Originally broadcasted between 22nd October 2000 - 8th April 2001



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Regular characters

PC Mike Bradley Jackie Bradley Claude Greengrass
Oscar Blaketon PC Phil Bellamy PC Alf Ventress
Gina Ward Maggie Bolton Sgt Raymond Craddock
Bernie Scripps David Stockwell Lord Ashfordly
Sue Driscoll Sgt Nokes

New Characters

Vernon Scripps Dr. Patricia Summerbee

1 Chalk and Cheese By Peter Gibbs                  22/10/00        12.24m
Schoolteacher - Celia Hanson retires and moves into the village next door to farmer - Don Foster, a local known to be set in his ways. Foster's patients wears thin when Celia's car breaks down and she asks for his help. This starts a series of events in which Foster purposely makes her life a misery. Celia then asks Blaketon for help after Foster plasters her garden with manure and Blaketon visits him, but has little success. Then when Foster's cows roam into her garden, Celia complains to Craddock. Mike goes to see him but Foster doesn’t want to know. Foster then lets his dog attack Celia on purpose and she ends up getting bitten, so Mike warns him that his dog could get destroyed. But Foster is then arrested when she accuses him of trying to run her down when his tractor ran into her broken down car. Foster initially denies it, but then confesses to it after questioning from Craddock and he signs a statement, Jackie who is representing Foster suspect something's not right and ask Craddock to retake the statement, but he declines. Craddock it seems also suspects Foster of murdering his wife years before when she suddenly vanished and asks Alf to investigate it. At the court in the meantime Foster is allowed to go when it's discovered he can't read and there for couldn’t have read his own statement. And Alf discovers his wife is in fact still alive after his enquires. Meanwhile Phil wants to cheer up Gina who's finally fid of Andy and he decides to take her to a new club where she ends up singing, but he finds out she's still very emotional. And Claude gets into double trouble with the council when he tries to make a few bob in illegal dumping on his land, and to make the situation worse David ends up finding a live shell from the war and decides to clean it up a bit!
'Good Day Sunshine' The Beatles (1966)
'Where Do You go to My Lovely' Peter Sarstedt (1969)
'Colours' Donovan (1965)
'Mama Told Me Not to Come' Three Dog Night (1970)
'Can't Buy Me Love' Sung by a band in the episode from the original hit by The Beatles (1964)
'Cryin' in the Rain' Sung by Tricia Penrose from the original hit by The Everly Brothers (1962)
'Hole in My Shoe' Traffic (1967)
'Time Has Told Me' Nick Drake (1970)
'Man in a Shed' Nick Drake (1970)
'Hard Headed Woman' Cat Stevens (1970)

2 Smile for the Camera By Jane Hollowood        29/10/00        14.22m
Mike and Jackie begin to get a number of strange phone calls at all hours and it's beginning to get Jackie worried. Mike promises to sort it out, but Craddock tells him its just part of the job. Mike then however discovers film rappers in the garden of the police house and begins to feel it's more than just someone mucking around. Then Jackie finds her car has been broken into and a message written in her diary saying, "I AM WAITING". Jackie then goes to see Craddock who behind Mike's back accuses her of having a secret boyfriend, and insisting to Mike it's a domestic matter. Then Jackie is sent some flowers and receives more calls at work and then when Mike find's a restaurant bill in Jackie's coat he suspects Jackie is having an affair with a local man - Anthony Smythe. Mike then confronts Smythe one night accusing him of stalking Jackie, he denies it insisting they are just friends. However at the same time the stalker strikes again at the police houses and a frightened Jackie escapes and runs to the pub for help. Craddock who is furious that Mike went to see Smythe takes him off the case and Alf takes over and he asks Blaketon for help. Blaketon discovers a possible suspect in his old files, Martin Padmore - a known stalker. Alf and Mike go to Padmore's house to discover he is indeed the culprit as he has hundreds of pictures of Jackie everywhere, and so they go after him. However Padmore is already with Jackie hidden in her car, which he hijacks by holding a gun to Jackie's head. Jackie however is able to escape into some woods and Mike and Alf arrive just in time to arrest the obsessed Padmore. Meanwhile Smythe's father - General Smythe has died recently and David, Bernie and Claude agree to do the funeral, but they need a gun carriage for the coffin to lay upon and end up with a hey cart which is fine until a donkey distracts the horse pulling it!
'For Your Love' The Yardbirds (1965)
'I Don't Want Our Loving to Die' The Herd (1968)
'Poison Ivy' The Coasters (1959)
'The Wind Cries Mary' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)
'Sweet Talkin' Guy' The Chiffons (1966)
'Many Rivers To Cross' Jimmy Cliff

3 Dog Collar By Neil McKay                                 05/11/00        13.68m
A concert takes place at Elthering church in order to raise money for the church roof and Rev. Thomas Gibbs is pleased with the events success. However after the event is over and everyone has left, Alf finds that candlesticks have been stolen from the church. Mike goes to the vicarage and informs Rev.Gibbs and starts to investigate the theft by checking in the local antique and porn shops. Then when Alf goes to do the church flowers on behalf of his wife, he is assaulted by an intruder and ends up in hospital, and takes full advantage of the break! Mike in the meantime discovers more items have been stolen from the church and its safe has been opened, and he realises it must have been opened by a key kept by Rev.Gibbs. Mike sees Gibbs again and discovers the key has been stolen. Suspicion then falls on Simon Cutler, who does jobs for Gibbs and is dating his daughter - Karen. Mike and Phil go to see Cutler, who denies it, but Phil finds cash in his room and he's questioned. Simon insists he earned the money and then Karen reveals Simon was with her at the time of the robberies. Suspicion then falls on Rev.Gibbs when Phil sees him leaving an antiques shop. The police suspect Gibbs is in on the robbery with a porn shop owner called Oakes, and Mike goes to see Gibbs who confesses to his involvement saying that he did it in desperation and Oaks wanted a cut in it. Oakes is then caught doing another break in - but with Gibbs' wife, Ruth. She turns out to be who stole the candlesticks and gave the key of the safe to Oakes, Rev.Gibbs just tried to cover up his wife's involvement. Meanwhile Phil tries to impress Gina by getting Mike to fix her waste pipes in the pubs kitchen saying he fixed them, and Claude and David on behalf of a Mrs. Benton plan to enter her prize winning poodle - Harvey in a forthcoming dog competition, however David looses Harvey and instead enters Alfred under Mrs. Benton's name in the "best Mutt" competition - and wins!
'Lord of the Dance' sung by actors in the show
'White Rabbit' Jefferson Airplane (1967)
'If I Were a Carpenter' Bobby Darin (1966)
'Walkin' the Dog' The Dennisons (1964)
'Keep on Running' Spencer Davis Group (1965)
'I Feel Free' Cream (1966)
'A Fool Such As I' Elvis Presley (1959)
'Hound Dog' Elvis Presley (1956)
'Don't Let the Sun Catch you Crying' Gerry and the Pacemakers (1964)
'It's Now or Never' Elvis Presley (1960)

