Originally broadcasted between 3rd September 1995 - 10th December 1995

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Regular characters

PC Nick Rowan Dr Kate Rowan Claude Greengrass
Sgt Oscar Blaketon PC Phil Bellamy PC Alf Ventress
George Ward Gina Ward David Stockwell
Eileen Reynolds Bernie Scripps Lord Ashfordly

New Characters

Maggie Bolton Ruby Rowan Jo Weston

1 Wishing Well By Johnny Byrne                          03/09/95        14.08m
The village dance is taking place at the village hall and all the local youngsters are there having fun and enjoying the music. Nick's also there with Kate for a night out until a bunch of rockers from Whitby arrive and come and ruin the evening by causing trouble. One of them throws what appears to be a lump of lead through a window and Nick discovers that the lead is in fact one piece of a large amount of gold that was stolen several years previous. Nick and Phil go to Whitby to find the rocker, they arrest him and bring him to the station for questioning, asking how he got hold of the gold. H
e says he got it from Greengrass' truck parked in the car park at the time and so Claude then becomes a suspect for the unsolved crime. However Claude tells Nick and Blaketon that he got it from the late Husband of a local elderly woman called Nettie Pickard when he bought a car off of him. Nettie's home then gets vandalised and the local Mods who thinks its down to the rockers then go to sort them out in Whitby to get their revenge, but the police arrive just in time to stop a big confrontation. However it turns out that the vandalism was really down to a local councillor called Stanton who was looking for the rest of the gold because he knew it was Mr. Pickard who found it in the first place. So Stanton thought it must have been hidden in Nettie's house somewhere. Later the police catch Stanton trying to retrieve the gold out of a wishing well in Nettie's garden during the night. Meanwhile the new District Nurse, Maggie Bolton is treating Kate in the final stages of her pregnancy and discovers that Kate is anaemic and isn’t responding to the medical treatment very quickly.
'My Generation' Sung by The Rebels from the original hit song by The Who (1965)
'You Keep me Hangin' on' Sung by The Rebels from the original hit song by The Supremes (1966)

'From me to You' The Beatles (1963)
'Leader of the Pack' Shangri- Las (1965)
'Anyway Anyhow Anywhere' The Who (1965)
'Green Onions' Booker T. & the MG's (1962)
'5-4-3-2-1' Sung by The Rebels from the original hit song by Manfred Man (1964)

2 Expectations By Lizzie Mickery                        10/09/95       15.25m
Nick and Kate are trying to decide what to call their baby when local teenager Joe Norton and his too mates begin causing trouble in their garden. They run off and later cause more trouble at the home of an elderly patient of Maggie's. Maggie who's there at the time calls Nick and he goes to see Joe's father to tell him what his son's been doing. Meanwhile people's washing begins to vanish and Joe and his mates are suspected, and Nick warns them to stop it, but they deny any involvement with the missing washing. Meanwhile an old gypsy woman called Flo camps near Greengrass' house and Claude doesn’t like her and tells her where to go after she tries selling him some lucky heather. Kate gets the results back of her latest blood test that she sent off under a different name, and has some bad news and doesn’t tell anyone. She later goes into labour and Phil goes looking for Nick to tell him. Nick arrives at the hospital and everything seems fine. Joe meanwhile burns down Flo's caravan and later gets charged for doing so and Flo in fact turns out to be the washing thief. Kate has a baby girl whom her and Nick decide to call Sarah, but Nick's joy is short lived when Kate informs him that she has contracted 'acute Leukaemia'.
'Hippy Hippy Shake' Swinging Blue Jeans (1963)
'I Got You' James Brown (1966)
'You Really Got Me' The Kinks (1964)
'Reach Out, I'll be There' The Four Tops (1966)

