Originally broadcasted between 4th September 1994 - 25th December 1994


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Regular Characters

PC Nick Rowan Dr Kate Rowan Claude Greengrass
Sgt Oscar Blaketon PC Phil Bellamy PC Alf Ventress
George Ward Gina Ward Lord Ashfordly
Inspector Crossley

New Characters

Dr James Radcliffe Christine Ferguson Inspector Murchison

1 Wild Thing By Michael Russell                           04/09/94         15.14m
Sheep are vanishing from farms around the area and Nick is called out by a local farmer to investigate. The farmer shows Nick a couple of his badly mauled sheep that have been attacked and Nick begins to suspects that some sort of dog is possibly responsible for the attacks.  Inspector Crossley however to Nick and Blaketon's amusement feels this attack and others across the country recently are the work of some kind of wild animal, such as a Puma and he orders an immediate search for a large 'cat like' wild animal roaming the moors. There's another attack and some children hear something in the woods and Crossley then organises night watches in order to find the 'beast of the moors' as its become known quickly. Nick and Crossley are then one night called out to beck farm where Alfred is seen at the scene of yet another attack and the farmer shoots and injures him. The case is taken to court and a furious Claude is annoyed when the court magistrate finds Alfred guilty of the killings and orders that he should be destroyed. Claude later however goes and rescues Alfred from the police station. Meanwhile Kate starts her new job that she's accepted with Dr. James Radcliffe's practice in Whitby, but has to put his receptionist - Christine in her place when she starts transferring patients from Kate's surgeries to his, leaving her surgeries virtually empty. Nick then discovers that Alfred in fact isn't responsible for the Sheep killings and they are in fact down to sheep rustlers when he catches them in the act after the one of them who is a patient of Kate's suffered from a painful seizure in his arms, an illness it turns out that is spread by Sheep ticks. And Claude finds a novel way of getting the Inland Revenue off his back by putting the entire contents of his house on their offices doorstep as payment for his debts!
'(There's) Always something There to Remind Me' Sandie Shaw (1964)
'I'm on My Own' ?
'Sunny Afternoon' The Kinks (1966)
'Apache' The Shadows (1960)
'I'm a Tiger' Lulu (1968)
'Look Though any Window' The Hollies (1965)
'Wild Thing' The Troggs (1966)

2 Witch Hunt By Brian Finch                                11/09/94
Some local kids see an old lady who they thinks a witch vandalise the funeral urn of the late Amy Dewhurst in the graveyard. They tell Nick who replaces it and informs the relatives, Marjorie and Harry Salter who suspect their cook - Nancy Bellow is responsible as she was Dewhurst's live in friend until Dewhurst died and had to move out of her house which was left to the Salter's. Nick goes to see Nancy, but she denies the accusation. The Salter’s then fall ill and both go to hospital where Kate suspects they are suffering from food poisoning. It turns out the Salter's have in fact got arsenic poising and Nick returns to see Nancy with Inspector Crossley who seems to be taking charge of the case to Blaketon's annoyance. Crossley suspects Nancy of poising the Salter's and starts to interrogate her and tells Nick to check the poison register which confirms that Nancy did in fact buy some rat poison recently - but Nancy denies she is responsible for their illness. The Salter's return home, but soon become ill again and Kate realises that they have in fact been poisoned by the dust created by the old paint they're stripping off the walls whilst decorating their home. But Nancy, due to Crossley's continued disbelieve of her innocents has tried to commit suicide and ends up in hospital to recover. Crossley then leaves after Blaketon calls CID to inform them of developments in the case which Crossley should have done, but didn't due to his underhand methods to try and get a confession from Nancy. He is then replaced by an Inspector Murchison, which to Blaketon's surprise turns out to be a woman! And Alf gets his own back on Phil by faking an arm injury, after Phil teased him about getting fit!
'Black Magic Woman' Fleetwood Mac (1968)
'You Really Got Me' The Kinks (1964)
'Just One Look' The Hollies (1964)