4 Gabriel's Last Stand By Gil Brailey                 12/11/00        13.17m
Retired MP - Gabriel Firth and his wife Diana move back into the village, he organises his retirement party at his manor in the hope of persuading a local and wealthy businessman - Mr. Hudson to employ him. However Firth then cancels the village’s annual fireworks display, which traditional takes place on his estate, as it is on the same night as his party. He also sacks the event's organiser Judd Holdsworth for starting to build the bonfire without his permission.  Later that same night the Firth's are awoken by a biker riding in the grounds and vandalising their gardens, Firth calls the police and accuses Holdsworth. Mike and Craddock then go to see Holdsworth to question him, but he denies it. Then the Firth's find paint sprayed all over the walls of their manor and Holdsworth who's got the motive for it is immediately arrested, but he still insists he's not responsible. Then Firth is nearly killed when the brakes of his car fail. He again accuses Holdsworth when Mike informs him his car had been tampered with, but Mike then tells him that Holdsworth was in police custody at the time. The Firth's new neighbour - Jennifer Bennett is then suspected and questioned. She reveals that she is Firth's mistress, and admits to the vandalism with the paint and in the gardens, but denies tampering with the car. Mike then looks at Firth's car more closely and discovers a necklace belonging to his wife Diana under it. Diana then confesses, saying she did it as she knew of her husband's affair with Bennett. Meanwhile Jackie points out to Firth he legally has to let the village party go ahead along side his own, and Claude and David provide their 'homemade' fireworks for the event. But David is to eager to start the show and accidentally sets alight the entire stock on Claude's truck in one go!  And Gina and Phil 'finally' get together at the party for an evening out.
'A Taste of Honey' Mr. Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band (1963)
'Long Live Love' Sandie Shaw (1965)
'Light My Fire' The Doors (1967)
'I've Got a Feeling' The Beatles (1970)
'Charlie Brown' The Coasters (1959)

5 War Stories By Peter Barwood                           19/11/00        14.94m
Alf's old Commando friends arrives in the village for their 25th reunion, but during the celebrations there is a disruption between one of them - Matty Lovell and his best mates son - Charlie Penwarden, who's father was killed in a raid the commando's did during the war. Penwarden it seems blames Lovell for his death. Lovell then goes poaching with Claude and Penwarden on Lord Ashfordly's land, but Lovell ends up dead with a shot to his head and suicide is suspected. Sgt Nokes (Weight of Evidence) who is currently in charge, calls CID in to help investigate the killing. Meanwhile Alf discovers Lovell was the trustee of the 'Widows and Orphans fund' for the commando regiment, and it seems he was committing Fraud. Penwarden it seems discovered what he was up to and threatened to expose him if he did not pay up for his ill mother. However a writer called Drake who plans to write a book about the war raid tells Blaketon that Lovell had no need to shoot himself as Penwarden's father was the guilty one, not Lovell. It turns out Penwarden was the guilty one with regard to the funds moneys, Lovell was giving him the money for his mother who he then discovered wasn't ill at all. Lovell threatened to expose Penwarden if he didn't return the cash, so Penwarden shot him. Meanwhile Maggie is treating Molly Rysinski who has come out of hospital, as she prefers to be at home. But her son Graham, feels she should be in hospital and is angry with Maggie. However Maggie tells him his mother is dying and that her best interests is what matters now. So when he gets her back in hospital against her will, Maggie with Claude and David's help gets her out so she can die peacefully where she wanted to - in the countryside. And Gina becomes worried when a Mr Blain threatens her with legal action over supposed noise pollution in the pub, but when Phil discovers hazardous substances badly stored in Mr Blain's garage, he comes to an arrangement with him and Gina rewards Phil with a kiss!
'The Great Escape Theme' Elmer Bernstein (1963)

6 The Fool on the Hill By Helen Blizard              26/11/00        13.86m
Rachel Osborne is staying with her Friends - Sandra and Dave Wilson at their house. The house is then broken into and items of Rachel's are stolen. Meanwhile an elderly woman called Enid, who turns out to be Craddock's mother, witnesses an assault on a woman and then sees a green car drive off. She reports it to the police and later, a dazed Rachel Osborne collapses in the pub and is taken to hospital with head injuries. It appears it was her who Enid saw assaulted on the moors and Mike informs the Wilson's of Rachel's assault. They tell Mike she has a husband called Charlie who should also know. While trying to trace Charlie who is in the army in Germany, Mike learns that Rachel had filed for a divorce from him, which angered him. Mike then begins to suspect Charlie of the break in when he hears that Charlie is now back in the country and living in Whitby. He finds him and takes him for questioning, where he admits he broke into the house. But later Charlie discovers Rachel was having an affair with Dave Wilson and confronts Wilson about it outside the pub were a fight between them starts and Charlie is arrested. Rachel then dies and Charlie is questioned about the assault. He says he was at his daughter - Lucy's school at the time of the assault, which she confirms, eliminating him as a suspect. Enid then sees the car she saw at the scene of the assault, which turns out to belong to Dave Wilson. Wilson confesses and says he accidentally hit Rachel during an argument in which Rachel suggested their affair should go on hold for now. But Mike then discovers Wilson takes tablets for epilepsy, which prevents him from Driving and realises Sandra Wilson in fact assaulted Rachel after she learnt of her husbands affair. Meanwhile Claude and David befriend Craddock's mother and put a bet on a horse for her at the races, but then David loses the Betting slip after taking Alfred to the vets, and Claude and David end up in the cells after getting caught trying to recover it from the vets dustbins!
'Love Is All Around Us' Sung by Jason Durr from the original hit by The Troggs (1967)
'Blackbird' The Beatles (1968)
'As Tears Go By' The Rolling Stones (1966)