3 Thief in the Night By Jane Hollowood               17/09/95       16.42m
Kate returns home from the hospital with little Sarah and she insists that life should carry on as normal. Meanwhile a Mr. Copeland tells Nick that there's a prowler hanging around his house at night, but Nick doesn’t really do anything about it. Mr. Copland then goes to see Blaketon to complain about Nick and the fact that petrol has been stolen from his car overnight, and Blaketon promises to get it sorted out. After Nick continuously doesn’t turn up for duty - Blaketon unaware of Kate's illness goes to see Nick and gives him a severe talking to about his priorities. Kate tells Nick to finally tell everyone what the trouble is and Blaketon returns to apologise, but the damage has been done. Kate then wants to go out for a picnic despite Nick's concerns about her health - but she insists. However this has disastrous results when Kate then catches pneumonia.  A specialist then comes to see Kate and advises her to go to hospital, but Kate insists on staying with Nick and Sarah.  Kate’s condition then worsen overnight. The next morning Nick wakes up to find Kate has died. Nick is naturally upset and at the funeral blames Maggie and Kate's Doctors for not spotting her illness sooner, but Maggie explains to Nick that Kate kept the results to herself. Nick also discovers that David Stockwell (Endangered Species) is the culprit who has been stealing the petrol from cars for a bullying old school friend, and Claude tells the friend to leave David alone and go. Nick after the funeral takes Sarah out and ends up renaming her, Katie.
'Sunny' Georgie Fame (1966)
'Time in a Bottle' Jim Croce (1972)
'How Can I Tell You' Cat Stevens (1970)
'Meditation from "Thais" Massenat (Classical)

                                     The 50th Episode
4 Domestic By Brian Finch                                    24/09/95       16.27m 
Nick isn’t adjusting to life as a single parent very well and he's getting sleepless nights due to Katie's constant crying. Maggie offers to help, but Nick who still partly blames Maggie for Kate's death gives her the cold shoulder and refuses. But he asks his mum, Ruby to come up from London and help. Meanwhile a man called Dewhurst complains to Nick after his neighbour, a man called Barker shoots at his cat on purpose. Nick goes to see Barker and gives him a warning about his behaviour. However Barker then attempts to purposely run over Dewhurst's cat on his motorbike and Nick has another word with him, leaving Katie in the hands of Phil who ends up having to take her to the station and has to changing her nappy with Alf using objects around the station!  Nick takes offence when Maggie suggests to him about getting Katie fostered - but then Nick's mum Ruby arrives and helps out. Dewhurst then takes the law into his own hands and puts Barker in hospital. Barker who's very angry insists that Dewhurst be charged, but Nick convinces Barker to change his mind when he finds out that Barker had a brief relationship with Dewhurst's wife. And Greengrass' nephew, Norman comes to visit him and Claude sees a chance to make some easy cash when he finds out Norman is good at playing darts and organises a match, however Norman fixes the match with his opponent who pays him to loose the match!
'Once Upon a Dream' Billy Fury (1962)
'Morning Has Broken' Cat Stevens (1972)
'Dream a Little Dream of Me' Mamma Cass (1968)

'Walk Don't Run' The Ventures (1960)

5 Vacant Possession By John Stevenson           01/10/95       16.21m
Brenda and Eddie, a young couple planning to get married are outraged when a cottage Eddie's auntie promised they could have once she died has now been put up for sale by local - Frank Mellor. Eddie confronts Mellor in the pub and Mellor feels Eddie should be locked up. The cottage is then sold at the auction and Eddie causes a scene and threatens the new owners - a Mr and Mrs. Shepard.  Eddie then becomes the prime suspect when the cottage's and later Mellor's house windows both get smashed, but Eddie denies it all. During his enquires Nick discovers the stones used in both cases are the same as those that are missing from part of Frank Mellor's garden and he realises that the actual culprit in both cases must have been Mellor. Mellor admits it was him and he did it all because he liked Eddie's girlfriend Brenda. He wanted Eddie put away so he could have Brenda, who was his housekeeper all to himself.  Meanwhile Ruby asks Blaketon around to the police house for dinner with the hope of some romance in her life, but he can't take the hint, which annoys Ruby!  She eventually decides that she's had enough of rural life and when Kate's Aunt Eileen (A Chilly Reception) comes to visit Nick, Ruby goes back to London. And a greedy Claude unsuccessfully tries to sell some land he claims is his to the Shepard's who now own the cottage. But the Shepard's play Claude at his own game!
'Applejack' Jet Harris/Tony Meehan (1963)
'Man of the World' Fleetwood Mac (1969)
'Blueberry Hill' Fats Domino (1956)
'You were Made for Me' Freddie and the Dreamers (1963)
'To Know Him is to Love Him' The Teddy Bears (1958)