3 Mid Day Sun By Jonathan Critchley                   18/09/94
Mike Halstood, an army officer discharged from Germany is camping near Aidensfield with his wife and his son, Jamie in the hope of finding a job and somewhere to live in the area. But their movements have been hampered by the fact that their dog, Sam has gone missing. Jamie who’s very distressed about it is continually searching for the dog. Meanwhile Nick receives reports that a beagle and a fox have been mysteriously killed. Also the local garage mechanic at Mostyn's garage - Jim Swaby goes to Kate as he's not been very well recently and is suffering from a constant raging thirst. He starts experiencing violent convulsions when Nick visits him and he's taken to hospital were Kate and James start to treat him. His condition quickly worsens and he's soon diagnosed to have the killer disease - Rabies. Kate asks him if he's been near any animals recently and he just about gets out that he was bitten by a dog at the garage - Swaby then dies. Meanwhile the area is cornered of with roadblocks and a huge search is on for the animal responsible. It becomes apparent that Jamie's dog which is missing is the carrier of the disease. Nick finds Halstood and his wife and they are questioned - but Jamie however is still out searching for Sam. Claude who is helping in the search sees Jamie in the woods. Jamie has at last found Sam, but the dog is very aggressive and bites Jamie. Claude then shoots the dog while Nick takes Jamie to meet Kate who immediately injects Jamie with the vaccination. Meanwhile - The Halstood's are charged for illegally bringing an animal into the country and breaking the quarantine laws. And Ashfordly gets a new patrol car, but Alf drives it first and asks Nick to give him a refresher course in driving, but he ends up hitting Claude's truck!
'Shakin' All Over' Johnny Kidd and the Pirates (1960)
'This Wheel's On Fire' Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity (1968)
'Fox On The Run' Manfred Mann (1968)
'The Cruel Sea' The Dekotas (1963)

4 Turn of the Tide By Johnny Byrne                    25/09/94
Containers are thought to be being picked up at sea and smuggled into the country, and so Nick is assigned by Murchison to go undercover to start investigating the stories of smuggling happening of the coast of Whitby after a number of tip offs. Alf meanwhile is just about to go on his annual fishing holiday in Whitby and so Nick goes with him. They stay above the Stirling’s shop, which is where Alf always goes. Jake Stirling takes Alf and Nick out to sea to give Nick an incite into Fishing, in doing so they see local fisherman - Cedric Shanks recovering some lost ‘merchandise’ out of the water and Nick begins to suspect Cedric who is known to Alf for his card games of being involved with the smuggling. Back on land Nick follows Cedric to his warehouse and discovers the recovered container is full of counterfeit cash and he then informs Murchison. He then over hears Cedric talking to another man called Hesketh arranging a final delivery and so Nick sets Cedric up by arranging a poker game with him and Alf. Nick wins the game and Cedric plays him back with some of the counterfeit cash - forcing Cedric into telling him the time and location of the delivery. The Customs and Excise catch the delivery boat at sea and Hesketh and the others all get caught in a big police raid at Cedric’s warehouse. Kate in the meantime tells Lisa Everett that she's pregnant, but Jake Stirling who’s her boyfriend tells her to get an abortion. Lisa, who’s scared off losing Jake over it asks Kate to help her get rid of it, but she refuses and so Lisa tries to do it herself and ends up in hospital. And Claude takes advantage of Nick's absence by selling Venison to all the locals, but Blaketon is soon on to him!
'Mars, The Bringer of War' By Gustav Holst (Classical)
'Walkin the Dog' sung by Bill Maynard from the original song by The Dennisons (1964)
'Paranoid' Black Sabbath (1970)

