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Book Four: A Grand ...
By ey



- gallery May 2002



Please note - any photographs we have got permission from Yorkshire Television to use them on our website - they are not copyright free, any website found using them will be reported to Yorkshire Television - thank you

On Location (series 12)

  • May 2002 : One evening, we drove through Goathland, North Yorkshire where they were filming series 12 of the ITV drama "Heartbeat". They were filming an episode that was shown in November 2002, with a guest appearance by the singer, Lulu.

  • february 2003 : on location in Goathland

  • October 2004:  on location in Scarborough

  • Best places for filming : click here 

aidensfield arms,goathland Robert with "Aidensfield Arms"  sign (57kb) pc mike bradley from heartbeat tv series "PC Mike Bradley", (front) after a day's filming (68kb) one of the large filming trucks used on  location (39kb)

one of the many old cars used in the series (46kb)

 old car no 2 (43kb)

old car no 3 (39kb)

scripps garage from heartbeat tv series

"Scripps Garage" (76kb)

filming inside the garage (58kb)

"David's " taxi (50kb)

setting up for another "take" (82kb)

bernie scripps from the ITV drama series 'Heartbeat'

Robert with "Bernie Scripps" (56kb)

setting up for another "take" (64kb)

some of the "extras" , people that walk into shot during filming (31kb)

between takes (63kb)

setting up for another "take" (61kb)

gina ward from the ITV series Heartbeat

"Gina Ward" , barmaid, centre - flowery trousers (62kb)

filming outside the garage (1) "Bernie  Scripps" , waving (61kb)

outside the garage (2) "PC Mike Bradley"& "Lulu." (97kb)

outside the garage(3)....23kb)

outside the garage (4).....(50kb)

outside the garage (5)....(40kb)

greengrass dog alfred from the tv series heartbeat

Greengrass's dog "Alfred" (39kb) 

Robert with "Alfred"...(69kb)


outside the garage(6)....(47kb)

outside the gargage(7)...(35kb)

pc mike bradley - from the tv series heartbeat

 ACTION! , "PC Mike Bradley" (37kb)

photographs © J Penney & R .Sykes

Book Four: A Grand ...
By Joanne Penney


...updated November 2017...

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