Originally broadcasted between 28th October 2001 - ? 2002


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Regular Characters

PC Mike Bradley Dr. Patricia Summerbee Oscar Blaketon
PC Alf Ventress Gina Ward Sgt Raymond Craddock
PC Phil Bellamy Vernon Scripps Bernie Scripps
David Stockwell Lord Ashfordly

New Characters

PC Tom Nicholson Sgt Dennis Merton Jenny Latimer

1 Sweet Sixteen By Jane Hollowood                    28/10/01          12.03m
Mike is starting to recover from Jackie's departure when the police house suddenly has a brick thrown threw the window. Meanwhile Craddock is getting desperate about the state of the stations as an inspector is due for an inspection, so he decides the station needs decorating and Alf starts work. However Craddock tells Mike not to worry about the window incident, insisting it's just kids. But then outside the police house Craddock's car gets vandalised and has paint poured all over it. Then the pub is broken into and two bottles of Whiskey are taken. Craddock then makes it a top priority to find the culprit to these incidences. Meanwhile Vernon starts to accuse David of nicking all the food in the house and suspects David is in fact seeing a young lady after he finds long hairs in the bath! David however gets upset by Vernon's accusations and feels he's going mad and tells Gina about the Whisky. She then tells the police who are keen to talk to Vernon about a possible intruder in his house and they later discover a tramp having a bath there!  The tramp confesses to the pub break-in and to staying at Vernon's. However Ashfordly Police station is then set on fire and Craddock realises they have not found the police attacker yet. Meantime Schoolgirl Debbie White who is in a relationship with Carl Lomax suspects she is pregnant and asks Tricia if she will prescribe here with the Pill. Tricia decides to refer Debbie to Ashfordly's family planning clinic who then prescribe her with the pill. Her parents then find out and ask Debbie who provided her with the pills. They then go to see Tricia and angrily show their disapproval and threatened to spread the word that she provided the pill to a teenager. Tricia then goes to Mike for some advice and asks how he is copping without Jackie. Meanwhile Mike starts to suspects Carl Lomax of the attacks and leans that Lomax recently burnt his arm and so he's bought in for questioning. It seems Carl's father was recently killed by a speeding motorist - the driver who was a policeman got off and after the family appealed, he still got off. Lomax confesses to the recent attacks because he blames the police for his fathers death. Meanwhile due to Craddock's car being worked on by Bernie, Craddock's forced to hire Vernon to collect the Inspector and bring him to the station.
'Carry that Weight' The Beatles (1969)
'Reflections of My Life' Marmalade (1969)
'I Got You Babe' Sonny and Cher (1965)
'Unchained Melody' The Righteous Brothers (1965)
'I Put Spell on You' Alan Price (1966)
'Jennifer Eccles' The Hollies (1968)
'Michelle' Matt Monro
'Purple Haze' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)
'A Well Respected Man' The Kinks (1965)

2 She's Leaving Home By Johnny Byrne           04/11/01          11.67m
Carl Lomax
(Sweet Sixteen) is remanded in custody at his hearing while the police continue there investigations. This causes a row between Carl's mother and Debbie White's parents. Debbie meanwhile is devastated at Carl being locked up and gets her friend Jenny to get the address of where Carl is being kept from the police,  as her parents won't let her out of the house. Debbie then writes to Carl and he escapes from Prison on a coal truck. The police are informed and visit Carls mother who has her brother - Eddie Ford staying with her. They tell her to tell them if Carl makes contact with her. Meanwhile Tricia is getting distraught when the word spreads that she provided the pill to Debbie by sleazy gazette reporter Sykes who is keen to make her life a misery. Tricia then gets a hoax phone call about a car accident and while she goes to attend, the surgery is broken into and drugs are taken. The police conclude that the hoax call was a distraction and Mike starts to investigate. Carl meantime makes contact with Debbie and they decide to runaway together. but then Debbie goes ill after drinking contaminated water and Carl phones Tricia who gets Debbie to hospital. Debbie's parents thank Carl for saving her life. Mike meantime suspects Eddie Ford of the burglary at the surgery and checks Ford out. Oscar then overhears Ford saying he's done time and informs Mike who visits his sister - Mrs Lomax again, but she insists Eddie was with her at the time of the Burglary. But then Mrs Lomax discovers her children playing with the stolen drugs and Eddie is arrested. Meanwhile Vernon buys a set of slot machines from a Mr Hawkins with a vision of turning the Yorkshire pubs into the new Las Vegas. However when slot machines competitor - Charlie Woods tries to buy the machines as Hawkins promised them to him originally, Bernie says there not for sale. Then Hawkins supposedly sends a man called Cedrick to do Maintenance on the machines. Vernon then persuades Oscar to have some of the machines in the pub, But when everyone is continually winning on the machines, Vernon painfully realises the machine have in fact been nobbled by Cedrick who in fact works for Woods!
'I Fought the Law' Bobby Fuller Four (1966)
'Love' John Lennon (1970)
'All Along the Watchtower' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1968)
'Nowhere to Run' Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (1965)
'Runaway' Del Shannon (1961)
'Little Children' Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas (1964)
'Viva Las Vegas' Elvis Presley (1964)

3 Russian Roulette By Brian Finch                    11/11/01          11.61m
Reports come in of an man standing on the railway line in the path of oncoming trains and Mike goes to investigate and asks a Mr Maxwell who lives near by if he's seen anything, but he says he's seen nothing. Meanwhile Mr Maxwell is complaining of chest pains and is being treated by Tricia, but she sees no evidence that he has any cause for concern and after he has an x-ray, she gives him the all clear. But then he phones in the night claiming he's dying, so Tricia goes to examine him and feels he's imagining the symptoms. Maxwell then hears Tricia talking to Mike about him as Mike feels he may be the man seen on the railway. Tricia also gets suspicious as to why Maxwell suddenly stopped going to his former GP and pays her a visit. She tells Tricia that Maxwell's wife died and after she suggested he see a Psychiatrist he became abusive and she refused to treat him any longer. Tricia then goes to confront Maxwell but finds him on the railway line. She tells him she knows what happened and when another complaint from the railways comes in and Mike goes to see Maxwell, Tricia tells Mike it wasn't Maxwell, on the understanding that Maxwell sees a Psychiatrist and stops punishing himself over his wife's death. In the meantime a Russian called Igor Saukas is trying to find Vernon - his "old friend" and David takes him home to see Vernon, who isn't very happy, it seems Vernon sold Igor some bad umbrellas. Igor tells Vernon its in the past and he then sells Vernon some peat for lighting fires. Meanwhile a man called Denby from MI5 tells Craddock of his presence in the area and that he may need Craddock's help. Denby is watching Igor, believing him to be a spy and gets Craddock to put Ventress and Bellamy on surveillance by watching Vernon. As they watch, Vernon and David are with Igor loading the peat onto the truck. Vernon then persuades Blaketon to buy some, but when his usual supplier - coalman - Enoch Payne hears about it he gives Vernon a visit. But Vernon manages to persuade Payne to join forces with him and create a business partnership. But then Blaketon complains that the peat does not burn and Vernon realises Igor has got his own back for the Umbrella's. Craddock then has the pleasure of telling Denby there's nothing suspicious about Igor at all! And in the meantime, Mike decides to sit his sergeants exams!
'She's not there' The Zombies
'sunshine' Donavon
stop - hey what's the sound' ?
'Albatross' Fleetwood Mac

4 Legacies By                                                    18/11/01          1.m

5 Home Sweet Home By                                 25/11/01          1.m


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