5 Love Child By Brian Finch                                 02/10/94
Nick interrupts a robbery at the children's department of Ashfordly council offices during the night where a thief escapes with some blank postal orders, but injures her hand braking a window to escape. Later it’s discovered a file containing details on an adoption has also gone missing from the department. The office staff later tell Nick of a call they had recently from a young woman asking about an adoption of a baby boy 3 years previous, and the stolen file seems to be the one about the same boy. Meanwhile a woman called Sandie who Kate treated for a cut hand takes a child she's been watching from his nursery school thinking it to be her own which was taken away from her when it was born. Nick meanwhile get the natural mother - Sandra Eliot's home address and goes to see her only to find she hasn't lived there since she had a row with her parents who disowned her after she turned to crime when her child was taken away from her. Nick later discovers from Kate that Sandra Eliot is in fact Sandie and that she has in fact taken the wrong child. Nick and Kate then search for Sandie and go to see her husband - Vinnie who doesn’t know where she is. Kate however realises where she must be after Sandie mentioned a place special to her near the railway. They find her there with the child and explain to her that the boy is not her son, and that he in fact died soon after she was parted with him. Claude and his mates meanwhile have started up a pigeon racing society and Claude complains when one of his pigeons is killed by a Peregrine and reports the 'murder' to Blaketon, but  with little success. He then gets the blame when a couple of birdwatchers accuse him of vandalising a Peregrines nest, but Claude denies responsibility and the real culprit turns out to be Lord Ashfordly’s gamekeeper who was protecting his lordships grouse.
'Send an S.O.S' ?
'Dedicated Follower of Fashion' The Kinks (1966)
'Funny How Love Can Be' Ivy League (1965)

6 Nice Girls Don't By Jane Hollowood                  09/10/94
The North Riding Police force wins a rugby match against the Harbour men of Whitby. After the match at the Mermaid pub the winning trophy is presented to the police rugby captain - PC Little from Whitby. To Phil's distress at the celebrations he losses the chance to win Gina's heart when she starts flirting with one the Harbour men - Neil Gibson. Everyone leaves at closing time and Gina drives off in her car. On her way home she realises a car is following her and panics. She stalls her car and can't restart it, so she flees into the wood to escape, but her pursuer grabs her and starts to attack her, however he is scared off by a scream from deep within the woods. Claude who is in the woods meanwhile tells Nick he saw a girl in the woods and Nick and Kate realise its Gina when they find her car abandoned. They go to the pub to find Gina in a terrible state and so they take her to Ashfordly for questioning where Murchison gives her a hard time believing that she is making the whole thing up, which annoys Kate. Phil at first then becomes a suspect when his tie is found in Gina's car, but he naturally denies it. Then Gibson becomes a suspect and Nick with PC Little go and arrest him for questioning. But Gina then decides to drop the charges when Gibson’s family threatens her and George. The case then seems finished, but Nick is still determined to solve it and discovers the attacker is in fact PC Little after he finds him attacking a Whitby barmaid in her flat. Little is then charged when Gina then makes a positive identification in an ID parade. And the noise in the woods turned out to be a piglet that Claude was trying to catch to sell to a buyer, which turns out to have been stolen from a Mr. Forbes farm.
'Bend Me, Shape Me' sung by Tricia Penrose from the original song by Amen Corner (1968)

7 Trouble in Mind By Johnny Byrne                    16/10/94
A man called Dennis Parker reappears in the village looking for his family, which he apparently walked out on 7 years previous with no explanation. He goes to the pub were he collapses and George calls Kate out and Parker ends up staying in the pub. He tells Kate that he can't remember the last 7 years and she believes he's suffering from Amnesia. Nick starts to investigate Parker and discovers he vanished after collecting the weekly payroll for his employer’s 7 years ago. Parker is arrested, but insists he doesn’t remember what happened after some men in a car stopped him after he collected the £800 payroll. However he's charged, but is released on bale. Nick suspects he was the victim of a wages snatch and Kate meanwhile finds his wife - Helen and arranges for Parker to meet her at the police house. Nick then discovers that on the day of Parker's disappearance - two villains were caught with the £800 and suspects Parker's telling the truth. Then a Mrs.Selby  arrives and identifies Parker as her husband, but he doesn’t know her. It turns out Parker was thrown out of the car by the villains, who kidnapped him and took the money. Selby met him the same day suffering from Amnesia and they'd lived together ever since until she recently reported him missing after he had an accident at home and lost his memory again. However she then leaves when she hears Parker is already married and the charges against him are dropped. And after going to see 'Strangers on a Train' at the cinema Claude is approached by a complete stranger called Jenkins who offers to burn his barn down for the insurance money, but only if he agrees to also burns down his shop. Claude declines, but his barn goes up in flames anyway. Alfred is then kidnapped by Jenkins when Claude doesn't carry out his part of the 'deal' and Claude instead tells Nick, and he then arrests Jenkins for arson.