6 We're All Allies Really By Peter Tinniswood     08/10/95        16.03m
A young German man called Dieter Lotschmeyer arrives in the village to find his father's grave. His arrival doesn’t go down well with a lot of the locals, especially with a local biker called Tyler. It would seem that Dieter's father was a bomber pilot during the war and his plane crashed near the village, but before it did Dieter's father dropped a bomb which exploded on Tyler's house killing his parents. Nick and Phil have to intervene when Tyler starts a fight with Dieter in the pub. Dieter then goes to put flowers on his father’s grave only to find that it has been vandalised. He then feels he should apologize to Tyler about the fight to try and stop any bad feeling, but Nick tells him what his father did and tells him Tyler wouldn’t be interested. Meanwhile Walter and Hilda Openshaw arrive for there annual holiday in the area, but Walter is less than happy and he tells Hilda that he's fed up with her and apparently goes missing. A huge police search is put on to find him and Tyler helps. Dieter also helps in the search, but he gets caught up in a swamp and Tyler and Nick end up rescuing him. Walter it turns out is in fact on a drinking binge with Claude and they end up stealing a train, but Nick manages to stop them! Walter turns out to be responsible for the vandalism and Nick apologises to Maggie and they become friends again.
'Singing the Blues' Guy Mitchell (1956)
'I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself' Dionne Warwick
'Albatross' Fleetwood Mac (1969)
'Love Me Tender' Elvis Presley (1956)
'These Boots are made For Walking' Nancy Sinartra (1966)
'I Want to Hold Your Hand' The Beatles (German Version, 1963)
'Rescue Me' Fontella Bass (1965)
'Hi-Ho Silver Lining' Jeff Beck (1967)

7 Sophie's Choice By Rob Gittins                      15/10/95       16.60m
Barry Jackson, the local schoolteacher arrives back home to discover his mentally ill wife - Sophie isn't home and realises she has taken the car out for a drive. Barry calls Nick to ask for his help to find her. Meanwhile after very nearly hitting Claude and forcing him to jump of the road and into a ditch, Sophie panics and causes an accident in the village, demolishing the village bus shelter, and nearly hitting some of Barry's music pupils. Sophie's condition often makes her personality change and the next minute she can be fine, but Nick tell Barry to keep an eye on her and to not let her out on her own again. Nick then investigates a report of shoplifting and feels Sophie is responsible. He goes to see Barry who denies it was Sophie and says she was in at the time, but it’s just an attempt to cover up her guilt. Barry becomes more concerned when he receives anonymous letters about Sophie's condition and Eileen passes it on to Nick who looks into it. But then the Jackson's home goes up in flames while Barry is at the school concert and Sophie is killed. Nick however discovers that Barry himself typed the letters and started the fire after Sophie pleaded with him to end all her misery and Nick reluctantly has to arrest Barry for murder. Meanwhile Gina becomes concerned about a Mr. Brown who's staying at the pub after hearing his daughter, Vicky crying in her room. It turns out he's in fact a convict called Slater who was let out for his wife's funeral, but instead of returning to prison he took Vicky and ran for it. And Claude and George have a bet to see who has the fastest Pigeon when they enter a Pigeon race!
'Ruby Tuesday' Melanie (1970)
'Daydream' The Lovin' Spoonful (1966)
'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly' Hugo Montenegro (1969)
'?' Sandy Nelson

8 Gone Tomorrow By Freda Kelsall                    22/10/95        17.86m
Aidensfield is having a severe thunderstorm and Mrs. Conway calls Nick out because she heard noises outside her house in her garden. She suspects her neighbour -Ted Halliwell to be involved as she feels he is trying to purposely make her families life a misery due to an argument over him erecting an illegal extension on his farm. Meanwhile Alf is waiting for Nick in the patrol car, and he witnesses a UFO sighting, but afterwards he can‘t remember what happened exactly. Maggie suggests to Alf that he should see a local hypnotist to who can help him remember what did actually happen. Blaketon who feels its all nonsense then puts Alf on sick leave because he feels Alf is to sick for duty, and Alf is concerned that his experience might put his job on the line. Nick however supports Alf and argues that he is perfectly well and advises him to stick to his story. Alf is then ordered to have a Medical check because it would seem the authorities are keen to put the UFO sightings story down to Alf's imagination. Eventually however - with Nick's help, Alf's job is safe and Blaketon puts him back on duty. Meanwhile Greengrass has won a holiday cruise, but after a sort trip on the 'high seas' in Whitby Harbour! - Claude discovers he is seasick and sells it to Mr. Conway who has been having an affair and plAnned to take his lover on holiday.
'Space Oddity' David Bowie (1969)
'I'm the Urban Spaceman' Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (1968)
'Summer Holiday' Cliff Richard (1963)
'Gimma Some Loving' Spencer Davis Group (1966)
'No Particular Place to Go' Chuck Berry (1964)
'Walkin' the Dog' Dennisons (1964)

