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Book Four: A Grand ...
By ey


HEARTBEAT - gallery

february 2003




On Location (series 12)

On a freezing february day trip to Scarborough (2003)

Also any photographs we have got permission from Yorkshire Television to use them on our website - they are not copyright free, any website found using them will be reported to Yorkshire Television - thank you

  • Find out where the Heartbeat spin-off "The Royal" is filmed.

  • Later that day, we drove through Goathland, North Yorkshire where they were busy catching up on filming (episode 21 of 25 - Series 12,which was broadcast May 2003) as they were two weeks behind schedule because of the recent bad weather on the North Yorkshire Moors.

  • Some of the photo's seem poor quality as they were still filming while it was getting dark (and the batteries were going on the flash!)

 - click to enlarge -


  "Vernon Scripps" between takes  "Mr Oscar Blaketon" from the tv series heartbeat filming on location in goathland "David"

setting up for another shot 

 old cars used during filming  

vernon scripps from the tv series heartbeat filming on location in goathland jenny and sgt merton from the tv series heartbeat

 thanks to the cast of Heartbeat for allowing the time for us to take photo's during their busy schedule

photographs (c) J Penney & R .Sykes



...updated November 2017...

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