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Book Four: A Grand ...
By ey




HEARTBEAT - Series 1

Originally broadcasted between 10th April 1992 - 12th June 1992

Regular Characters:

PC Nick Rowan

Dr Kate Rowan

Claude Greengrass

Sgt Oscar Blaketon

PC Phil Bellamy

PC Alf Ventress

George Ward

Dr Alex Ferrenby

Alan Maskell

Sandra Maskell

Susan Maskell

Walter Maskell

Mrs. Hamilton

Lord Ashfordly


1 Changing Places By Johnny Byrne                 10/04/92         12.3m
London policeman Nick Rowan and his recently qualified Doctor wife - Kate move away from the city and go to the rural surroundings of Aidensfield, a village in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors, where Nick's the new village policeman. Whilst they are still settling in, Nick's new section Sergeant, a Sgt Blaketon calls for Nick and takes him to see the local Rogue - Claude Greengrass and insists that he charge him with livestock worrying after his dog, Alfred killed a budgie! Greengrass admits Alfred did kill the bird and offers compensation, but Blaketon insists Greengrass be charged, despite Nick's reservations. The case goes to Court, but due to insufficient evidence, the court can't charge Greengrass as a budgie isn't classed as livestock. Meanwhile a local woman, Georgina Fraser tells Nick that she has a prowler at her house and one night she calls Nick out when the prowler returns. She then see's him at the village pub, the Aidensfield Arms, and Nick goes to see the Landlord George Ward. George tells him he's an Australian man called Harold Jackson who is in the area trying to sell his mother's house. Nick checks with all the local estate agencies and tracks Jackson down and takes him to Ashfordly police station for questioning. Jackson denies the allegations, but when Nick tells him that it's Miss Fraser who has made the allegations, Jackson reveals he flirted with Miss Fraser years before, but he thought she didn't take it seriously. After she makes another allegation, Miss Fraser then reveals she's been in love with him and was angry when he rejected her. And when he returned to sell the house recently, she spotted him and wanted to try and ruin his life to get her own back. Meanwhile Kate's future plans take an unexpected turn when she visits her old friend, local Doctor, Alex Ferrenby. She had hoped to join him in his practice, but he tells her there is no job for her because she is a woman and it's not the job for her. And a gang of Mod's come and ruin the village dance where all the local rocker's including Alan Maskell are, and Nick arrest their leader. And Kate helps Alan Maskell's mother give birth to yet another child.
'Always Something There to Remind Me' Sandie Shaw (1964)
'Hippy Hippy Shake' Swinging Blue Jeans (1963)
'Stranger on the Shore' Acker Bilk (1961)
'Boom Boom' The Animals
'Do you Love Me?'
Sung by Group in the show from the original hit song by Brian Poole and the Tremeloes (1963)
'Twist and Shout' Sung by Group in the show from the original hit song by The Beatles (1963)
'Tutti Frutti' Sung by Group in the show from the original hit song by Little Richard (1957)

2 Fruits of the Earth By Johnny Byrne               17/04/92
Nick is puzzled by a succession of drunken hikers on the moors. A man called Potter is then cautioned for passing on his home made wine which is responsible. Potter also gets accused of indecent exposure, but Nick later discovers this is incorrect! Meanwhile a employee of the local bank reports her husband to be missing. Nick goes searching for the man, but there is no sign of him. Later, he finds out that the man has hung himself because his wife was having an affair with the manager of the bank. Alan Maskell is then refused a loan from the bank to start his own business, but Nick is able to use the mans death to persuades the bank manager to change his mind. Kate has further trouble with Dr Ferrenby after advising Mrs. Maskell, a mother of six to take the contraceptive pill. This also angers Mr. Maskell, who feels it is a threat to his virility.
'All Day and All of the Night' The Kinks (1964)
'Hippy Hippy Shake' Swinging Blue Jeans (1963)
'A Picture of You' Joe Brown (1962)
'You Really Got Me'
The Kinks (1964)
'My Boy Lollipop' Millie (1964)