9 Toss Up By James Robson                                 29/10/95       17.97m
In recent weeks a burglar nicknamed by all the locals as ‘Bero man’ due to the fact he wears a bero flour bag as a mask has been breaking into homes and terrorizing people in the area, including Gina and Greengrass. He raids many homes and often makes a sponge cake before he leaves! Meanwhile a Bob Dylan look a like called Jason has arrived in the area recently and is camping on Greengrass' land. He befriends all the local teenagers and entertains them with his music and his pop knowledge. He even sings with Gina in the pub and becomes popular. Jason however at first becomes a suspect for Bero man but is later arrested for supplying drugs to the local youngsters after drugs are found in his guitar.  It turns out he gave two girls some drugs who are later involved in a car crash as a result in which one of them, the driver is killed. At first there is confusion for the parents of the girls as to which girl is actually dead because they both look so alike. Bero man then attacks Maggie in her home and it turns out that a local girl called Marion is in fact Bero man. She did it because she just wanted to have some friends and because she felt trapped in her home by her very protective and old-fashioned parents.
'Times They Are a-Changin' Sung by actor Brian Hibbard from the original hit by Bob Dylan (1965)
'Mr. Tambourine Man' Bob Dylan
'Itchycoo Park' The Small Faces (1967)
'I Got You Babe' Sung by Tricia Penrose/ Brian Hibbard from the original hit by Sonny and Cher (1965)
'We Gotta Get Out of This Place' sung by extras from the original hit by The Animals (1965)
'You Really Got Me' The Kinks (1964)
'For Your Love' The Yardbirds (1965)
'Like a Rolling Stone' Bob Dylan (1965)

10 It's All in the Game By Ron Rose                   05/11/95
Its Katie’s christening day and after the church service everyone goes back to the police house for a get together. During the celebrations an old girlfriend of Nick's called Jill Criddle turns up to visit him, having heard about Nick's recent loss. Jill it turns out is a Sergeant back at the Met in London. Meanwhile a criminal known to the police called Frank Armstrong opens a new gambling club in Scarborough and Nick is asked by a D.I. Woodhead to go undercover to see what Armstrong is up to. Jill as she's currently in the area agrees to go with him and help. They go to Armstrong's new club disguised as customers and Nick eventually finds out that Armstrong's into doping horses at race meetings. Ripon races are just coming up and Blaketon suspects that Armstrong will, with the help of his side man Billy Black fix the result of the big race at the event by tampering with the race favourite, ‘Fab Four’. Nick and Jill still undercover attend the race meeting to keep an eye on things.  Meanwhile locals from Aidensfield decide to attend the meeting for a day at the races!  Billy Black then sees Nick and Jill and he informs Armstrong that they are Police officers and Armstrong then kidnaps Jill and hides her in the back of his horsebox. But the Police know what he's doing and arrest him and his men. Nick and Phil go and rescue Jill.
'Apache' The Shadows (1960)
'When You Walk in the Room' The Searchers (1964)
'Goldfinger' Shirley Bassey (1964)
'Rawhide' Frankie Lane (1959)
'Riders in the Sky' The Shadows (1980)
'Yesterday' Sung by Tricia Penrose from the original hit song by The Beatles (1965)

