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Book Four: A Grand ...
By ey


HEARTBEAT - gallery

October 2004




Also any photographs we have got permission from Yorkshire Television to use them on our website - they are not copyright free, any website found using them will be reported to Yorkshire Television - thank you

On Location   - Scarborough - October 2004 (Photo's John Irwin)

  • Find out where the Heartbeat spin-off "The Royal" is filmed.


This Is where they filmed "All The Fun Of The Fair" on June 26th 2003.    

    Turn 180 degrees and this is what you see, the large open expanse In the foreground used to be the Holbeck Hall Hotel that collapsed Into the Sea. Slightly right of centre of the pic is the Clocktower. In front of The Royal, the brown roofed building Is the nurse's home.


Looking right from that position / Information point about the Hotel this is the view looking toward the bay area.


Having walked along the cliff face and past the Spa and the location where they filmed Emmerdale recently this is the final approach back into Scarborough from the south cliff.

And finally, much recommended coast cruise aboard the Regal Lady that cruised down the south cliff past The Royal then turned headed north then came back into bay (takes about and hour and well worth the money).



The Grand Hotel which you are told about on the boat trip that the Hotel was designed around the theme of time, with 4 towers for the seasons, 12 floors for the months of the year, 52 chimneys for the weeks and 365 rooms - one for each day of the year. The hotel was also built in the shape of a 'V' - symbolising the reign of Queen Victoria.


photographs taken by John Irwin



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