3 Rumours By David Lane                                    24/04/92
Local shopkeeper - Charlie Denby's record department in his shop is a popular spot for the local lads and when Blaketon and Nick both receive anonymous tip offs accusing Denby of having 'an unhealthy interest in young boys', rumours about him start to circulate. Blaketon is keen to get the matter sorted out weather its true or false and Nick goes to see Denby, and asks him about his private life. Denby however insists he's doing nothing wrong and just enjoys the lads company. Nick continues to keep an eye on Denby and locals tell him that he only seems to invite lads to his flat. Nick later then sees Denby arguing with local car dealer - Reg Pendleton, outside his shop and he begins to have more suspicions. Then when Kate is in Denby's shop, she witnesses another man called - Harry Cottis accusing Denby of assaulting his son. Blaketon then receives a call from the superintendent who's a mason like Denby, ordering that Denby to be bought in for questioning. Denby utterly denies he's done anything wrong and still insists he has the boys round just to play records. Nick discovers Pendleton and Cottis are also mason's and he starts to suspects some sort of malicious whispering campaign against him. As villagers begin to boycott Denby's shop, his house is then broken into and his mason's sonic regalia is stolen. Denby then decides to leave Aidensfield and Nick then discovers Pendleton is behind the malicious campaign and after Denby is killed in a car crash, he learns that Pendleton is Denby's half-brother and that he was behind the vendetta against Denby to get revenge on him and his true father - Denby's father, for the way he treated his mother. Meanwhile Claude applies to become the gardener of the elderly sisters, Ren'e and Frances Kirby who have moved into the village. Then when Nick pays the sisters a social call, he warns them about Claude and then they con Claude into buying some of their 'valuable' antique items which turn out to be very good fakes, unknown to Claude!
? Herman's Hermits (19?
'Bits and Pieces' Dave Clark Five (1964)
'Needles and Pins' The Searchers (1964)
'I'm into Something Good' Herman's Hermits (1964)
'Shout' Lulu and the Lovers (1964)
'House of the Rising Sun' The Animals (1964)
'I Like It' Gerry and the Pacemakers (1963)
'Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying' Gerry and the Pacemakers (1964)
'A Hard Day's Night' The Beatles (1964)

4 Playing with Fire By Rob Gittins                      01/05/92
Nick investigates two mysterious barn fires that have happened recently. A young woman is also assaulted in a barn by her new boyfriend. The woman is persuaded by her friend, Sandra Murry (Alan Maskell's girlfriend) to report him to the police. It turns out that the woman's boyfriend is also the arsonist responsible for the barn fires. Meanwhile a local woman's horse keeps escaping from it's field and Nick is concerned that it will cause an accident. Kate has another argument with Ferrenby when she puts the unmarried Sandra Murry in touch with the family planning Clinic over birth control. And Greengrass gives Nick a tip-off about a poaching gang and when to catch them. The police organize an operation to catch the poachers, they catch a couple, only later to hear from Lord Ashfordly that a bigger gang cleared the river of fish further along.
'Good Golly Miss Molly' Swinging Blue Jeans (1964)
'Help' The Beatles (1965)
'You're No Good' Swinging Blue Jeans (1964)
'If You Gotta Make a fool of Somebody' Freddie and the Dreamers (1963)
'A World Without Love' Peter and Gordon (1964)
'I Believe' The Bachelors (1964)
'Do You Want to Know a Secret?' Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas (1963)
'Ramona' The Bachelors (1964)
'Tell Me When' Applejacks (1964)