7 The Traveller By John Milne                              03/12/00        13.62m
There's an attempted armed robbery on a local bookies, but when the robbers gun doesn't go off, the robbery backfires and the culprits - Nat Cooper and Peter Corcoran then go on the run. Division orders Ashfordly police to set up armed roadblocks around the area to try and catch them. Alf sets up one, and Phil and Cradock set up another. Whilst escaping in their car Peter accidentally shoots Nat in the foot and after their car suffers a puncture they decide to dump the car, and they split up. In the meantime a community of travellers who are on their way to the forthcoming horse fair in Thirsk, arrive in the area. One of them called Johnny Lee agrees to help Nat and gets him through the police roadblocks. They arrive in the village and Gina then lets Lee camp in the pub car park to Blaketon's annoyance. Lee then asks Maggie to look at Nat's injured foot, and Maggie becomes suspicious when she discovers Nat's injury is in fact a bullet wound. She then informs Mike and tells him where Nat is. Peter meanwhile arrives at Alf's roadblock and surrenders himself and is questioned, while the police go to see Lee outside the pub to get Nat, but he tells them he's already gone and he doesn't know where. However Lee is in fact secretly still helping Nat. A huge police hunt is then on to search for Nat and when Nat breaks into the pub and steals some money, Lee who suspects him goes to find him to get the money back, telling him he should give himself up. Lee returns the money to Blaketon and he tells Mike where Nat's gone. Lee then helps the police find Nat who's ended up at Claude's house with David who is unaware of Nat's situation. The police surround Claude's house and Lee runs in and persuade an armed Nat to surrender. Meanwhile Claude Buys a horse to sell at the horse fair, but then one of the travellers - Derek Egan persuades Claude to sell it to him after it wins at a 'trotting' race they both organised in the village! 
'Lets Go to San Francisco' The Flowerpot Men (1967)
'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place' The Animals (1965)
'Daydream Believer' The Monkees (1967)
'Hurdy Gurdy Man' Donovan (1968)
'Scarborough Fair/Canticle' Simon and Garfunkel (1969)
'On the Road Again' CAnned Heat (1968)
'Green Tambourine' The Lemon Pipers (1968)
'On A Carousel' The Hollies (1967)
'Daydream' The Lovin' Spoonful (1966)

8 Child's Play By Michael Hall                              10/12/00        13.80m
There's a break in at Mrs. Carlton's house and her neighbour Edna (who's a bit of a psychic and can predict things) tells Alf, who looks at the house and finds no sign of a break in. Maggie who's been nursing Mrs. Carlton and is keeping an eye on her house then discovers a young boy in the house who runs off, leaving his school vest behind. She tells the police and Mike visits the boarding school where the head teacher, who isn't very helpful, tells him that a boy called Tom Bamber vanished during a recent cross country run. On searching the house again, Mike then learns that Tom is in fact related to Mrs. Carlton and he later finds him at the railway station with a man - a Mr. Monks who says he's Tom's housemaster from the school. Mike can see the boy is terrified of Monks and he suspects something is wrong. After a visit to the police station, Monks then gets injured when he tries to push Tom over a hilltop on the moors, and he ends up in hospital. Tom meanwhile runs off and ends up at Claude's house where David looks after him until he runs off again. A massive police search is then organised to find him. Mike then returns to the school where the head teacher tells him that Monks had a 'special' interest in Tom. It seems he has been assaulting him, which is why he was so keen to track Tom down when he vanished. Mike eventually finds Tom on the moors and rescues him.  In the meantime entertainer - Stanley Leroy who knows Bernie, claims to know singer - Dickie Valentine. He then gets Bernie to help him arrange a mystery tour - promising people that they will meet the singer in person. However Leroy is a conman and runs  off with all their money.   Meanwhile  Graham Rysinski 
(War Stories) returns, and he apologises to Maggie for how he treated her, and he ends up giving her his mother's ring. And Phil's old flame - Sue Driscoll (Echoes of the Past) returns for a visit and goes out with him for a drink, but when Gina finds out, she becomes very jealous. But then Sue tells her that Phil still loves Gina - not her.
'On the Road Again' Willie Nelson
The Magical Mystery Tour' The Beatles (1967)
'Where Do the Children Play' Cat Stevens (1970)
'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' The Hollies (1969)

9 Fallen Heroes By Johnny Byrne                        17/12/00        12.04m
There's a car crash and the police are informed by an anonymous caller. The driver - Danny Reese who was knocked unconscious is taken to hospital. At the scene of the accident Mike collects up his belongings and takes them to the station. After he's recovered, Reese goes to the station to collect his property, but discovers that one of his cases, which was full of £18,000 in cash has vanished. Mike suspects that the anonymous caller stole the case, while Craddock is suspicious about Reese. Then people including Bernie, Maggie and Mike start to receive letters with large amounts of cash in the post asking them to pass the money on to villagers who need it. The police feel the parcels of cash are part of the amount stolen from Reese's car and they search for a connection between the villagers who are mentioned in the letters. In the meantime Reese and his girlfriend, Jenny Preston stay at the pub where Blaketon overhears them discussing the money and a casino in Leeds. The police then contact the Casino owner - a Mr. Fraser who denies any money has gone missing from his casino. Blaketon then sees Reese and Preston forced into a car and the police later question them. It seems it was Fraser's car and that they worked at his casino until they stole the cash from it. Fraser who is unwilling to get the police involved in the matter, as he hasn't declared it, now wants his money back. Mike then realises who stole the cash from the car, it was postman - Fred Leeder. He did it because he felt sorry for the relatives of soldiers who died at the battle of the Somme, and just wanted to help them. However Reese then steals the remaining cash back from Leeder’s house, but is later arrested. And Fraser is questioned about not declaring the cash. Meanwhile Maggie and Graham's relationship grows stronger when he arranges for Maggie, Sam and himself to go away for a holiday together. And in an attempt to impress Gina on her birthday, Phil takes up Alf's offer of using a relatives flat while they are away. However when Gina arrives, so do the owners!
'Sunny Afternoon' The Kinks (1966)
'When a Man Loves a Woman' Percy Sledge (1966)
'The Letter' Box Tops (1967)
'Theme from Love Story' 

