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HEARTBEAT- Appearance by Lulu

Please note - any photographs we have got permission from Yorkshire Television to use them on our website - they are not copyright free, any website found using them will be reported to Yorkshire Television - thank you

The Man with the Golden Gun singer Lulu, has plenty to Shout about - she made a rare acting appearance as a 60's singer in an episode of Heartbeat in November 2002 (series 12) , and performed her hit song To Sir With Love.

Lulu, 53, played singer-songwriter Deborah Vine - who is the cousin of Sgt Dennis Merton (Duncan Bell). Her character arrives in Aidensfield to enjoy some peace, while she concentrates on her work. But she soon faces several traumas in the ITV drama.

An ITV1 spokesman said: "It is a real coup for the show. Lulu performs her hit To Sir With Love in the episode and her character faces several traumas." The Heartbeat cast welcomed Lulu with open arms.

Tricia Penrose, who plays barmaid Gina Ward, said: "It was fantastic working with her as I'd just done her Audience With Lulu a few days before we filmed her episode."

Duncan Bell, who plays Sgt Merton, added: "She was fantastic. It was great to know that po-faced old Merton has showbusiness in the family!"

The singer, best known for hits such as Shout, made the film To Sir With Love in the '60s, was Adrian Mole's mum in the ITV series from 1987 and was in Whatever Happened To Harold Smith? in 1999 with Tom Courtenay.

Lulu's part in Heartbeat is all action as her character and her pregnant daughter find themselves at the mercy of a dangerous crook who's on the run."

photographs (c) J Penney & R .Sykes


...updated November 2017...

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