5 Nowt but a Prank By Barry Woodward           08/05/92
A feud between two neighbours, a Mr. Chapman and a Mr. Radcliffe that has been going on for the past 20 years is getting really serious. Chapman blocks off a public right of way which leads up to Radcliffe's home. Ferrenby who is treating Radcliffe for diabetes is confronted by an angry Chapman when he tries to use the road, but Chapman demands he use another road. Ferrenby gets injured moving Chapman's blockade and asks Kate to help out with the practice. Meanwhile 3 young boys play a series of practical jokes on Chapman. They block his chimney up when he has a fire and he automatically blames Radcliffe who just so happens to be passing. He grabs Radcliffe and locks him up in his house, but Radcliffe is in need of his regular dosage of pills he needs to take due to his condition and is becoming seriously ill. Nick tries to calm the situation and tries to get Radcliffe out, but Chapman ends up locking him up as well. Nick however manages to escape and returns with Blaketon and Kate, but are confronted with Chapman who fires his shotgun. The situation is ended when Radcliffe's wife - Mary talks Chapman around. It turns out she was engaged to Chapman before the war, but she married Radcliffe after she presumed Chapman was killed - but he was in fact a PoW. Kate manages to treat Radcliffe in time and he recovers. Ferrenby who has been impressed with Kate's recent work, asks her to join the practice - but she plays for time and asks him for time to think about it.
'I Can't Explain' The Who (1965)
'Hello Little Girl' The Fourmost (1963)
'When You Walk in the Room' The Searchers (1964)
'I'm Telling You Now' Freddie and the Dreamers (1963)
'Diamonds' Jet Harris/Tony Meehan (1963)

6 Old, New, Borrowed and Blue By Alan Whiting  15/05/92
There are a number of burglaries in the area recently which all have a connection, the thief tidies the house before leaving with the loot, which is usually silver. Nick checks around the local auction houses to see if anything has been passed on. He also begins to suspect local do-gooder, Penelope Stirling of being involved in the burglaries when he sees her buying incomplete sets of antiques. Meanwhile the police warn the local residents, including Lord Ashfordly to be on the look out for the thief and advise them to hide valuables which can be seen from the windows. The police catch the thief however when he burgles Ashfordly Hall where he straightens a picture which is wired to an alarm at the police station. Stirling turns out to be stealing antiques which are part of sets. She then buys the rest of the collection when the old people who the sets belong to die for a fraction of there true value. Then she sells the complete collections for the full price. Nick however can't prove it and Mrs. Stirling leaves the area. Meanwhile Nick and Kate attend Alan and Sandra's wedding, where Nick ends up arresting the best man who is pushing drugs. Kate considers returning to hospital medicine in Middlesborough, but joins Alex on his rounds to see what a country practice entails, but she eventually decides to join his practice. And Claude provides the wedding car for Alan and Sandra's wedding!
'Green Onions' Georgie Fame.
'Applejack' Jet Harris/Tony Meehan(1963)
'Nut Rocker' B. Bumble and the Stingers(1962)
'A Groovy Kind of Love' Mindbenders (1966)
'A Walk in the Black Forest' Russ Conway

7 Face Value

By David Lane                              22/05/92
There is to be a big CND demonstration outside the Fylingdales early warning defence base near Aidensfield, and prospective MP - Paul Melthorn is to make a speech there. Workers take offence when demonstrators are putting up posters everywhere advertising the demo and Nick has to break up a row in the pub between them. In doing so one of the demonstrators gets injured and Nick gets accused of assaulting him. Ashfordly police in the meantime are informed to police the demo and Blaketon finds out that the American Ambassador is visiting Fylingdales at the time of the demo. The demonstrators campsite is then burgled and Melthorn's wallet, which contains incriminating pictures of him having an affair with a young woman are stolen. The demo takes place and the road is blocked with demonstrators. Melthorn makes his speech but becomes ill and Kate arrives to treat him and discovers he has a weak heart. It turns out that the demonstrator who accused Nick of assault is in fact a Special Branch Officer investigating Melthorn's private life. Nick and Blaketon return his incriminating wallet on the condition that he calls off the demo to clear the road to make way for the American ambassador whose about to arrive. And Claude gets mixed up with the burglars who raided the camp site who turn out to be two of the Fylingdales workers.
'Needles and Pins' The Searchers (1964)
'Goodness Gracious Me' Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren (1960)
'I Saw Her Standing There' The Beatles (1963)
'I'm Telling You Now' Freddie and the Dreamers (1963)
'Little Things' Dave Berry (1965)
'You Can't Do That' The Beatles
'Twist and Shout' The Beatles (1963)