'Joanna' Scott Walker (1968)

8 Fair Game By Veronica Henry                            23/10/94
Wealthy local - Susannah Temple-Richards is having an affair with Jeremy Kirby, a young man who works on her and her husband - Jack's estate.  Keen to get her husband out of the way so she can run off with Jeremy, one evening she poisons Jack's Whisky drink with an overdose of sleeping pills. The next morning Susannah is surprised to see Jack arrive at the annual Hunt which meets up in the village. Jack however is in a terrible state and during the hunt he attempts to take a jump, but falls from his horse and is killed. Susannah then secretly regrets her actions and Kate tells her that there will be a post-mortem to see exactly how Jack died. The pathologist's report then confirms Jack tied from a broken neck, but it also mentions that a high level of sleeping pills was in his blood stream also and Nick becomes suspicious about Susannah and hears of her relationship with Kirby. Nick then goes to see Susannah who denies knowing that Jack took the overdose. However Nick later finds Jack's hip flask which proves Susannah was responsible and she confesses to Nick and is then arrested. Meanwhile local pensioner - Artie Sneed dies from heart failure and Claude asks Nick if he can look after Artie's poultry until his estate is sorted out, and Nick agrees - but it's only until later that Nick is told by Blaketon and Alf that Sneed was known for his cock-fighting. Claude meanwhile arranges a meeting with a buyer to sell him Artie's champion cockerels, but the buyer - called Cutter finds out they are Artie's and just helps himself to them. Claude then realises Cutter's taken them and tells Nick about a Cockfight meeting that’s about to happen to get his revenge on Cutter. The police are waiting and arrest the culprits, which include Cutter and Jeremy Kirby. And Kate feels it would be better to stay at Whitby most nights due to the fact she’s always tied in the evenings.

'Son of a Preacher Man' Dusty Springfield (1968)
'Theme from Z-Cars' Johnny Keating (1962)
'Death Of A Clown' Dave Davies (1967)
'The Crying Game' Dave Berry (1964)
'You Can't Always Get What you Want' The Rolling Stones (1969)

Also see The Best Laid Plans from Series 6

9 Red Herring By Michael Russel                        30/10/94
A Russian ship docks in Whitby Harbour and one night its crew return to the ship very drunk having been drinking in the local pubs. Later Kate is called out when its claimed the ships captain has been killed in a fight with one of the crewmen - Vladimir Ivanov who has fled the ship and is on the run. However, on her arrival Kate finds that the captain just has a head injury. Ivanov however feels he's killed him and ends up in Aidensfield were he asks Nick for Political Asylum because he feels he's in danger due to the fight. Nick takes Ivanov to Ashfordly and asks a local Russian-speaking priest - Father Sergei to translate for them. Immigration officer - Fillingham then arrives and Ivanov tells him his ship is a spy ship watching nato ships in the North Sea and also has nuclear radio equipment on board. Fillingham then orders that Ivanov be transported to York's immigration office, but he escapes while Nick and Alf are transporting him there, as he fears Fillingham is from the KGB. Meanwhile James' daughter - Jennifer who is obsessed with smugglers and robbers get injured with her friend - Dennis on a nature studies school trip and end up at the bottom of a cliff and a huge police search is organised to find them. Ivanov sees the search party thinking they are searching for him and asks Claude for help. So Claude takes Ivanov to Sergei who he's been poaching with recently. Meanwhile MI5/6 and the local CID on Fillingham’s orders are watching Ivanov’s ship and so Sergei and Claude ask Nick for help to get Ivanov back on the ship. It turns out Ivanov lied about the ship being a spy ship in order to stop the police sending him back, but now he wishes to return knowing his captain is not dead. Unable to get him back on the ship by land as Fillingham is there, James transports a drunk Ivanov back to the ship via his fishing boat, and Ivanov leaves the Harbour with his comrades!
'Play with Fire' The Rolling Stones (1965)
'Back in the U.S.S.R' The Beatles (1968)
'Slop John B' The Beach Boys (1966)
'Lara’s Theme from Dr. Zhivago' by Maurice Jarre (1965, classical)

