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Book Four: A Grand ...
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HEARTBEAT - The best places for filming are:

Goathland, for the station, Aidensfield Arms, Scripps garage and the village stores (Which sell lots of Heartbeat stuff, including leaflets on the locations) Greengrass's house (now Vernon's) is just out side the village on the Pickering Road.

The North Yorkshire Railway is great, it runs from Grosmont through Goathland to Pickering and is brilliant! See their website http://www.nymr.demon.co.uk/  for time tables etc.

Whitby is another great place to visit, loads of Heartbeat sites through out the town. West Cliff is used a lot, and many of the roads around the river. Look out for the huge YTV trucks which are always about if they are filming. The beach below West Cliff was used when David took the OAP's to the seaside, the steps near the pier were used (watch out for the tide though it comes in really fast and you too could get stranded) Across the bridge are the quaint old shops and the market place, the 99 steps lead up to the abbey and church (where Phil was to propose to Gina)

The roads around the moors are also used for Heartbeat, get yourself an OS map and just go exploring if you can, the locations are pretty easy to spot, there are so many of them.

They also use some places along the coast (Anyone know where the place is by the sea with the phone box? Where Dr Merrick was held by that woman whose granddaughter she had failed to save, Vernon also parked there when the quarry owners boat was stolen, is it along the Whitby to Sandsend?)

Saltburn-by-the-sea is another good location, they've used the pier there a few times, (Mike jumped off the end of it once to save someone, The pier has been restored since they filmed that and is now very smart.

The police station is in Otley (Near the centre but not sure exactly where) The police house is not far from there (Askwith) The court house is in Ripon near the Cathedral, it is a law and order museum and the leaflet says you can stand in the dock .There are two related museums about Police and prisons in the town and you can get a joint ticket to visit all three.

Around 1995 they were filming a disco scene in a hall, a seamans mission or salvation army (or the like) building, If you walk along Pier Road, heading away from the pier, the road forks, take the right hand road, past the fishing tackle shop and a cafe, at the corner where the road turns a sharp left there is a little square on the left with steps leading up from it, the building is there. There were loads of people and one of the YTV trucks crowding the tiny space. Mark Jordan was cracking jokes, (he has a brilliant sense of humour)

This information is from Kate


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...updated November 2017...

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