                                                            Christmas Episode
Cold Turkey By Peter Gibbs                           24/12/00         11.16m
Its Christmas time and the new Ashfordly bank Manager - Gordon Stringer is making peoples lives a misery, including local farmer Jack Dugdale's, who is behind with his loan payments.  Then when Stringer's son, Noel has a childish prank played on him at school, he blames it on his father's actions and decides to leave home. He moves into the Dugdales' seaside Caravan as he is friends with their son, Paul. However Stringer then receives a letter at the bank saying Noel has been kidnapped and by phone the kidnapper demands a large amount of cash in return for Noel. However Stringer's bank won't provide the money unless the police are involved, and so he's forced to call them. Paul Dugdale then tells the police he knows nothing of Noel's disappearance, but admits to sending the letter to get Stringer back for the way he treated his father. Jack Dugdale then becomes a suspect and is watched by Phil, while the bank sort out the ransom money. Stringer's wife - Molly meanwhile takes instructions from the kidnapper  who orders Stringer to leave the money in an old disused mill. Stringer takes the money there while Craddock and Mike watch from outside. After he delivers the cash, he finds Noel unhurt, but the money has vanished. Noel's then questioned about the kidnapper, but is unable to tell the police much. Dugdale is then eliminated as a suspect as he has an alibi and Mike then suspects the deputy bank manager - Mr. Draycott. Draycott is revealed to be the kidnapper and did it to get the money so he and his fellow bank worker could run off together. However, when she declines, Draycott has to plants the money back in the banks night safe, making it impossible to prove it was him. Meanwhile Claude who has been working on Stringer's patio has hurt his back and gets David to dress up as his "debt collector" to go and threaten Stringer at the bank, however poor David looses his bottle when he sees Phil and Mike at the bank undercover and runs for it. Then Claude and David spend the night at the station's cells with a "merry" drunk!
'(Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay' Otis Redding (1968)
'Born to be Wild' Steppenwolf (1969)
'Winter Wonderland' Darlene Love (1963)
'Oh Pretty Woman' Roy Orbison (1964)
'Red, Red, Robin comes Bob, Bob Bobbin Along'
'Soul Man' Sam and Dave (1967)
'Frosty the Snowman' The Ronettes (1963)
'The Christmas Song' Nat 'King' Cole (1963)

11 Sylvia's Mother By Gillian Richmond               07/01/01        13.70m
Sylvia Smith's elderly mother, Freda is very ill and she takes a turn for the worst. She calls out Maggie, and cancels her pre-arranged date with her boyfriend - Jack Hall.  An annoyed Jack meanwhile feels Sylvia's older brother Tony Smith is not helping out enough with his mother's welfare and causes a disturbance when he confronts him in the pub. Later that night one of Tony's chip shops goes up in flames and the police tell him it was arson. The police start to investigate and suspect Jack of doing it after his outburst in the pub with Tony.  So Mike goes to question him, but he denies it. Mike then talks to Sylvia about Jack and her brother's relationship, but she feels Jack is not responsible while Tony's wife Gladys feels Jack is. Freda then dies and Maggie notices some bruises on her arms, suspecting she may have been in a struggle with Jack, and so she tells Mike. Mike and Craddock then visit Jack again and question him about Freda's sudden death, which he also denies. But when Jackie reads out Freda's will, Tony is left nothing. Mike then becomes suspicious about Tony and his finances and discovers he is in fact married to two women. Tony admits to the fire, and says he did it for the insurance money, but he denies he had anything to do with his mother's death. However a post-mortem then reveals Freda in fact died from heart failure, possibly caused by her taking to much of her medication. However Maggie then realises Sylvia in fact gave her mother an overdose on her request. Meanwhile Blaketon has a surprise when an old flame - Ursula Donne turns up, and he hopes to renew their friendship. However then Lord Ashfordly steps in and asks Ursula out. Blaketon then gets suspicious of Ursula when she goes into business with Ashfordly and discovers she's a known con-woman. And Maggie, who has finished with Graham decides to accept a new job at the hospital and so she has a big leaving party at the pub!
'Pinball Wizard' The Who (1969)
'Strange Brew' Cream (1967)
'Three Steps to Heaven' Eddie Cochran (1960)
'Apache' The Shadows (1960)
'Kon-Tiki' The Shadows (1961)
'Walk Don't Run' The Ventures (1960)
'No Particular Place to Go' Chuck Berry (1964)
'Little Bitty Pretty One' Thurston Harris
'All You Need is Love' The Beatles (1967)

12 Safe House By Peter Gibbs                             14/01/01         13.71m
Mike gets an unexpected visit at the police house by a DCS Tatton of Leeds CID. He asks Mike to secretly hide a criminal called Barry Ross who is going to give evidence against the dangerous criminal - Jim Duggan, at his trial. Ross it seems gave the police vital information which lead to Duggan's arrest, but now Duggan is trying a last attempt at finding Ross before he gives his evidence in a few days. Mike is unsure about the situation, but agrees to secretly house Ross for the interim period. Mike then discovers however that Ross is known for his violence towards woman and gets jumpy when he's forced to leave Ross alone with Jackie one night. After getting angry with Jackie while Mike's out, Ross falls down the stairs and gets injured. When Mike returns, he gets Ashfordly doctor - Patricia Summerbee to look at Ross. In the meanwhile Sgt. Nokes is getting suspicious about Mike's behaviour and visits the police house to discover that Mike has handcuffed Ross in his room after he tried to run for it when he learned that Duggan's men were on to him. Tatton then arrives to calm Ross down and informs Nokes of the situation. However it turns out Tatton is being paid by Duggan's men to reveal Ross' location. Come the day of Ross' appearance in court Mike takes him to meet Tatton, but they are ambushed by Duggan's men, but manage to escape. Mike then realises that Tatton has set them up and he hide's Ross in Bernie's garage.  Meanwhile Duggan's men go to the police house and kidnap Jackie, forcing Mike to later give Ross' hiding place away.  But the men are eventually captured along with Tatton, and Ross still manages to give his vital evidence against Duggan in court. Meanwhile Claude has left Aidensfield to fly to the West Indies to meet his sister who has won a huge amount of money, and he instructs Jackie to sort out his estate by legally handing over his house to David to look after. Then to Bernie's surprise, his step brother - Vernon arrives in the village and he helps David get rid of a truck load of turnips!
'King of the Road' Roger Miller (1965)
'He's in Town' The Rockin' Berries (1964)
'In the Summertime' Mungo Jerry (1970)
'Pictures of Matchstick Men' Status Quo (1968)
'Gimma Some Loving' Spencer Davis Group (1966)
'Piggies' The Beatles (1968)
'A Whiter Shade of Pale' Procol Harum (1967)