10 Arms and the Man By Jonathan Critchley       06/11/94
Farmer - Mr. Cooper ends up in hospital when his old army rifle explodes in his face when he and his farm help - Morris were target practicing. Nick goes to Cooper's farm to investigate and see why he has such a weapon in his possession. Meanwhile the Swinton boys have come across some army ammunition and have started experimenting with it. Nick goes to see Cooper in hospital who insists he was just trying the gun out. Claude meanwhile buys some old grenades from Morris and they us them to go poaching with on the Ashfordly estate to get back at his lordships new gamekeeper who tries to poison Alfred. In the meantime Nick suspects Cooper has more illegal weapons on his property and looks around his farm, which looks like a shine dedicated to warfare. Blaketon then discovers a grenade pin beside the river on the Ashfordly estate the poachers used, and when Kate informs Blaketon that young Billy Swinton's received a bad burn on his arm from touching explosives Nick suspects Cooper is somehow connected to both events and gets a search warrant to search Coopers farm for more illegal ammunition. An alarmed Cooper then discharges himself from hospital to go and hide a large collection of armoury he has stored in his house and in his shed. Meanwhile Claude tells the police that the Swinton boys have some explosives and Billy tells Kate his brother Sandy is planning an explosion for his friends - near Coopers shed in a quarry. Nick and Phil break into Coopers home to find him there with his suspected collection. Then Blaketon and Nick go to Cooper's shed and save Sandy Swinton and his friends just in time before Coopers shed goes up as a result of Sandy's explosion. And Nick and Kate begin to argue and drift apart further as Kate spends more time in Whitby. She also discovers she’s pregnant and tells James, but decides not to tell Nick.
'Apache' The Shadows (1960)
'Little Red Rooster' The Rolling Stones (1964)
'Hey Joe' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)
'Tired of Waiting for You' The Kinks (1965)
'Crosstown Traffic' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1969)

11 Treading Carefully By Lizzie Mickery           13/11/94
Nick and Kate's relationship is really beginning to suffer and it’s starting to affect their professions. Kate has a heart to heart talk with James about the baby and how her career will suffer having a baby right now. James however tells her she has to tell Nick she's pregnant. Nick in the meantime gets a visit from Blaketon, who has noticed a change in Nicks work, he asks how he is and Nick confides in him and says that he and Kate are drifting apart. Kate then suddenly tells Nick she's pregnant and he's delighted, but Kate is not so pleased and expresses her wish to carry on working and even talks of separation and bringing up the child alone if need be which annoys Nick. Nick then visits Blaketon again and asks for his advise, while James arranges with Kate a system with the practice once she’s had the baby. Meanwhile Nick is called out by a farmer who reports he's had some lead stolen from his farm, then a local church also reports a theft, and Nick starts to investigate. After a third theft Nick suspects Claude is involved after he sold some lead he claims is his own to a chimney sweep friend - Eddie. In the meantime three soldiers - Mike, Phil and Snakey are on leave and are camping at Claude's and turn out to be the lead thieves. One night while they are raiding a church, Mike falls from the church tower and Phil and Snakey leave him there. Nick with Kate get called to the church the next morning and Kate climbs on to the church roof to examine him and he's taken to hospital. Nick goes to see Claude to see what he knows about the soldiers and he tells Nick they know an ex-army man called Will Bentley who buys lead. The police go to Bentley’s house and find a large amount of the stolen lead on a truck. They raid the house and Phil, Snakey and Bentley are arrested. And Nick and Kate make up.
'We Can Work it Out' The Beatles (1965)
'Magic Bus' The Who (1968)

