell Nick, but Bristow stops her and makes her a prisoner in her own home by tying her up. In the meantime Gina befriends an Irishman staying at the pub called Jed, it seems Jed has offered Gina a job in a bar he's going to open up in Spain. However Nick is suspicious about Jed and Bristow after Susannah can't be found. It turns out that Jed has been doing the post office jobs and is in a relationship with Bristow. After trying to raise more cash in order to get to Spain, Jed does the Aidensfield post office, but eventually Jed and Bristow are caught, and a frightened Susannah is found tied up in the boot of their vehicle. Claude meanwhile buys an old Georgian chest after hearing it's late owner hid his valuable war medals in it, however he can't find them but comes across some old fivers he thinks are in-exchangeable, however Nick tells him he can change them, but David has already dealt with them! And Eileen tells Nick that she approves of his and Jo's relationship after being surprised Jo had stayed the night.
'Strange Brew' Cream (1967)
'Heartbeat' The Shadows
'Catch Us if You Can' Dave Clark Five (1965)

15 Bygones be Bygones By Peter Gibbs         15/12/96        16.49m
Nigel Wheeler - a financial adviser arrives in the village and is going around visiting people to try and sell them insurance. Jo's father mentioned Jo to him and he visits her. He then goes to visit a Mrs. Jowett having heard of the recent death of her husband, and also tries to sell her insurance. Nick who has become a little suspicious about Wheeler and his goings on goes to visit him at his office in Leeds, to find that its just a answering service there for a number of companies. Nick and Jo then go to her father to tell him to be careful and not to trust Wheeler, to which he takes offence and goes to the office himself to discover they were right. Wheeler seems to become more and more desperate to sell insurance to people including George and becomes angry when they don't buy it. He then under a different name visits the Ashfordly building society's manager, a Mr Sims. He tells Sims that his wife is in danger and forces him to part with £3000 of the society's money. Wheeler leaves with the cash and Sims phones the police. Wheeler is later arrested and it seems he got into debt with loan sharks and was just desperate to get some cash to pay them back. Meanwhile people in the area including George, Maggie, Alf, Claude and Blaketon have received anonymous letters threatening each of them by revealing secrets from there pasts. Nick discovers that Mrs. Jowett's late husband - Thomas (who wasn’t re-elected as leader of the local council once) typed the letters and instructed his solicitor to post them after his death. He apparently held a grudge against them all after he wasn’t re-elected and blamed his voters for his downfall.
'A Well Respected Man' The kinks (1965)
'Spirit in the sky' Norman Greenbaum (1970)

16 Old Friends By Ron Rose                                22/12/96        15.69m
A prisoner - Ronnie Savage is being transported in a secure police van from H.M Prison Sefton, on its journey the van comes across some road works, the van is then ambushed in a set up escape plan. Savage escapes in a car and Ashfordly station is informed and asked to help in a large surveillance operation watching Savage's relations. Savage's sister runs a local pub - the Black Bull and Nick and Phil go in plain cloths to watch it. They see his wife - Brenda arrive who then goes to the fishing docks in Whitby. Inspector Jennings whose now in control of the case tells Nick and Phil to keep an eye on the docks as it looks as if Savage is intending to leave the country by ship. Nick acts as a worker at the docks to keep an eye on things inside, he suspect’s suspicious goings on and feels the owner at the docks - a man called Penrice is involved. Meanwhile Claude is enjoying a healthy business is the fish trade and is buying his stock from Penrice. One night Phil suspects something and goes on foot to investigate, but gets caught. Nick arrives the following morning to find Phil missing. The police are concerned that Claude might ruin the operation and he's pulled in and tells the police about a suspicious Caravan he's seen recently. Jennings feels it’s connected with Savage and raids the caravan only to find it’s the wrong one and interrupts a couple of naturists!  Nick sees Ronnie arrive at the docks, which are then raided. Savage and everyone involved are then arrested, and Phil is found tied up on board the ship. In the meantime Eileen has a surprise when an old flame - a Frenchman called Antonin comes to visit her asking her to marry him and come back with him to France, but she turns him down for the time being as she wishes to stay with Katie for now. And Nick receives his sergeant's exam results and has passed!
'Get Away' Georgie Fame (1966)
'As Tears Go By' The Rolling Stones (196?)
'The Magical Mystery Tour' The Beatles (1967)
'Blackbird' The Beatles (1968)
'Shakin' All Over' Johnny Kidd and the Pirates (1960)
'Boom Boom' The Animals
'Don't Let the Sun Catch you Crying' Gerry and the Pacemakers (1964)

                                                 The 1996 Christmas Special 
17 Charity Begins at Home By Jane Hollowood        25/12/96         9.50m
Its Christmas time and at the village hall preparations are underway for the Nativity play being held there. Jo and Nick are getting ready to have Christmas dinner with her parents after Jo has finished helping with the Nativity play, but as the snow falls the weather conditions worsen, Jo and Nick becomes stranded at her cottage as the car is stuck. They then hear a plane crash near the cottage and they go to help. When they arrive they find a pregnant woman called Sophie alone in the plane, her husband - Hugh for some reason fled before they arrived. Sophie however insists she flew the plane and was alone. Nick and Jo take her to a nearby barn where she goes into labour. Nick who saw footprints near the plane continues to ask her where her husband is, but she insists he's in Spain. Meanwhile her husband, Hugh turns up at Claude's asking him to take him to Whitby, and they start out on Claude's tracker. Nick delivers Sophie's baby, but he's still suspicious about Sophie's story. Claude who also becomes suspicious of Hugh takes him to Jo's house where Nick arrests him. It turns out that Hugh is a wanted man. The Met have been after him for months, as he stole £100,000 from a charity. Meanwhile Alf is playing Santa for the Nativity play, but he and Phil get stranded in the snow and Blaketon has to rescue them! Claude whose selling Geese to everyone for their Christmas dinners is annoyed with David who had an accident and instead delivers the Geese to the police station! The play goes ahead and Claude is asked to play Santa as Alf hasn't arrived, but there ends up being 2 Santa's when Alf arrives late! And after the play is over Nick and Jo return to her cottage, where Nick asks Jo to marry him.
'Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow ' Doris Day
'White Christmas' Darlene Love (1963)
'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' The Crystals (1963)
'Winter Wonderland' Darlene Love (1963)
'Here Comes Santa Claus' Bob B. and the Blue Jeans (1963)


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