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Book Four: A Grand ...
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HEARTBEAT- Autographs

On holiday in May 2002, we drove through Goathland, North Yorkshire where series 12 of ITV programme "Heartbeat" was being filmed, click here to see our photo's. They were filming for an episode that was shown in November 2002. There was a guest appearance by the singer, Lulu. 

Here are some cast autographs (click to enlarge)

Images Copyright Yorkshire Televison (used with permission)


"Gina Ward"  "Oscar Blaketon"  "Dr Tricia Summerbee"

"PC Alf Ventress "  "PC Mike Bradley"  "PC Phil Bellamy"  "Sgt Dennis Merton"

"Lord Ashfordly"  "Claude Greengrass"  "David Stockwell"  "Bernie Scripps"

" Vernon Scripps"

Dear Robert,

Many thanks for your kind note regarding Heartbeat.  I have checked with our Picture Publicity Department and you are more than welcome to scan the stills and use them on your website.  However, they have asked that you put a credit for Yorkshire Television on your site for supplying the pictures - COPYRIGHT YORKSHIRE TELEVISION.

We hope you continue to watch and enjoy Heartbeat in the future.

Best wishes

Heartbeat Production Office.



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