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Book Four: A Grand ...
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on location


HEARTBEAT- On location


The Police House

The Police HouseThe police house can be found approximately 70 miles away from Goathland, in the small picturesque village of Askwith alongside the river Wharf near Ilkley, West Yorkshire. It is actually situated opposite a pub called The Black Horse. However the camera work in Heartbeat makes it look as if its overlooking the moors in Aidensfield, and unless you knew otherwise you'd never guess that the house is filmed at a separate location.
The house is privately owned and although interior scenes were shot on location originally, they now have reconstructed the interior and even a small section of the front of the house in studios located in Leeds. All of the more recent series have been filmed using these studios for inside scenes.

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The Police Station - Ashfordly

The site of the police station can be found in the town of Otley, -West Yorkshire. It actually was a real police station in past years. Again the interior shots are now filmed in reconstructed studios but during the early series the actual site was used. In the court yard outside the station, on screen you now see the small porch filled in with white board. This isn't the case in very early episodes. This is probably to over come the problem that whenever the door opens, from inside the ‘station’ you would see that it was in a studio, whereas when the real site was used the porch way is clear - there is no white board, and when characters enter or leave the station you used to be able to see the street outside! and from looking at the location, the building adjacent to the police entrance is the site they use for the outside of the court room.

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Aidensfield  Village

Aidensfield  Village

Goathland alias Aidensfield can be found in the North York Moors National Park, North Yorkshire, near Whitby. This is where the majority of the other locations can be found.

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The Aidensfield Arms Pub

The Aidensfield Arms PubThe pub that plays the Aidensfield Arms is really named The Goathland Hotel. It can be found just up from the station on the left if you enter the village from the station end, or on the right hand side near the end of the village if you approach from the Pickering direction into Goathland . It is situated opposite the Aidensfield garage. Until recently they used the pub for the outside and interior scenes, but as the filming schedule grew in demand, it meant the landlord had to close too often to accommodate filming, so again studios were built to the exact replica. Signed pictures of the cast can be seen displayed in the snug and Heartbeat postcards can be purchased here. It is a cosy comfortable pub, especially as a log fire is very often ablaze giving a very warm welcome with a friendly atmosphere. There are many pictures on the walls of local history and traditions of Goathland.

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The Village Hall

The Village HallThe village hall can be found in Goathland, just before the turn off to Beckhole. This is the site of many community events in Aidensfield and the actual site is still used at present for all the filming of scenes involving the hall - no studios are currently used. On screen the hall looks a reasonable size, all mAnner of events are held here, including house auctions, talent competitions and village dances of all kinds and even a rest area for the victims of a train crash in series 3. But when you visit the site the hall looks surprisingly small - the effect of clever filming with many extras filling the hall gives the impression that it is a lot larger. It is in a quaint building that fits in well with the character of the village.

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Mostyns Garage

Mostyns GarageThis is the garage and funeral directors now run by Bernie Scripps in the show, but it originally belonged to Malcolm Mostyn the local mechanic. The sign - ‘Mostyn’s Garage and Funeral Directors’ is permanently on display outside the garage and all the filming still takes place on the actual site. The garage can be found opposite the Goathland Hotel. Many 1960’s cars and bikes are often parked around the garage a lot of which are often seen on screen, as are the 1960’s style petrol pumps.

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Village Post Office and the Aidensfield Stores

The stores in Aidensfield include: 'Aidensfield Stores', a village store , the Moors outdoor Visitor Centre and of course the Post Office, plus tea rooms, all of which are found on the main street in Goathland.  This is Aidensfield Post Office the name Aidensfield stays up permanently) The Post Office was run by Blaketon during the later half of series 7 and throughout series 8. The inside of the post office has now been reconstructed in studios (Leeds) but the exterior shots are still filmed on site. During filming the windows are dressed with 1960's items.

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Aidensfield StoresInside the Aidensfield Stores (which is now the permanent name of the shop) and also in the Post office, many Heartbeat souvenirs can be purchased, including T-shirts, key rings, videos, CD’s, books, bookmarks, chocolate, fudge and even Greengrass’ Ale!

Also in these shops , signed photos and pictures of the cast can be seen but unfortunately most aren't available to buy.