11 Vigilante By Brian Finch                                   12/11/95        18.17m
Well known local criminal, Terry Tinniswood
(Bang to Rights) brakes into the home of Mr and Mrs. Wakefield's and starts to fill his bag with items. But Arthur Wakefield catches him in the act and gets into a struggle with Terry. Arthur then suffers a heart attack and Terry departs leaving his bang after Mrs. Wakefield sees him. Arthur later then dies in hospital. Terry becomes a natural suspect and Mrs. Wakefield then identifies Terry as the robber from a police photo and in an identity parade. But the whole Tinniswood family claim that Terry was at home the night of the brake in and the police can't really prove otherwise and Terry goes free. Mrs. Wakefield feels Terry is getting away with her husband’s death and she then sets out to make Terry's life a complete misery by following him around the village and making him feel insecure. Meanwhile the unpopular Special Constable, Hector Cowley is appointed to help Nick out on his beat during the forthcoming Aidensfield show event, and Nick isn’t too pleased about it.  Cowley meanwhile, along with Greengrass are entering their Gooseberries in the show and Cowley is determined to win first prize, but his Gooseberries get sabotaged and Claude becomes the prime suspect!  However it turns out that Cowley's wife - Anthea who was in fact responsible.  She was so fed up with coming second best to her husband's fruit!  And Claude's plans to also win the show by cheating and getting Gooseberries sent to him via train don't go according to plan either when they are damaged in transit!
'Love is All Around' The Troggs (1967)
'When I'm Sixty-Four' The Beatles (1967)
'Blackbird' The Beatles (1968)
'Mellow Yellow' Donovan (1967)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' The Beatles (1967)

12 Unfinished Business By Jane Hollowood      19/11/95       18.67m
Alf is having a new house built and shows Nick the plot of land. Alf is waiting for the contractor to arrive to dig him a cesspit, but he isn’t too pleased when Greengrass and David arrive with a digger. Soon after this Claude starts work, but the digger jams up. He goes to sort it out but ends up trapped under the digger and sat on top of an unexploded WW2 bomb. The army are called in to rescue Claude and diffuse the bomb and Nick in the meantime has to evacuate the whole village as a precaution. One woman -  Sandra Hutton however, doesn’t want to leave as a man has had a heart attack and died in her bed, and it's not her husband. Greengrass meanwhile is safely removed but then the bomb starts ticking. Meanwhile a local boy has gone missing and a search is on for him, Nick finds him in a garage belonging to his friend, the local Railway station master, Mr. Hutton - Sandra's Husband. But the bomb then explodes causing the garage to collapse around them. They are both rescued unharmed from the rubble. However one of the army soldier's is killed instantly in the blast. And Claude after his bad experience has another 'bad' experience by having a bath at the local Convent!
'Memories Are Made of This' Val Doonican (1967)
'Right Said Fred' Bernard Gribbins (1962)
'Hole in The Ground' Bernard Gribbins (1962)
'We Gotta Get Out of This Place' The Animals (1965)
'Theme from The Dambusters'
'Shakin' all Over' Jonny Kidd and the Pirates (1960)
'Run Rabbit Run' Bud Flanigan

13 Saint Columba's Treasure By Jonathan Critchley       26/11/95
A professor called Brigstocke dies after falling in his study and the police are called, but the caller - an American woman doesn’t leave her name. Word gets around about Brigstocke's death and rumours start to spread about hidden treasure at his home. The American woman turns out to be Bridstock's assistant who is determined to find the treasure. Meanwhile Trout have been stolen from Lord Ashfordly's estate and Greengrass becomes the prime suspect. Blaketon keeps an eye on Claude's movements and whilst doing so gets trapped in the back of his truck. Unknown to Blaketon, Greengrass is on his way to find the treasure at which is apparently at a local Abbey. On arriving Blaketon pursues Greengrass into the tunnels and they both end up trapped underground when the floor collapses. Blaketon gets injured and Claude starts to burn loads of old Latin books to try keep them both warm and he finds that there wasn’t actually any treasure after all. Nick meanwhile talks to the American woman and discovers that in fact the Latin books were the treasure and they are very valuable. Meanwhile there have been a number of burglaries lately at homes of recently deceased locals. Nick and Phil discover they where committed by a man who has worked for 3 undertakers - including Bernie's firm. They also discover he was hiding trout in the freezers that he and Greengrass had stolen from Lord Ashfordly's estate.
'A Whiter Shade of Pale' Procul Harum (1967)
'Money' The Beatles (1963)
'Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown' The Rolling Stones (1966)
'I'll Keep You Satisfied' Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas (1963)
'A Little Loving' Fourmost (1964)
'Yes I Will' The Hollies (1965)
'Bad Moon Rising' Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969)