12 Bad Blood By Steve Trafford                            20/11/94         17.80m
Arthur & Emily Jacobs return from a few days away to find their farmhouse has been broken into and the cows have been let out and are roaming the roads. Nick helps Arthur round them up and Emily tells Nick that they've been robbed. Nick gets a list of the stolen items which Includes Emily's record player and begins to make enquires. Darcy - Arthur's brother who helps on the farm and was looking after it while they were away says he heard nothing. Meanwhile Claude sells a record player to an old boyfriend of Gina's called Billy who's arrived to see her again. Billy however steals cash from the pub till and Gina tells him to leave. She then tells Nick about the player, Billy tells Nick he got the player from Claude who tells Blaketon that Darcy Jacobs sold it to him. In the meantime Alf tells Nick the Jacobs farm was their father's until he was killed when his tractor rolled over on top of him. Kate meanwhile has told Emily she's pregnant - but Emily doesn’t seem to happy about it as she feels this will make life worse at the farm between Arthur and Darcy who seem to argue all the time. She tells Arthur that Darcy must leave or she will and when Darcy hears Emily is expecting a baby - a fight erupts between the brothers with Darcy claiming the farm should be his. Emily leaves the farm and goes to stay with Nick and Kate at the police house, but Darcy later breaks into the police station to take her back home, but the police arrive and arrest him for the farmhouse break in. It turns out the brothers have been arguing for years because their father left the farm to Arthur. Darcy has always resented this and admits to actually killing his father, having made it look like an accident and forcing Arthur to help him cover it up and keeping it quiet.  And Blaketon gets Ashfordly stations 'clear up rate' up to scratch on Murchison’s orders.
'Midnight Rambler' The Rolling Stones (1969)
'I'd Never Find Another You' Billy Fury (1961)
'Hippy Hippy Shake' Swinging Blue Jeans (1963)
'You'll Never Walk Alone' Gerry and the Pacemaker's (1963)

13 Assault and Battery By Freda Kelsall            27/11/94
Mervyn Sykes' battery hen farm gets vandalised with graffiti one night by someone protesting about animal rights. Sykes calls Nick out who goes to inspect the damage himself. Nick asks Sykes if he knows who might be responsible and he shows Nick an anomalous threatening letter he's received. Nick suspects it’s the work of campaigners who have vandalised other farms recently. Meanwhile Kate is treating Sykes' wife - Monica for depression, caused by her husband flirting with other women. Sykes is then killed when he shoots himself with his own gun when the intruder returns taking pictures of the Hens. At the scene Nick discovers a flash bulb from a camera. Meanwhile a young attractive woman called Loveday is staying at the pub and catches Phil's eye. Phil arranges to take her out to see the local sites, however she doesn't turn up and he later finds her injured walking with her bike on the moors. He and Kate take her to hospital where she recovers. Nick meanwhile finds some bloodstained overalls near the farm and suspect Monica is hiding something. Then when he and Phil recover Loveday's bike, Nick finds Loveday’s camera, which is missing its flash bulb. Loveday then confesses to the graffiti and tells Nick that Sykes' death was an accident. Nick also finds that the poison pen letters were down to Monica who did it to teach Mervyn a lesson about his affairs. Claude meanwhile goes into the free range eggs business, selling them to the villagers. However he ends up buying eggs from Sykes' farm and selling them as free range, but his customers then find the eggs are off and they demand their money back to Claude's bad luck! And Blaketon goes to inspect the decorating Nicks done in the police house in the baby's bedroom.
'Let There Be Drums' Sandy Nelson (1961)
'Jolity Farm' Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
'Hey, Little Hen' 
'When I'm Cleaning Windows' George Formby
'Wipe Out' The Surfaris (1963)
'My Girl' Otis Redding (1965)

14 Lost and Found By Johnny Byrne                 06/12/94

Story details coming soon!