13 Blind Justice By Neil McKay                           21/01/01         13.82m
Craddock has taken a fancy to his new dancing tutor - Susan Finlay, and he asks her out to the police dance. Meanwhile Mike and Alf are speed checking vehicles entering the village and a speeding van, driven by Richard Finley, fails to stop. Mike eventually forces him to pull over and escorts him to the station for questioning. Craddock then realises Finley is Susan's son and he decides to let him go without charge. Then one night a boy is the victim of a hit and run accident and he ends up seriously injured in hospital. Blaketon, who moments later witnessed a speeding Ford Anglia pass the pub informs the police. During a scout round the local garages, Mike discovers a damaged car, fitting Blaketon's description at Bernie's garage. It turns out the car belongs to Susan Finley and so Mike and Craddock go to see her about the accident. She denies it as she was with Craddock at the police dance at the time, so suspicion then falls on Richard and he's brought in again for questioning about the accident. He eventually admits he was in the car, but he denies hitting the boy and is charged anyway. At the court however the magistrate decides to let him off, due to the lack of evidence in the case. Blaketon however isn't satisfied and goes to see Finley, but instead sees Susan with the court magistrate - James Green. He tells Craddock, and Mike learns that Finley is about to go and work for Green's engineering company. Craddock then goes to see Susan and she tells him that her and Green had an affair years before and Green is in fact Richard's real father. Meanwhile Alf persuades Dr Summerbee to fix his eye test results in order for him to keep his job! And later he learns that a local Casino is on the fiddle when Phil's luck runs out. In the meantime, while Bernie's away, Vernon and David decide to "repair" the fuel tank of Lord Ashfordly's Bentley themselves, which he needs in time for his niece's wedding, but on Bernie's return a furious Lord Ashfordly ends up taking his niece to her wedding in Bernie's hearse instead, after his Bentley broke down!
'Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown' The Rolling Stones (1966)

14 Home Truths By Gil Brailey                            28/01/01         13.06m
Jackie's mother
(The Son-in-Law) turns up at the police house to Jackie's surprise whilst she's staying with her friends, the Henderson's.  Joe Henderson runs a local quarry and the workers are unhappy about working under the dangerous stone guards which need repairing and are in danger of collapsing. Henderson however is choosing to ignore the matter to the anger of his workers. Then one night, quarry worker - Jacob Fairbrother has an accident and he is buried under the fallen rocks which fell as a result of the unstable Stone guards. Henderson then goes with Mike to the quarry and Mike rescues Jacob from the rubble and he is taken to hospital. Jacob's wife, Pamela decides to take action against the Henderson's and asks Jackie for her help. Jackie then falls out with her mother when she asks her to also represent the Henderson's and she says she can't. Jacob meantime discharges himself from hospital and goes to threaten Henderson at the quarry. He then goes to the Henderson's home demanding some unpaid wages he's owed. Later Jackie's mother finds Henderson's wife - Shona murdered at her home and the police suspect it to be down to Jacob and so he is questioned. He denies even going to the Henderson's house, and vanishes from the station during a power cut. Dr Summerbee then tells Mike she treated Shona in the hospital recently for cuts and bruises, but under a different name and Mike then begins to get suspicious about Henderson. Meantime Jacob returns to the station to confess that he did go to the house, but he still denies murdering Shona. Henderson is then questioned and it turns out he in fact murdered Shona after he lost his temper and learnt that she had paid Jacob his wages. Meanwhile Vernon gets David and Bernie to help with his new business venture - providing the catering for a pop concert in Ashfordly. But when the catering van's lights fail, Vernon has an idea of how to regain power which blacks out the whole of Ashfordly and puts an early end to the concert! And Blaketon and Alf both show concerns about Phil's relationship with Gina, a licensee.
'Revolution' The Beatles (1968)
'From Me To You' Sung by a group in the show from the original hit by The Beatles (1963)
'I'm into Something Good'
Sung by a group in the show from the original hit by Herman's Hermits (1964)
'Do Wah Diddy Diddy'
Sung by a group in the show from the original hit by Manfred Mann (1964)
'Think it Over' The Crickets (1958)

15 Not So Special By Michael Hall                      04/02/01         13.54m
The elderly Mrs Barton is finding it increasingly difficult to run her late husband's farm, which is falling into a state of disrepair. Her  niece - Glenda Marriot, feels she really should at last give up the farm, but Mrs Barton refuses. David who helps her out on the farm then accidentally crashes her Land Rover pulling a horse box, and the horse has to be put down. The police then start to investigate the possibility that Mrs Barton's Land Rover had been tampered with when she starts to insist she has prowlers around the farm in the night. Then one night, out of fear she fires her shot gun when someone attempts to enter her house. Meanwhile it's learnt that the steering on the Land Rover had indeed been tampered with, while back at the farm, traces of blood are discovered.  Suspicion begins to falls on the farm helper, the elderly - Jed Harrison, who has suddenly vanished. In the meantime a new special constable - Harold Emney starts his training at Ashfordly station, and Alf volunteers to show him the ropes. However Emney gets on the wrong side of Phil when he starts abusing his position and causes trouble in the pub for Gina. Mike then hears from Jackie that Jed has in fact been left everything in Mrs Barton's will and Mike later finds Jed at the farm claiming to be putting out a fire that has been started there. He's questioned about the recent events at the farm and the steering on the Land Rover, but denies that he's responsible and comes up with an alibi. Suspicion then falls on Mrs Barton's niece, Glenda. It turns out Harold Emney is in fact her son and she confesses to Mike that she got him to try and frighten Mrs Barton out of the farm, so she could claim it as she felt by rights, it was hers. Emney is arrested at the farm when he's caught red handed threatening Mrs Barton and Jed. Meanwhile Vernon takes up a new challenge and enters a highly modified Morris Minor in a "hot rod" racing event. He wins the race, but the car literally goes up in smoke!  And Phil gets his wires crossed when he thinks Gina is pregnant!
'Johnny B. Goode' Chuck Berry (1958)
'In My Life' The Beatles (1965)
'Also Sprach Zarathoustra' Richard Strauss (Classical)
'Sealed with a Kiss' Brian Hyland (1962)