8 Outsiders By Peter Barwood                              29/05/92
A caravan of circus-folk, the Laszlos arrives in Aidensfield and camps on the village green. The locals are angry about it and demand that these unwelcome visitors leave. The vicar's daughter, Anna meanwhile falls for one of campers, the young and handsome Milos Laszlo. This angers her wealthy fiancée, Jamie Hunter. Nick then receives allegations of theft against the Lazslos and Nick goes to the caravan to investigate. Nick hears that there is a sick man in the caravan and later discovers the man has cancer and has 'returned' home to his birthplace to die. The church's safe is then broken into and Milos then becomes the prime suspect after his scarf is found at the scene. Greengrass, an old friend of the Lazslos then informs Nick that he saw Jamie Hunter pick the scarf up and Nick realizes Hunter must have been responsible for the break in. The Lazslos then leave, with Anna after realizing they are not welcome anymore.
'Little Children' Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas (1964)
'I Think of You' Merseybeats (1964)
'A Hard Day's Night' The Beatles (1964)
'I Feel Fine' The Beatles (1964)
'Secret Love' Kathy Kirby (1963)
'Everything's Alright' Mojos (1964)
'The Crying Game' by Dave Berry (1964)

9 Primal Instinct By Brian Finch                           05/06/92
Muriel Gerard returns from church with her mother one Sunday morning to find that her husband, Andrew - a former DCS from Scotland Yard, has been shot dead. She informs Nick who arrives with Kate who confirms the death. A huge murder hunt then starts and two detectives from the Met - a DCI Merton and DC Langdon are sent up from London to take charge of the investigation. Langdon whose an old friend of Nick's stays with him and Kate at the police house. Its thought that Gerard was killed by an old criminal who he'd put away who was now free and wanting their revenge. But after questioning from Langdon suspicion falls on his wife -Muriel. Nick hears from Alex via Kate that Gerard was known for beating Muriel and so it's thought that she just killed him in anger for her pain and misery over the years. However when she is arrested and taken to the station Nick realizes that Muriel's mother - Victoria Wainwright is in fact the murderer and goes to see her and she confesses to it. She couldn't bare seeing her daughter suffer anymore from her husband's mood swings. Meanwhile Alan Maskall gets involved in re-spraying cars for a couple of men, thinking them to be straight, but they are in fact stolen cars. He finds out the vehicles are stolen and tells Nick and the thieves are set up and arrested. However Nick is annoyed when Blaketon also charges Alan after telling him he wouldn't be charged.
'Norwegian Wood' The Beatles (1965)
'Keep on Running' Spencer Davis Group (1965)
'The Times They are A-Changing' session musician Nick Moran from the Bob Dylan hit (1965)
'A Whiter Shade of Pale' Procol Harum (1967)
'Out of Time' Chris Farlowe (1966)
'The Look of Love' Dusty Springfield (1967)
'Living in the Past' Jethro Tull (1969)

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10 Keep on Running By Johnny Byrne              12/06/92
There is an outbreak of sheep rustling and one of the victims who is renowned for naming his sheep accuses Greengrass of the crime. Greengrass ends up in court and is convicted, but Nick discovers holes in the evidence and realizes that Greengrass had been set up. Meanwhile Alan Maskell who is on bail does a runner to London. But unknown to him his wife Sandra suffers a miscarriage at the same time. Nick in the meantime is asked to go for an interview to join the drug squad team at Scotland Yard, which would guarantee a promotion to Sergeant. He decides to go for the interview despite Kate opposing the idea of returning to London. Whilst there he promises Sandra that he'll find and bring back Alan. Whilst in London Nick finds Alan in a night club, then there's a drugs raid by police and Nick sees them plant the evidence. Nick is arrested along with everyone else. Nick later files an official complaint about the officer in charge of the raid. He's then offered the job with the drug squad, but on the condition that he withdraws his complaint. Nick turns the offer down and decides to stays in Aidensfield.
'Apache' The Shadows (1960)
'Do you Love Me?' Dave Clark Five (1963)
'If I Feel' the Beatles
'Shakin' All Over' Johnny Kidd and the Pirates (1960)
'She's Not There' The Zombies (1964)

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