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Aidensfield Primary School

Aidensfield Primary SchoolThis location featured in the series a lot from the end of series 5 - 7. It is where Nick first met Jo, and it being her place of work as a teacher at the school it became an ever more prominent location. The actual Goathland School site is used, which can be found just off the main road through Goathland if you take the side turning off near the car and coach park. It is the building with red railings (although during the first 7 series they were green) outside and a playground on the right. Juliette Gruber often has children from the school as her class in the show.

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Claude Greengrass' House

Claude Greengrass' HouseThis can be found (coming from the Pickering direction) on the right, leading into Goathland, just up from the church. From the outside it is surprising how recognisable it is - the garden outside with old farm machinery, sheds and caravans round the back make it look obviously like Claude’s place! From this site you really feel as of you’ve just stepped into Heartbeat! However the interior shots have been filmed in a different farm house which is apparently very tidy from the outside! (kind of vice verse from the house shown above which is used for exterior scenes) but inside the designers turn it into Claude’s home. Now studios are often used for interior shots.

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The Church

The ChurchThe church used in the series is the church in Goathland. This can be found opposite the Mallyan Spout Hotel (where the cast sometimes stay) on the way into Goathland if you approach from the Pickering direction. This is the site of many poignant moments in Heartbeat, particularly Kate’s funeral and Nick and Jo’s wedding which attracted Heartbeat’s highest audience. Its not only external shot that are filmed here but also the interior scenes. It is a small picturesque church, very peaceful and blends in well with the surrounding countryside. One of the stained glass window is a picture of St.Aiden - which might have something to do with Aidensfield!

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Aidensfield Railway Station

Aidensfield Railway StationGoathland station plays Aidensfield station in the series. The station has featured a great deal in the programme, it’s steam railway which is a popular attraction for visitors to the area plays an important part in Heartbeat. It is often the method of transport the characters use to and from Aidensfield. Regulars like Nick’s Mum and Auntie Eileen usually arrive by train, and guest artists also tend to turn up and leave via the train. It’s during Alex Ferrenby’s return journey from London one time when the train crashes in one episode (‘Rider’s of the Storm’) making it one of the most dramatic episodes. Nick even finds himself chasing Claude driving a runaway train in ‘We’re all Allies Really’! A dramatic episode in series 8 called 'Fire and Ashes' features the station in the emotional scene when Mike tells Maggie of Neil's death. The ticket office is also used in the show. On the opposite side of the track more Heartbeat merchandise can be purchased in the small station shop.

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Dr Ferrenby’s Surgery

Dr Ferrenby’s SurgeryThe house that is used for the surgery can be found on the corner of the village just after you pass the shops if you approach from the station end of the village. The surgery was originally run by Dr Ferrenby but Kate Rowan takes over when he retires. The interior shots of the surgery were also filmed in this house - in fact visitors can stay there as the people who own it run a bed and breakfast. The house is called Glendale B&B.

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Kate, Neil and Tricia's Surgery

Kate, Neil and Tricia's SurgeryKate has her own surgery (series 4) after Alex’s death. The location of this can be found not far from Ferrenby's surgery - its almost just across the road. It is the small house with a white door next to a wall very near to the bench and statue that is seen as the titles finish on the programme.

During series 7 Neil Bolton takes over the village practice and in series 10 this position is assumes by Tricia Summerbee.

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Locations Outside 'Aidensfield'

Whitby Abbey

Whitby AbbeyWhitby Abbey is a major land mark in Whitby, it overlooks the town and harbour and therefore hosts spectacular views of the surrounding area. It is probably best known in Heartbeat as being the setting where Phil plans to propose to Gina in 'A Long Weekend' (series 10), - which unfortunately does not go to plan. Phil waits for Gina at the Abbey all evening, with wine and flowers in a rain storm, but Gina fails to turn up due to a misunderstanding on David's part.

Therefore Phil's attempts at a romantic gesture are in vain, but the location provides a perfect back drop for the emotional scene.

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Antique Rooms - Whitby

Antique Rooms - WhitbyThis building in Whitby has featured many times in Heartbeat as an Antiques Dealers e.g. 'What the Butler Saw' series 7. During this episode Nick and Phil chase a con man butler to this building once they find out he had been stealing antiques from the houses in which he had worked.

The 'Antiques Dealers' is in Whitby and runs parallel with one of the main shopping streets called 'Skinner Street'Whitby often doubles as 'Ashfordly' in the series.

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Bed and Breakfast in Whitby

Bed and Breakfast in Whitby You may recognise this B&B over looking Whitby as the place where Nick takes Kate for their wedding anniversary in series 2 'Secrets'.