14 Sitting off the Dock of the Bay By Rob Gittins     03/12/95
A pirate radio station called Radio North starts broadcasting in the area and is playing all the latest pop songs to the younger generations joy. But not everyone is happy about the station and Ashfordly police station is flooded with complaints. With the help of an expert from the GPO, Nick and Phil reluctantly assist him in tracking down where the broadcast signal is coming from and it turns out to be on a ship, 3 miles off the coast of Whitby, outside the legal boundary.  Meanwhile Joe Norton
(Expectations) is back from Borstal and seems to have changed for the better, as he wants to join the army and become a paratrooper. He also offers to help Eileen with the garden after hearing about Nick's recent loss.  However when he mixes with his old mates, they go to Whitby and they all take some LSD drugs they've been given and Joe starts to illusinate about being a paratrooper jumping from a plane and gets killed after leaping off Whitby's church tower. Maggie's brother - Danny Black meanwhile comes to visit her and it turns out he is one of the DJ's for Radio North. Danny has become increasingly concerned about his employers at the station and tells Nick that he thinks it was them who distributed the LSD drugs to Joe and his mates. He then helps Nick to become a DJ so he can go undercover on the ship to investigate Danny's suspicions. Once he's their and on-air broadcasting, Nick reads out coded clues to Blaketon who's on shore as to where the ship is heading so he knows where to go so he can legally arrest the stations bosses. But first Nick has to get the ship back into the 3 mile legal range and he befriends the ship's skipper who purposely moves the ship back into range. The dealers are then arrested. Meanwhile Greengrass and his friend Joseph start to make they’re own Whisky and George's takings go down when all of Claude's mates go to his house instead of the pub. To Blaketon's annoyance the evidence literally then goes up in smoke!
'Stranger on the Shore' Acker Bilk (1961)
'Wild Thing' The Troggs (1966)
'Dedicated Follower of Fashion' The Kinks (1966)
'Keep on Running' Spencer Davis Group (1965)
'Do You Love Me' Brian Poole and the Tremeloes (1963)
'You Really Got Me' The Kinks (1964)
'Mellow Yellow' Donovan (1967)
'Silence is Golden' The Tremeloes (1967)
'All or Nothing' The Small Faces (1966)
'On a Carousel' The Hollies (1967)
'Pretty Flamingo' Manfred Man (1966)
'Hole in My Shoe' Traffic (1967)
'Albatross' Fleetwood Mac (1969)
'Waterloo Sunset' The Kinks (1967)
'Lily the Pink' Scaffold (1968)
'On the Beach' Cliff Richard (1964)
'House of the Rising Sun' The Animals (1964)
'If you Gotta Go Go Now' Manfred Man (1965)

15 Blood Sports By Brian Finch                          10/12/95
A man called Carter is camping near Aidensfield with his son. The boy complains that he's not feeling well and he becomes very ill. Maggie goes to help him, but Carter isn’t interested. Meanwhile Nick notices a man nosing around Carter's caravan while he's not there. The man turns out to be a private detective called Loxton who is working for Carter's French wife. It seems Carter who has split with his wife has kidnapped his son from France and brought him to Aidensfield. The boy's illness turns out to be Polio and he ends up in hospital, but when Loxton and Carter's wife arrive there, Carter worried he'll be charged with kidnapping his son then runs for it. A massive operation in the village to get everyone vaccinated against Polio is then arranged and Claude worries about the stories he's heard about how Polio is treated!  Meanwhile the search is on for Carter who by now also has the disease - but luckily Carter is found in time and gets treated. Blaketon meanwhile becomes the president of the local Rugby club and Greengrass decides to become a talent scout for a big Rugby club and takes Blaketon's star player Ken Fairbrother, and arranges for him to play for the club. But as usual Claude's master plan backfires when Fairbrother doesn't play after he hears Claude's only in it for the cash!  And Nick takes a liking to Aidensfield's new primary schoolteacher - Jo Weston.
'Yesterday' The Beatles (1965)
'Keep on Running' Spencer Davis Group (1965)
'Somebody Help Me' Spencer Davis Group (1966)
'Sugar Sugar' The Archies (1969)

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