16 The Long Weekend By Jane Hollowood        11/02/01         13.69m
Vernon goes into the security business and Lord Ashfordly hire's him to be a bodyguard to his guest for the weekend, the Russian prince - Prince Nikolas who is coming to stay for the Halls dance. However when the prince wants to have some fun and go to the pub, Vernon gets into trouble with his Lordship after bringing him back drunk. The prince then gets gout as a result, but plans for the dance still go ahead. But after Vernon's services are no longer required by his Lordship, the prince pays Vernon in Russian roubles! Meanwhile Mike's teenage niece, Anne and her friend Louise are coming to stay with him and Jackie at the police house whilst they are there to do a school nature project, and a nervous Jackie is keen to make a good impression. But when the girls arrive, they are more interested in going out with their boyfriends who have arrived in the village as well. Then, after being out late with them, and their new friend, Kenny arranging a party, Jackie grounds the girls. In the meantime Kenny, who's father works on the Ashfordly estate invites all his mates to the party. The girls leave the police house by their bedroom window and go to the party. Kenny then shows his mates a way into Ashfordly Hall and one of them poses as a waiter and steals his Lordship's vintage wines and some pills from the prince's room. He later gives them out at the party and Louise takes some. The party then ends when Anne can't awake Louise and she goes to Ashfordly Hall for help. Mike and Jackie soon arrive after discovering the girls are not in their room. Meanwhile Phil starts to organise a romantic surprise for Gina at Whitby Abbey. He asks Bernie to drive her there, but Bernie at the last minute can't and so he asks David to do it. But David ends up taking Gina to the Abbey Arms pub instead. Phil's romantic surprise in the moonlight ends in tears and Gina returns to the pub angry at being stood up. Then a drenched Phil bursts in and gets down on one knee and proposes to her.  And Dr Summerbee puts the finishing touches to the old village surgery. 
'I Could Easily Fall' Cliff Richard (1964)
'These Boots are Made for Walking' Nancy Sinartra (1966)
'Mellow Yellow' Sung by actor in the show from the original hit by Donovan (1967)
'Changes IV' Cat Stevens (1971)
'Something in the Air' Thunderclap Newman (1969)
'Aquarius' The Fifth Dimension (1969)
'Living in the Past' Jethro Toll (1969)
'The Look of Love' Dusty Springfield (1967)
'The Fool on the Hill' The Beatles (1967)
'Black Magic Woman' Fleetwood Mac (1968)
'Tomorrow Never Knows' The Beatles (1966)
'The Air That I Breathe' The Hollies (1974)
'Applejack' Jet Harris/Tony Meehan (1963)

17 Who's Who? By Peter Gibbs                          18/02/01         13.15m
Lord Ashfordly hosts a evening for his friends, two of which are the county High Sheriff - Andrew Parkin and his wife, Sonia. When the Parkin's leave in their Bentley, Sonia, who is driving hits and injures farmer - Colin Taylor who was trying to warn them that his cows had strayed on to the road. Taylor ends up in Hospital and Craddock goes to see the Parkin's to get their statements. However Mike suspects that Mr. Parkin was actually driving the Bentley at the time and his wife is lying for him because he was drunk. Mike goes to see Lord Ashfordly who can't confirm who was driving the Bentley, and he then discovers Sonia wasn't in fact insured to drive the car anyway. Parkin says that was an oversight on his part and blames Taylor for the accident, saying he jumped out in front of them. Legally however it seems Taylor was to blame for the accident and Jackie decides to represent him, and asks Blaketon to become a P.I. for her and investigate the whole affair. Blaketon starts to make enquires and discovers from Susie Cope, a servant of Ashfordly hall that Parkin was driving at the time. Parkin then tries to conclude the business and offers to pay Taylor £300 compensation, but Blaketon persuades him not to take up the offer because of Susie's evidence. However when Susie's evidence becomes unreliable due to the fact she lied to get her job at the hall, Jackie tells Blaketon to visit Parkin to say Taylor has reconsidered his offer, but Parkin then refuses. Blaketon then learns that Parkin is having an affair with a young hairdresser and he tells Sonia. She then goes to the police house telling Mike she in fact lied to protect her husband. Meanwhile Gina who initially said yes to Phil's marriage proposal confesses to him that she now doesn't want to marry him, and an upset Phil then goes to see Craddock about returning to the force. And Vernon opens up a marriage bureau for people to find there perfect partner. David decides to join and Vernon sets him up with the lady of his dreams. David sends her a letter to show her his love, but then her husband - "Big Bo", then shows up!
'I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself' Dusty Springfield (1964)
'Love Letters' Ketty Lester (1962)
'Can This Be Love' Matt Monro (1961)
'Jumping Jack Flash' The Rolling Stones (1968)

18 Gin a Body, Meet a Body By Brian Finch     25/02/01         12.67m
Blaketon has trouble in the pub when teenager - Gareth North and his two friends try to buy some drinks. And Phil, who's there at the time ends up having to throw them out. Blaketon later then finds his car has been ruined by someone who stuck a hose pipe in the window and filled it up with water. He tells Craddock that he believes its down to Gareth North getting his own back. So Mike and Phil go to see Gareth and his father, Harry, a local car dealer, about the vandalism. Gareth denies the accusation and his father is less than helpful. Gareth and his friends then steal the takings from a record shop after seeing the owner of the shop regularly taking the money to the bank. Phil witness' the robbery and goes in pursuit of Gareth, but looses him when he escapes in a red Mini. Harry North meantime informs the police that Gareth's Mini has been stolen and Mike goes to see him at their home, just as Craddock and Phil arrive to question Gareth about the robbery, which he also denies. Phil however is convinced it was Gareth, but can't prove it. Then, Phil is suspended from duty when Harry North accuses him of assaulting Gareth, but Phil denies it. Meantime Mike and Alf find Gareth's Mini and the gun he used in the robbery. However it seems the gun has two sets of figure prints on it, both of which are not good enough to get a conviction. Mike then sees Gareth's friend - Vince and questions him about the robbery and he confesses. Mike then sees Harry North, telling him that his son has been lying to him and North then decides to drops the charges against Phil. Meanwhile Vernon plans to start up a taxi service, but when David gets a phone installed so they can receive clients calls, he learns he has to share the line with their neighbour - Edith Fairley who is always on the phone. Meanwhile her husband, Jack has just come out of prison and is looking for Edith who apparently looked after the money he stole. Edith then tells Vernon, who decides to help her get rid of him in return for half of the stolen money, which turns out to be only five pounds to Vernon's annoyance! 
'Legend of Xanadu' Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich (1968)
'Surprise, Surprise' The Rolling Stones (1965)
'We Gotta Get Out of This Place' The Animals (1965)
'Bend Me, Shape Me' Amen Corner (1968)
'Anyone Who Had a Heart' Cilla Black (1964)