However things don't go according to plan when Kate objects to the unsuitable room Nick had accidentally reserved. She insists they return home. At the end of the episode Nick makes it up to her by taking her to a lavish hotel in beautiful grounds. (which looks very similar to 'Home Farm' in Emmerdale!).

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Cricket Grounds

Cricket GroundsThis cricket ground was featured in the episode 'Giving the Game Away' (series 6). In this episode Phil is playing in the cricket match as well as 'Erol' a guy Nick knew from a case in London. Erol is being victimised by a man who followed him to Aidensfield, so he stays on the field in public view for his own safety for as long as possible. He eventually runs off the field and is chased down an alley by the shops in the village where Phil and Nick break up the struggle.  The cricket field is situated just behind the Goathland Hotel which plays the 'Aidensfield Arms'

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Whitby Golf Club

Whitby Golf CourseThis is Whitby Golf Club - often referred to in the series, especially as Blaketon's main hobby is having a game of golf. This site is not always the course used but on the whole it features the most strongly. It is probably best known for the episode 'Gone Tomorrow' (series 5) where Alf has an encounter with a UFO! In this episode a triangular shaped mark is found on the golf course - evidence of visitors from another planet! Alf is badly affected by the experience but recovers with the help of hypnosis!  The golf course can be found on the way out of Whitby heading towards 'Sandsend'. Approaching from this direction it is on your right overlooking the sea.

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Grosmont Station

Grosmont Railway StationGrosmont Station sometimes features as if it was 'Aidensfield Station' (Although Goathland Station is the usual choice). Grosmont Station has the added extra of a level crossing which is sometimes featured in the series. For example this station appears as if it was in 'Aidensfield' as early as series 1 in the episode; 'Outsiders'.  In this episode Nick and Kate see a tourist notice about a famous waterfall beauty spot. Nick convinces Kate they should visit it and eventually goes as far as suggesting they take a tent and camp beneath the stars by the waterfall!

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Whitby Beach (Harbour)

Whitby Beach (Harbour)This is the beach sometimes featured in Heartbeat. You might remember it most from 'Bringing it All Back Home' series 3 - when many of the locals organise a bus trip to Whitby to hear Gina's singing debut in a club there. Nick and Kate walk across this beach as they discuss the future of their careers. Here they talk to a little girl whom they meet again on the pier (also seen here). From the pier Nick sees her Dad is drowning out at sea and runs for help to a phone near the bandstand.

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Saltburn Pier

Saltburn PierThis is Saltburn pier where Mike goes to in series 8 'Forbidden Fruit'. In this episode he is is taken off a case due to romantic involvement with the the murder victim's sister Rachel. He stays in Saltburn for a few days at a B&B that Phil suggested - which doesn't prove as relaxing as he had hoped! Gina also turns up at the Pier because she visits Saltburn for the day as she believes everyone has forgotten her birthday. Rachel turns up and becomes jealous when she see Mike with Gina and wrongly assumes she's his girlfriend. Mike just about stops Rachel from throwing herself off the end of the pier, just as he discovers it was she who committed the murder.

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Station Tavern Pub (Grosmont)

Station Tavern Pub (Grosmont)

This is the pub where Mike goes to in series 9 'Negative Vibes' when he thinks Jackie is having an affair and had been meeting another man here. It turns out she had been meeting a man who had been black mailing her for money in return for some photo negatives of her sister doing revealing modelling. Her sister wants the pictures to be kept private but the man is threatening to expose them.

This pub is situated right next to the station in Grosmont.

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Other Locations Mentioned in the Series

Whitby and Scarborough are often mentioned in the series, especially when referring to police head quarters or division. Whitby often being the place where some of the regulars go out in the evening, i.e. Gina singing in clubs or where Phil and Nick or Mike go out at night whether it be for pleasure or work. Many lines of their police enquiries leads them to Whitby. Middlesborough, Leeds, North Alerton and York are also mentioned. Fictitious towns such as Ashfordly, Elsinby, Strensford and Eltering are also prominent and are incorporated as if they exist in the real life geographic area. Eltering is where children are evacuated to in the episode with the unexploded bomb - villages like this are often played by the nearby towns and villages like Pickering and Grosmont. It is the market in Whitby that doubles as Ashfordly Market Place. Whitby usually plays 'Ashfordly'.

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