'Something in the Air' Thunderclap Newman (1969)
'Let it Be' The Beatles (1970)
'Apache' The Shadows
'Telstar' The Tornado's (1962)
'5-4-3-2-1' Manfred Mann (1964)

15 A Bird in the Hand By Jonathan Critchley & Peter N Walker   13/12/94
Elderly farmer - Tom Abbott is to becoming to frail to run his farm and is worried about his neighbour Ronald Pitts buying his farm, but Frank who works for Abbott tells him not to worry about it. Pitts then complains to Nick about some of Abbott's sheep roaming on his land and he also tells Nick that Abbott should be in a home as he can't run the farm anymore. Meanwhile Kate is unsure what young Jane Shields is suffering from, but suspects its Flu. However she discovers she has in fact got brucellosis caused by drinking milk from Abbott's farm. She tells James about it and it turn out James is a distant relative of Abbott's. In the meantime Pitts deliberately damages a stonewall on Abbott's land with his Land Rover and Abbott's sheep roam onto the road. Nick finds a peace of broken brake light at the scene and suspects Pitts is responsible. Abbott then ends up in hospital after catching pneumonia and Nick also suspects Pitts of deliberately infecting Abbott's milk with brucellosis as he had a case of it on his farm once. However Abbott's condition is silicosis - caused by breathing in fumes from Parrott dug. It turns out Frank has been storing stolen exotic birds on Abbott's farm without him knowing for seeds supplier - Thorpe who sells them on. And Pitts is found to be responsible for the malicious damage to the wall and also for deliberately infecting Abbott’s milk with brucellosis. In the meantime Claude brakes into a church, but it can't be proved. Claude is trying to find a long lost relative of a rich Australian as there's a reward, so with Gina's help he searches local records to find the relative, but Christine beats them to it and discovers Abbott is in fact the Australian's long lost twin brother!
'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' The Hollies (1969)
'In Dreams' Roy Orbison (1963)
'You Can't Always Get What you Want' The Rolling Stones (1969)
'I Can't Control Myself' The Troggs (1966)
'Air on a "G" String' By Johann Sebastian Bach (classical)
'Sunshine Superman' Donovan (1966) 
'Mr Slater's Parrot' Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band 

                                      The 1994 Christmas Special
16 A Winters Tale By Brian Finch                       25/12/94          17.08m
It's the week before Christmas and Nick gets called out by Lady Whitly who reports she has intruders on her estate. When Nick arrives he discovers from Lady Whitly that she has had a number of her Christmas trees stolen from her estate. Nick starts to investigate the crime and begins to suspect Claude after he sold a tree to George. Claude however denies it and insists he found the tree on the road and that his truck has been stolen anyway meaning he couldn't have done it. Later Nick finds Claude's truck abandoned in a barn and full of pine needles, so Nick goes to see Claude again and takes him to the station, but he still denies it. Claude's truck then vanishes again and Lady Whitly reports that more of her trees have gone. The real culprits turn out to be Ellie and Ronnie Parkin, a couple of local children who stole the trees so they could sell them to try and raise money to take their ill younger brother - Danny to Switzerland to get him his necessary treatment as their father can't afford it. Ellie Parkin then goes to apologise to Lady Whitly, but she shows no remorse and feels the children need to be punished to learn by their mistakes, but Lady Whitly then remembers her difficult upbringing and has a change of heart and decides to pay for Danny's treatment and the trip to Switzerland. Meanwhile Kate is holding auditions for the Christmas concert and persuades Claude to play Santa for the concerts play, and Alf and Phil arrange a surprise for Blaketon by reuniting him with his son Graham who's arrived to take part in the Christmas concert.
'Sleigh Ride' The Ronettes (1963)
'Blue Christmas' Elvis Presley (1964)
'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' The Crystals (1963)
'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' The Ronettes (1963)
'The Christmas Song' Nat 'King' Cole (1963)

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