19 Killing Me Softly By Helen Blizard                  04/03/01         12.78m
Club manager - Renalto Pisconi catches his bar worker - Garrick stealing cash from the Club's safe. Renalto it seems is involved in a scheme distributing forged bank notes to clubs all over the country. Garrick tells him he knows about it, but Renalto sakes him. Meanwhile Ashfordly station are told to investigate the forged notes which keep turning up and when Garrick tries to pay for a drink at the pub with a one, he's taken in for questioning. Garrick claims to know nothing about the notes and is allowed to go, but Craddock and Mike suspect the club is the source of the notes and go to have a look round, but find nothing. Meanwhile Renalto  and his lover, Denise are worried Garrick will grass on them, and so Renalto hires a man to find Garrick and retrieve some of the notes he stole. The man forces Garrick off the road when he's in his car and retrieves the notes. Mike later discovers Garrick's wrecked car and gets him to hospital where he then confesses he got the notes from the club. Renalto however denies the allegations and his wife, Veronica provides him with an alibi. However secretly she has suspicions and has hired Blaketon to watch Renalto. Veronica visits her wealthy father, Reggie White who owns the club, telling him she suspects Renalto is in trouble, but unknown to her, Reggie is the brains behind the forged notes scheme. Then behind Renalto's back, Reggie asks Renalto's man to Kill Garrick, but a nurse catches him in the act. Veronica then gets proof from Blaketon of Renalto's affair and she then tells Craddock she lied about Renalto's alibi and the police take him down the station. Renalto confesses and he helps set Reggie and Denise up who are later arrested. Meanwhile, after a chat with Bernie and Oscar in the pub, Vernon decides to start up business in selling sports cars. Blaketon buys an MG-A from him, but when Vernon provides him with the log book, Blaketon discovers the car is stolen! And Jackie and Mike discuss the idea of starting a family, but Jackie secretly suspects something is wrong with her health, but after some tests, Patricia finds nothing wrong with her. 
'All I See Is You' Dusty Springfield (1966)
'Leaving Here' The Birds (1965)
'All or Nothing' The Small Faces (1966)

20 Unchained Melody By Susan Wilkins           11/03/01         12.89m
Lord Ashfordly's sister - Patricia
(Hot Rocks) returns and stays at the hall. Meanwhile Ashfordly station is told to undertake a drug surveillance mission as a leading drugs dealer from London is in the area. Mike and Craddock who are in plain cloths, spot the suspects car go to Ashfordly Hall. It seems his Lordship knows the suspect who turns out to be Lord Henry (or Hal) Tadcaster who is dating Patricia. But Patricia isn't best pleased to see him and she asks him to leave. However Hal stays at his Lordships request. Meantime Craddock is refused permission to get Lord Ashfordly's phone tabbed and so Mike and Phil keep watch on the hall day and night to watch Tadcaster's movements. Meanwhile Jackie's old friend Caroline comes to stay with her and Mike for a few days, but to Jackie's surprise she brings with her, her baby boy - Stuart. Caroline however doesn't seem happy to have a son and would much have preferred to continue to work in her law firm. Caroline then goes to visit some friends while Mike agrees to baby-sits for her, however when he leaves the baby for a moment in the garden, he returns to find the baby has vanished. Craddock starts to investigate and at first suspects Caroline is possibly responsible for the baby's disappearance. Meantime Hal notices Phil and Mike watching him when he goes to Whitby and later discovers Phil's a policeman. Hal suspects Patricia has grassed on him and his business deals, but she says she hasn't. Then when Patricia collapses and ends up in hospital, it appears she has recently had an abortion after becoming pregnant with Hal's child. Patricia then confesses to Mike that she took young Stuart as a result, but didn't mean him any harm. Mike and Jackie then find Stuart in the good hands of his Lordship. And when a postal strike occurs in the area, Vernon sets up his own courier service using an old WW2 motorcycle. Hal asks Vernon to deliver some fresh cabs and Lobsters from Whitby to London, and Alf who has been watching him goes with Bernie to collect the goods. Alf then gets Bernie to delivers the good to Ashfordly Hall instead, to Hal's annoyance and Hal is arrested when he takes from the containers, drugs he was Going to sell in London.
'The Great Escape Theme' Elmer Bernstein (1963)

21  Truth Games By Jane Hollowood                   18/03/01         12.84m
Businessman, Adrian Miller holds a meeting at a local hotel, and later has a drink with some of his colleagues. After having to tell one of them to stop pestering her, Miller befriends Lisa Preston who is also staying at the hotel. Then later that night, a distressed Preston shouts for help and accuses Miller of indecently assaulting her. Miller is arrested and Jackie is called in to be his solicitor. The following morning Mike gets Preston's side of the story, while Miller tells Jackie he's innocent, and totally denies the accusations. But when Dr Summerbee examines Preston and finds she is covered in cuts and bruises, and then a Mr Lettington comes forward claiming to have seen Miller run out of Preston's room at the hotel, even Jackie then starts to believe that he is guilty. However Dr Summerbee is then suspicious about Preston when she over hears laughter and chatting from her room. She tells Mike who begins to investigate Preston, feeling her attack is very similar to other recent attacks. Miller meanwhile gets bail at his court appearance and stays at the pub where he then receives an anonymous phone call saying Preston will drop the charges against him, if he pays her £500. Miller tells Jackie who informs Craddock. It seems Preston, along with Lettington were in a scheme together making false claims of rape, just to gain the cash afterwards. And so after she meets Miller, who hands over the cash, Preston and Lettington are then arrested. Jackie in the meantime is then tempted by Miller's charm when he asks to see her again. Meanwhile, David it seems hasn't paid the bills and so Vernon tells him that the only way to pay the bills off is to get a proper job. They go to see farmer, George Walker who hires them to do some ploughing, but when David believes he's found a body in George's barn, it ends up being a statue which is just one of many items that George reported stolen, just to claim the insurance money. But when the police try to track George down, he vanishes to David and Vernon's house asking for their help. Vernon then decides to help him out and pays his insurers a visit who it seems fiddled George when he made his claim anyway!
'Pictures of Matstick Men' Status Quo (1968)
'The Wind Cries Mary' Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)
'She's Not There' The Zombies (1964)

22 Consequences By Johnny Byrne                  25/03/01         13.04m
There's report of a strange man in a van hanging around ambulance driver - Frank Metcalfe house one night. Mike goes to investigate and is just in time to witness a huge explosion come from Metcalfe's garage where he's working on his car. It seems his car was tampered with and fitted with an explosive device. Metcalfe reveals he's been received anomalous letters and phone calls recently too. The police start investigating who must have it in for Metcalfe and realise the culprit must have been army trained to construct the explosive device. Then there's another explosion at the village stores where the owner - Mr Dale says he's also received threatening letters. Meanwhile the police start looking for the suspected blue Transit van seen shortly before both incidences, and discovers it belongs to Pete Atkins, who uses it for his business. Meanwhile Craddock goes to the local army camp where it's been discovered that some explosives have gone missing. Blaketon then starts to receive strange phone calls at the pub and Mike starts to suspect its connected. Its then discovered Atkins is an ex paratrooper and could have had access to the armoury at the base, and so he is taken in for questioning. Atkins denies he's responsible, but Craddock feels he's lying. Gina then gets a threatening letter also and she latter realises what the connection must be between her, Mr Dale and Mr Metcalfe. She remembers that 2 years before a woman collapsed outside the shops and she tried to help her, but she later died. He name was Mrs Tranter, and her son - Brian an old Para friend of Atkins' and now works for him. It seems Tranter blamed Gina, Mr Dale and Mr Metcalfe for his mothers death, feeling they all could have done more. Tranter's arrested after he kidnaps Gina from the pub. Meanwhile Lord Ashfordly meets up with a Rev. Meeks who is intending to do up the local chapel, St Judes and get it back in order. His Lordship hire's Vernon and David to clean it out under Meeks' instructions. But when Meeks gets inpatient about trying to find a valuable Norman fond, Vernon and David discover Meeks is a bogus vicar, and they inform his lordship!
'I (Who Have Nothing)' Shirley Bassey (1963)
'Hey Jude' The Beatles (1968)
'When You Walk in the Room' The Searchers (1964)
'I Put Spell on You' Alan Price (1966)
'Tin Soldier' The Small Faces (1967)

23 The Buxton Defence By Brian Finch           01/04/01         12.19m
A collection of valuable toy soldiers get stolen one night in the latest in a number of similar robberies. Meanwhile Lord Ashfordly asks for a police presence at the hall to protect a number of collectable chess sets on display for a chess tournament taking place their. However despite Phil and Alf's presence, one of the chess sets gets stolen and Mike feels the culprit is the same thief who stole the toy soldiers. Meanwhile chess world champion, a Russian called Leonid Vorodin arrives for the tournament along with his publicist - Anna Young and two men from the Russian embassy. At the tournament, Young Alan Buxton beats Vorodin and wins. But then Lord Ashfordly receives a ransom note asking for £300 in return for the chess set, and Mike feels the culprit must have been at the tournament. The thief then takes the remaining chess set from the hall and raises the ransom to £1000. Mike now suspects the thief was near his lordship when he mentioned at the tournament the high value of the remaining set and returned to take that also. Meanwhile the Russian embassy men are keen to leave with Vorodin, but he is keen to stay with Anna. Then Alan Buxton (who speaks Russian) phones Vorodin telling him that the embassy men know he wishes to stay in England and plan to take him back home instead. It seems Vorodin is being forced to leave the country against his will and he seeks political asylum. Craddock helps him and arrests the Russians. Meanwhile Mike discovers the thief is Alan Buxton. After doing decorating jobs in all the houses involved, Alan copied the keys and helped himself to items such as the chess sets and toy soldiers. David meantime receives a letter from Claude who has decided to sell the house. The estate agent puts the 'for sale' sign up and Vernon and David agree to show potential buyers around. However Vernon does his best to put them all off in every way possible and decides to buy the house himself! And Mike gets suspicious about Jackie when she rushes off to London on business, but he can't contact her.
'Something in the Air' Thunderclap Newman (1969)
'Harlem Shuffle' Bob and Earl (1969)
'Seven Rooms of Gloom' The Four Tops (1967)

24 Still Water By Peter Gibbs                              08/04/01         13.25m
Farmer - Bill Dyer suspects that cattle market auctioneer Giles Sutton is on the fiddle and rigging the markets, and in his anger Dyer smashes Sutton's car window. Sutton reports it and Mike goes to see Dyer who admits to it and tells Mike of his suspicions about Sutton. Mike goes to see Sutton who decides he doesn't want to press charges and denies he's rigging the markets. Meanwhile Mike takes Jackie out to a Restaurant and Sutton settles the bill which Mike isn't happy about. But Jackie insists its a gesture as Sutton is a prospective client of hers. Mike then discovers a huge amount of cash in his coat pocket and believes  Sutton put it there to try and bribe him into keeping his nose out of his affairs. Jackie however feels Mike is jumping the gun, but then Mike finds that his bank account has had a large amount of cash put into it. Mike then goes to the cattle auction to witness Dyer's suspicions first hand and realises he's probably right. Sutton still denies the rigging however and threatens to reveal Mike's recent "good fortune" if he reports what he's witnessed. Then Mike discovers a further £200 has been paid into his account and he goes to see Sutton again who then reveals an incriminating picture of them both together. After getting Blaketon's advice as to what to do, Mike tells Craddock who is furious and says he is forced to report the matter to division. Mike then looks as if he will be suspended from duty when suddenly D.I Shiner arrives, and to Mike's relief says C.I.D have been watching Sutton for a while and were about to arrest him anyway. Meanwhile Vernon's neighbour, Dilys Powell tells him she has spring water flow on her farm, so Vernon and Dilys go into partnership to sell it as "Aidensfield spring water". Vernon goes to persuades Lord Ashfordly to invest in it, but then his lordship discovers the source of the spring is in fact on his land and he plans to turn it into a business himself. But then Vernon hears that the water is not drinkable anyway! Mike meantime has an even bigger shock when Jackie finally confesses to him that she is in love with Adrian Miller
(Truth Games) and wishes to leave Mike and go with Adrian to London. She departs for good, leaving a tearful Mike a note on the coffee table.
'Take Me to the Water' 
'Cool Water' Frankie Laine (1955)
'Here Comes the Sun' The Beatles (1969)
'First Cut is the Deepest' PP Arnold (1967)
'Jealous Guy' John Lennon (1971)
'Heartbeat' The Hollies (1980)

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